9-11-2008 Return to the crime scene

So, once again we remember the fateful day when our government allowed an attack to prelude the illegal invasion of Iraq.  Once again we look to the somber, sentimental, patriotic rhetoric to make us remember why we must kill them all.  I have high expectation from the GOP to run with it in a big way in the remaining days of the 2008 campaign.

The strategy of the Lieberman “Grim Reaper Speech” warning of an imminent strike  and the forecasting of Marvin J. Cetron and others are playing into the hands of the party of fear.  It occurs to me that the terror community would hold off on playing into a McCain win for it would surely be less in their interest to have McCain at the helm with the shoot first and ask later mentality when they could have Obama with diplomacy and repairing our image with the Muslim community. They could also look to garner support for co-operative action against harboring the people that can easily bring the Warmongers wrath upon them as Bush and Cheney did in Iraq.

Intelligence photo- bin-Laden 2007

I often hear the terms ‘going to sleep’ in regards to future threats.  I find the term more appropriate in the use of current administration and GOP plans for the next term, domestically.  As we look to bail out F-MAE and F-MAC, bail out GM ,  bail out all the Corporations whose helmsmen have raided profits and continue to snooze at new economic and energy initiatives, I have one comment. Talk about the BIG SNOOZE.

Will it come to the point that Americans will finally decide to take our chances for real change under the concept that if things come down to a quick death or a slow torturous one, the latter seems a worse fate. What we have to face is the fear not the enemy and convince ourselves that choosing the right course will pay dividends for decades to come versus the continuation of 911 mentalities.




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