Without Impeachment…Justice


“Change” is nickels and dimes with without the rule of law.
If this is what we are to expect with this administration we might as well vote for Tony Soprano in 2012. Make a statement and set a precedent by finally holding culpable figures to the scrutiny of a legal review without the pardons and executive privilege that undermines the constitution and rule of law.

This means the congressional subpoena’s that have been ignored and snubbed by Bush under the illegal option of executive privilege. Now we can go after the truth outside of presidential power abuse once he is out of office. But we have to get his plans for massive pardons for the most heinous offenses ever allowed to slither out of the nets of our suspect justice system.

What are the options:


Nadler Resolution Has 9 Co-Sponsors

Thanks to your emails and calls, Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s resolution against pardons and for a Special Prosecutor (H.Res. 1531) now has 9 co-sponsors:

 Tammy Baldwin (WI02), Steve Cohen (TN09), Barney Frank (MA04), Barbara Lee (CA09), John Lewis (GA05), Carolyn Maloney (NY14), Ed Pastor (AZ04), Pete Stark (CA13), and Robert Wexler (FL19).

If one of them represents you, please call their office at 202-224-3121 to say thanks. Otherwise call your Representative and ask why they have not co-sponsored H.Res. 1531, and (politely) demand that they do.

Sign the petition online and it will go to your Senator and Congressperson http://www.democrats.com/nadler-pardons

Read the resolution:



Circumvent the pardons and go after Miers, Bolten and Rove. It is my understanding that pardons do not include contempt of court. Pitting the judicial branch directly with the excesses of the executive branch fails in all other cases. I need legal opinion on this. The contempt of congress complaint was filed in March of 08 and went to Federal District Court.  Judge John Bates rules in partial summary judgement. He rendered his opinion.

Once the 110th Congress ends, so does the contempt complaint. That is unless the new administration and/or  111th Congress submits the complaints. Administration Lawyers filed the appeal in October. As the clock runs out, it is hard not to see the failures of key figures such as Pelosi, Reid and Conyers to force this issue and maybe have the Sargent at arms arrest them. Since the matter of the attorney firings lends itself to the partisan politics and election, it also was a matter of investigations to expose key democrats such as Ex-Alabama Governor Don Siegelman and possible election fraud[2002].  The pressure by Conyers, Wexler and the other members of the HCJ need to be pressured.  John Conyers represents the 14th District in Michigan and the President sits on the bank that may bail out the auto manufacturers. Hmmm! Interesting.


If pardons are forthcoming for all guilty parties, do the pardons have to be specific as to the the malfeasance committed? In the cases of illegal wiretapping, torture, lying to Congress, illegal use of power, etc. is it just a blanket pardon to include the like of murder of a family member?

The route should then go to civil cases by every family who lost a son or daughter in the illegal Iraqi invasion, every family member who’s son or daughter went to Guantanamo or other secret facility, every American who had been wiretapped and every single fired U.S. Attorney. 

This administration has destroyed this country using every crime in the books. Anybody using the defense of national security should be ashamed.  “Destroying within what you are trying to protect from without ” never rang truer than in the case of this last eight years.




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