The “Untouchables”


The reality of written history of America’s climb to world leader status neglects the sagacious concept of the conspiracy of organized crime and the huge connection between law enforcement and government corruption to assist in its prolific prosperity, all of which aided to the general public perception of the ways or means by which we arrived here. Looking back, there are considerable events that history has neglected to address as benchmarks and precedents to the disease that plagues America today. These are the untouchables.

These are the subjects that think tanks and propaganda historians look to find a way to present in palatable text to the public and education system.  These are presented as soft sell of grand intentions that may or may not have had the most desirable means, ways or outcomes.

I find it interesting when listening to opinions of folks as to the greatest presidents that the names, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, Reagan, FDR and Truman come up to the surface so often.  With some time spent on the historical writings of these men and some reflection on the greater traits of mankind, I cannot fathom the decision to top the lists with these politicians. Now if it is asked ,”Who were the greatest politicians in American History, I could see them on that list.

If you look at the objectives of the presidents historically you are really just theorizing. If you look at the results you may arrive at the same conclusions or you may see a collaborative process. I personally can see Lincoln, Jackson and Carter as the most fundamentally just men. Pitting a just man against the machine of politics is very much like a lamb to the wolves. One must dance amongst the demons, negotiate with enemies, barter with evil to bear the good in a give/take relationship. If not you will surely find yourself on the bottom of the list.

Let’s assume the most honest and moral men were so naive that scandals ran rampant in their administrations under their very noses. Let’s also assume that the most ineffective Presidents were those who tried not to trade bad for good and felt a need to hold strong to their convictions at the cost of getting a truly noble initiative to fruition. When I factored in these UNTOUCHABLES with perceived honesty, speeches, life and work out of office and the atonement’s with their decisions in office, my list is as such;

  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. Jimmy Carter
  3. Dwight Eisenhower
  4. Abraham Lincoln
  5. JFK
  6. Hon. Mention – Warren G. Harding,  Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson

Though there was some signs of corruption in these administrations the culpability is unclear. Whereas this list to me represents the men whose term and leadership have or will leave the legacies of the ills that plague America and it’s criminal history.

  1. George W. Bush
  2. William J. Clinton
  3. Richard M. Nixon
  4. Harry S. Truman
  5. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  6. Hon. Mention – Ulysses S. Grant, Lyndon B. Johnson and Ronald Reagan

The reason earlier Presidents don’t adorn much of these lists is due to the globalization of the world crime syndicate and the network that runs through the central banks and United Nations network. We must admit that the presidential terms run through parts of our lives when we fell in love, had the best economic windfalls and did not occur during the hardest times in our history and that plays a role in the decision making process. Along with severely slanted opinion or subjective historical data, we have to look at the simple signs, such as what they did or did not do during term, what they did post term, what they admitted or atoned for in action, truth or memoirs and was their lack of effectiveness, their unwillingness to play the game of Godfather in office. If we only rate Presidents on how well the economy sustained us then we truly must admit to our capitalistic addictions.  If you can overlook their excesses, scandals and lies as part of the game, then you must overlook my list. I guess my point is that I admire the honest men that can serve without corruption and hold the country together for that time without disastrous outcome.  I wonder how President Obama will end up on my list after it’s all over?


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