Congress: The Firemen become the Arsonists

The vote for H Res 3997 (revised) is underway. What it won’t offer is mortgage foreclosure protection for the people, liquidity for the US Banks who borrowed from Fed and ethical mainstreet credit providers.

Dennis J. Kucinich, D-Ohio, described how a 90-year-old widow in Ohio apparently shot herself in the chest this week as sheriff’s deputies knocked on her door with eviction papers for the home where she’s lived for nearly 40 years.

“I have learned to hold popular opinion of no value”- Alexander Hamilton (the greatest conspirator for the central bank idea and the greed and control over America) and now they are flexing this ideology and pursuing this notion.

They purposely delayed the response in order to have to have a fire-sale at taxpayer expense. Followed by the media “doom and gloom” speech much as the 911 scenario. FEAR, FEAR, FEAR followed by the rush in lieu of judgement.  Had the problem been addressed last September, we would have had a better understanding of liquidity needs, mortgage foreclosure forecasts and a plan to restructure FMAE and FMAC to become the designers of refinance program and breaking down these derivatives to handle them on a one by one basis.

This was a swindle from ABC Mortgage all the way up the gravy train to the FED and Alan Greenspan. Now Paulson steps in as the innocent dupe stuck with the task of fixing it.  What happened next is typical X-Factor. Get all the perpetrators out of the way and present the unculpable parties who enter to fix the problems.  Take the spotlight off the legal-criminal end by pressing the dire need to act.

What they have succeeded to remove from your concerns are:

  • $10,000,000,000  – monthly bill for Iraq
  • $80,000,000,000 – Iraq financial reserve
  • The war itself and timetable
  • Impeachment for Bush,Cheney for knowingly misleading intelligence for invasion
  • The US Attorney firings – In session today as we speak
  • The trade agreements that continue to cost more jobs than this meltdown ever caused
  • Energy and oil debacle
  • Accountability for all these guilty parties


My advise, “Don’t take any Wooden Arrows”


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