Wow! Did she really ‘dis’ the community organizers?

I think so.

Being an independent is great. I can look critically on both sides and can to some understanding of the true DNA based strands that make you a bleeding heart liberal or a NRA flag waving conservative. I myself am neither. Like so many others I find the common ground that settles upward. You too?

I’d like to start by identifying heroism.

1. Does several non-remarkable flight missions and subsequent POW status make you a hero?

2. Does becoming a community organizer for far less money over law firm partnership and riches associated make you a hero?

I’d have to say that I see heroism as personal sacrifice over self preservation or selfishness. I think Obama qualifies as equal to McCain on that issue. Let’s give both of them the Bronze star.

Does Joe Biden’s record for thirty years of service with so little financial gain and virtually no scandal overshadow Palin’s limited service and some serious possible abuses of power? I am tipping towards Biden.

Did Palin really state that unlike community organizers she had responsibilities. Does the GOP really mean that service first circumvents the thousands who offer community service for little or no pay? Well I think that was indicated last night. If their argument is that they were just making the comparison of running a country to her moose mayoral experience being better experience than organizing, mobilizing and getting specific people the homes, heat and health care they need, then I missed something there.

The statement either way just keeps reinforcing the words of Ron Paul and other ex-Republicans who have said the party has lost it’s way and no longer represents the platform that it was based upon.

Palin also went into the big government and fiscal responsibility.  Where have they been since Clinton’s surplus? Bush has created national debt in unprecedented proportions and he has not reduced government. He simply reduced domestic government and replaced it with additional Defense and Security which works outside this country. So he has left the borders unsecured, eliminated the proper port security, FDA and other critical interior protections and replaced it with defense of global trade to protect the corporatists cronies he deems as the only American interests. Add to this the huge infrastructure of Homeland Security, Blackwater, FEMA who require billions of our tax dollars in order to illegally spy on the taxpayers.

How many times did you hear “We live in a dangerous world?” No shit, Sherlocks. When you operate in clandestine think tanks and conduct covert operations under the radar of the Congress and oversight to procure and prop the cronies in foreign countries who will conduct the most abhorrent human rights abuses for a bottom line mission, you will also develop multiple new group of enemies who know what you are doing. They live the experience of these onslaughts, yet our major media continues to be owned, run and censored for content as to the means and ways.

FEAR-FEAR-FEAR, the basis for speeches by Bush, Giuliani, Lieberman, Palin and everyone else in this RNC convention. As an independent and Libertarian, I say the motto is WE TAKE OUR CHANCES AND TAKE CARE OF AMERICANS. If we butt out and break ties with the Corporatist Global Military Financial Combine, we will have nothing to fear.  Why can’t we sell this to Americans from all sides? Refer to the photo for answer.


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