Must See: McCain gives taxpayer his economic plan

Ruuters(UPI) October 22, 2008, Cincinnati, OH – While campaigning in Ohio, Sen. John McCain stopped to speak to a undecided voter who asked him about his economic plan. The Senator explained his decision to keep the wealthy tax breaks permanent. Among the permanent tax breaks McCain added additional benefits including further trade imbalances, additional employment to overseas individuals, continued veto of minimum wage increases, privatized health care and social security with huge golden parachutes to CEO and upper management, mortgage relief to families via foreclosure and better wardrobe budgets for his cabinet members (Neiman Marcus) and for the rest of Americans (W-Mart) 

When asked about the GOP spending rocket, McCain quickly jumped in to state that all this reckless spending would end. Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, education grants and welfare would be eliminated. He indicated that the spending could be used for more important matters such as Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Homeland Security. 

The Senator did not identify the undecided voter by name but did inquire his business. The man stated he was a plumber and Senator McCain therefore, felt very comfortable delivering his economic stimulus plans to the American blue collar cellar dweller.


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