Ike and Alicia….birds of a feather

From my Post on May 12th 2008  – Today’s Weather – Gods not Happy https://puddydunne.wordpress.com/2008/05/12/119/

As I stated in May we would be in for a rough Hurricane Season. I predicted 4 storms US landfall, two with 3+ saffir ratings.  Texas- Beaumont landfall for Bush’s benefit and one to cut north over Guantanamo Bay and hit Florida Panhandle. The last one slams Mexico at Merida and Veracruz. Bad karma there.  A major drug distribution point. Edouardo is going to hit Galveston, Beaumont and Port Arthur.

And so it did but now the killer storm (3+) is going to hit the same spot. This was the one I predicted.

Therefore the next major one I predict will hit the Florida panhandle or slam Vera Cruz unless Ike makes a severe course change. I was just inland of Galveston in Clearlake in 1983 when ALICIA (a cat3) hit just north of Galveston. 12 foot surge and winds that took my roof off and deposited a 40 ft.  trimaran in the foyer of the building.

I can say that if they do not evacuate the low areas and clear the bayou channels, flash floods and surge could kill hundreds. I pray the people heed this warning as these storms are not the same as they were in earlier years.


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