Does Obama have his tip sheet?


Tip 1 – There is no Al-Qaeda?  Just a bunch of poppy growing mujahideen the CIA recruited for terror against Russia and now anybody who’ll pay.  Bin-Laden has been dead for sometime now.

Tip 2 – No 911 terror attacks? That’s right. Just three sick buildings and an insurance scam that were set for detonation that started after 1993 bombing which was an inside job as well. Just a front for the Bush Co. oil grab.

Tip 3 – Don’t get angry about the fact you were ‘set up’ for the toughest incoming presidential nightmare since Jimmy Carter. Remember what Nixon-Kissinger-Ford left him? He tried a national energy policy and reduced foreign oil imports in half.

Tip 4 – Free trade is never free! It comes at the cost of death, slavery, hunger, corruption and unemployment. Be prepared to pony up if you are going to play that game.

Tip 5 – Nobody in the current administration is glad you are there or wishes you well. Pat Robertson and every Neo-Con is laughing behind your back and waiting for 2012.

Tip 6 – Don’t fall for the cream puff bullshit from these folks. They are quietly trying to slither out with complimentary trinkets and tripe.  Go after them if you are the man you claim to be.

Tip 7 – While you are asked to suck up to Israel, find out why the MOSSAD has been killing our troops?

Tip 8 – When the US goes bankrupt during your term, remember to send the FED a billion dollar bad check and buy us out of that central bank.

Tip 9 – Watch your back. Your cabinet sucks! Remember Caesar?

Tip 10 – Learn to play the violin.


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