As predicted…..


Well it didn’t take long to see the writing on the wall after reviewing the appointees to this sure to be “disappinting cabinet of special interests and agendas.”  Once again we have a Clinton “esque” agenda by Obama.

Based upon the NWO agenda and the recent appointments we can see sure path to ruin. The Labor Secretary and Trade appointment surely indicate the NAFTA and NAU are coming. The immigration issue will be dismissed with a open border/amnesty program to follow. The anti-American trade deals of the Clinton administration will never be addressed under this President and it will continue Americas slide into a third world state.

After Clintons agenda to get this NAFTA and China deal done we then had to suffer the Bush redistribution of wealth. Now Obama trauma is coming. If you are middle America, bend over.  The plans of this administration will put the middle class on eye level with the snakes that sit in the Senate.

The best way to destroy the middle class is to devalue their homes. As the largest investment it becomes the real middle class bank and investment portfolio. The mortgage meltdown was planned and executed to perfection. When I caught on to it in 2003, I made my plans to sell high, move to less home, hide the rest outside of Wallstreet and buy gold. It paid off well for me. In December 2004 after the circus election of Kerry, I knew for sure this was the strategy. I told my people the same thing. Some followed my advise most did not. Now they sit in homes worth 60% of their debt. They lost money in 401K’s and investments and couldn’t borrow a dime for less than their VISA rate.

What I did not know was the conspiracy of the gas hike in the Bin-Laden /Bush League attempt to get the ANWR and domestic drilling bans lifted. I think it may have been a payoff to Saudi Arabia for their help in 911 terror recruiting. I’m still looking for more smoke there. One thing is certain, the minute Obama arrived iv victory and met with Green Gore the idea of a new energy policy and the green movement to energy independence became a serious idea, the fuel prices plummeted. Are you shocked? As I stated in March, gas would peak at $5 a gallon and fall over the next eighteen months to $1.25.  It did not peak to $5 but I think it will bottom out at $1.25.  If it does you can see another conspiracy immaculately planned and carried out.

There are enough oil, coal and gas reserves on earth to fuel us into 2185.  It is a matter of the 3 trillion barrels left and the owners could not sell it fast enough. 


  • Rising tensions in Pakistan flare serious concerns for India, US and NATO alliances. Iran tension increases as economic conditions decline. Any withdrawal from Iraq will merely be deployment to Afghanistan/Pakistan border
  • Palestinian unrest when Olmert fails to curb the settlement building in Gaza after meetings with US and Europe. Lebanon and Syria react unfavorably and Iran stirs the pot.
  • Americans will find an uneasy homeland security team assessment for 2009 and as I predicted there will be a biological attack somewhere in the south. Likely Florida, Georgia or Texas.
  • Obama will be ineffective during the first year and all campaign initiatives and plans will be re-prioritized for continuing financial market concerns and these Middle Eastern issues.
  • Several other large corporations will file chapter 11 and continual layoffs will peak unemployment to 9% by summer.  A stimulus package becomes a passing idea in lieu of jobless claims and unemployment payouts.  Treasury books show bailout to Banks were useless and without merit and there are calls for the heads of Paulson and Bernake. Obama balks on any criminal actions against any persons.
  • Reprisals in America are targeted at Jewish institutions and persons. FBI and law enforcement go on extended investigation.
  • Americans drown their sorrows by going into the Caylee Anthony Murder Investigation and Indictment/Trial. It makes the Simpson ordeal look  like a one trick pony.
  • Merck, Phizer and other PhRMA Corporations report record profits from anti-depressant drug sales.
  • Dick Cheney dies of heart complications

3 Responses

  1. Shouldn’t we wait until he takes office before we start complaining about him?

    I’m just sayin’…

  2. Yes GDJ, we should. My blog has generally been supportive but these moves do not lend to the idea of change. It is full of past bad memories and these picks resemble the Washington elite that got us here. BUSH Sr. , Clinton and Baby Bush collaborated to provide us with a country leaking from every orafice. He has my best wishes and support but I am not hopeful. If he doesn’t take the current administration to task on contempt charges and allows pardons for these crooks and liars, he will lose me.

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