The GOP Hangover: Hair of the Pachyderm


While the country pants at the second coming of FDR or JFK, the GOP still seethes over the election and the unfair media coverage and attacks by the liberal journalists and pundits.  The aftermath reality to me seems to indicate the failure of eight years of decider~ism, constitutional negligence, Vietnam flashback syndrome and mostly the “business as usual rhetoric” which came out of the McCain/Palin camp.

Why wouldn’t the GOP create the illusion of disatisfaction and the illusion of reformation long before the pile hit the fan.  Did they just fall asleep throughout the last four years in which every decision and every movemade by the Bush Admin. was a railroad spike in the coffin of the party? Did they not see the Elephant death march?  Were they not aware the disappearance of Dick Cheney and Karl Rove for the last year?  How could they miss the collective actions of inaction to the problems looming? Were they too busy managing their portfolios and feathering their nests through 2004 and just oblivious to the Bush spending spree?

When McCain and Palin formed their tar and feather relationship, was there any science to the plan for a serious campaign or was it a chance to test a possible presidential election win based upon a movie type script of just being so absurd it seemed right? Americans generally are unique, brave,  and like the exploration and element of risk in life, but this package was just too mysterious to put under their XMAS tree.   We are bright enough as a nation to realize that the world is cyclical, change is inevitable and balance is required.  Conservatism and liberalism fluctuates through our history and the need for balance is required.  Eight years of George Bush was a most enlightening look into what damage Neo-Conservatism presents when engaged in the greedy and unrestrained pursuit of wealth and power in a Global Marketing system gone wild.

Gov. Palin represents the Best of Neo-Conservatism (which I loathe) along with the best traits of the “ugly American” (which I abhor) and presents it in the traditional (F)oxymoronic way. For centuries we have been a country of immigrants and we still don’t get it.  If indeed, America is supposed to lead the world, then understanding Islam, Judaism, Hindu and Buddism religions and cultures is the prime requisite to move this country forward . It was clear from day one that Brett and Bart Maverick had no business in leading the world. Alaska still represents the last of the wild west mentality. I’ve had enough northern exposure to last a lifetime.


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