Vote 2008…just peanuts

Just take a moment to look at your situation. As you approach the election, the first thing you should see is that before McCain or Obama become the next president, they and the congressional conspirators are trying to pass this bail out that will literally put you, your children and your grandchildren in a position of absolute servitude to the national debt.

This bail out money will mostly go to foreign banks. The rest will go to the worst offenders of greed. Little to nothing will go to US citizens in the way of mortgage help or to small business in the way of credit flow since it is not explicitly mandated. The new bill is full of ridiculous pork, mostly tainted to buy some other “aye votes” from fence walkers.

I have never seen such a massive effort to pass the worst legislation in American History and please, I assure you this is the worst decision since the Iraqi invasion.  We have been freefalling down that slippery slope and the finish line is very close.

Tonight we are going to hear wisdom. No not from Biden and most assuredly not from Palin, but from Lou Dobbs and Warren Buffet.  The clear fact is the Treasury must buy the assets to make financial instututions liquid. But the plan should use another sum to go to keep these mortgages whole and people in these homes. If it requires requires restructuring the mortgage to pre adjusted rates and spend that money now. This plan will not address it or eliminate the slide of foreclosures and home value which is the credit market for middle America. 

 Just like the Iraqi invasion, this should never have happened. But it has and that’s the fact. I will hope the criminals are brought to justice but now we need to act. The US should have gone in with a better forsight to Iraq and they should have done the same here a year ago.  If they had been smart they would have gone in quick and with all the guns. Now we have ‘bandaids for bullet wounds’

The result for every American should be a realization that we need a third party in this country. The one that takes the best of both current parties and shitcans the rest. It is based upon truth, oversight, American values and laws. This is something that has been lost in our government and it is bi-partisan.

I think that since we did not act at the right time, the house should again reject this bill and go back to the pit and up the price to a trillion and mandate the housing market rescue in the new bill and be exact on golden parachutes and market oversight.


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