Bush’s secret deal


The ego of G W Bush has took a severe beating over the last four years. With the talk of impeachment and criminal investigations looming, has the lion turned pussy-cat decided to cut the deal with the automotive bailout the GOP consensus calls “billions down the drain?”

I have said from day one any bailout is wrong. Whatever crunch the economy takes it comes back stronger next time. Check your history there. What motive could Bush have for dipping into the mismanaged coffers of the Paulson Pot of Gold?  His legacy….please!  It would appear to me to be a get out of jail free card and I am sure of what I know. The two party system spends an enormous amount of time playing the roles of bitterly divided ideologies but when it is all over for the day they will always protect the sanctity of the government and dismiss any conspiracy.

The trillion dollar financial bailout was delivered to the treasury for serious concerns regarding credit and loan markets drying up. The decision not to let Detroit take the bankruptcy route would be the most blatant theft of taxpayer money to date. Obama, the UAW and his new cronies are making deals and he hasn’t even been sworn in.   Bush must have decided this administration is far to dangerous without his pardon covered.


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