MONOPOLY is not a game for AMERICANS. Act now!

The Bush Administration had one agenda. The largest redistribution of wealth in the history of the world. It started with WWI, continued through WWII, meandered through the Federal Reserve, CFR, and Bilderberg for fifty years. The creation of the monster that is deregulation.  These ponzi schemes that has been cultivated over the years by key conspirators.

The conspiracy goes from GHW Bush, Reagan, Clinton, GW Bush, Alan Greenspan, Phil Gramm, and other CEO’s from the bond insurers like MBIA, AMBAC, Assured Guaranty Ltd and Syncora to the mortgagers themselves with the sub-prime teaser rates and no holds bar free money like Countrywide Financial Corp, New Century, Quality Home Loans Inc., Home Banc Corp., American Home Mortgage Investment Corp.

Please review the formulas from the previous meltdowns

Open the flood gates with Gramm-Leach

Deregulate   Deregulate   Deregulate ……….

The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 was passed to protect FDIC holding banks from investing in speculation, investment companies and eliminating the kind of monopoly building we have seen.

The mortgage lenders got the call. Sub-prime baby sub-prime. They weren’t happy with the speculator market. You know the second and third investment income buyers, the rollover crowd who buy and sell and look to turn the properties in a year or less. No they went after the sub-prime folks looking for the American Dream of home ownership. Going after the NINJA market (No Income, No Job or Assets) loans and at a teaser rate ties to an ARM increase to that would be illegal twenty years ago. Then they bundle them into CDO’s and MBS’s and sell them as derivative based securities to Investment firms Like Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch with the BOND INSURERS like MBIA and AMBAC who held AAA rating by Moody’s. Now enter the FED and the taxpayer and we have come full circle. Now the middle class can take on the debt that was due to failures by everyone involved. Massive default and none able to handle the debt. All private companies but these banks control huge pension, 401K, Mutual Funds and IRA’s and this debacle from 1999, literally gave your money managers the deregulation to walk into a casino and put your retirement on the red line on roulette. Not a single one of these clowns would sink their money into it.


The winners are the feeders who collected commissions, rollovers, bonuses and lobby PAC’s. What’s at stake is further massive foreclosures, chapter 11 for other Investment firms, FMAE and FMAC and the Guarantors firms like MBIA and Ambac.

The FED’s rush to get this 3/4 trillion bailout will fund the same formula:

Bear Stearns, Federal Reserve, JPMorgan

(E+F) x (MV+X) x Y = Z. This formula works as Earnings plus Fraud (criminal practices, cooked books, creative accounting) times the inflated Market Value plus X (X is (insider info, Trader inside tipping) times Y (which is the collapse with conspirators getting out with massive gains) = Z (The Zionist Jewish Bankers, Federal Reserve, Wall Street and selected conspirators)

Along with that the larger issue of eliminating competition, redistributing the wealth to a select control group.  JPMorgan, AIG, TRAVELERS(citigroup) UBS (Warburg) and other select Bilderberg monoliths who will control US Markets and then converge with EU conglomerates and the deal is over.

PLEASE REALIZE THIS BAILOUT IS A SCAM. THE SCAM WAS TO ELIMINATE COMPETITION BY COLLAPSING THESE COMPANIES WITH THE AID OF THEIR CEO’s. WE HAVE TO STOP LETTING THEM DESTROY US WITH OUR OWN IGNORANCE AND OUR OWN MONEY!! The FBI has started investigations but I promise you it will not make a rat’s ass. Let your congressman know you do not want the bailout. It’s easy. Just do it!


2 Responses

  1. Good clear analysis of the rerun of the S&L on steroids by the same people.

    The media is totally controlled it appears.

    The public is either watching meaningless TV or fighting over meaningless celebrity gossip about the candidates, or if angry are stifled by the media.

    The USA is being robbed in the biggest con game in recorded history.

    I do disagree on one point- 700 Billion was picked because a trillion sounded too much. It will be well over a trillion if this administration is given a free hand they demand.

    There is a question here for you: when law enforcement refuses to enforce the law, legislative refuses to defend the Constitution, and judicial actively participates in ‘legalizing’ the illegal, just exactly who is going to provide the lawful government you (and I) clearly want?

  2. If you can get the third parties to converge without ego and combine the best efforts of libertarian, green and independent parties to agree on a constitutional platform that does not focus on the religious, gay, or political issues that divide the two party system and bring solely the constitutional, economic, and political issues to the forefront. The timing is right. My website promotes OPERATION CLEANSWEEP which focuses on who voted for war, patriot act, FISA and immunity, blank checks, torture and who did not support the investigations and ignored subpoenas issued. The rule of law must be reinstated. The lobby reform must happen. Executive privilege must be rolled back. Pardons cannot happen. The courts must have autonomy over Congress and Presidential abuses. Unfortunately this plan has been executed by the Global banking and corporatist cabal who have invested a considerable amount of time (300 years) and money (a few quadrillion) to select our candidates, infiltrate our media, create our conflicts and spend our money to enslave us.
    If Bob Barr, Ralph Nader or Ron Paul were elected, do you think they would drive in downtown Dallas? I think it’s revolution and requires the 90% of Americans who are getting screwed.

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