The Omen has become reality


Do you remember OMEN III? If not, rent it. The third film in the OMEN series. Damien the anti-Christ, is now a wealthy and powerful ambassador. When he sees a cosmic sign that may foretell the second coming of the Christ child, he sends out his minions to kill as many babies as possible.

Thorn Industries is moving into third world agriculture. Richard as president of Thorn Industries is making tentative moves to expand its operations into Third World agriculture. However, this is all part of the plan to procure Damien with his ten kingdoms on earth.  Control the food and you control the money. Slam Dunk.  Eugenics for the next the new millennium.

Tom Vilsack (Sec. of Agriculture) Stop this appointment. We do not want our food sources destroyed for the almighty dollar. New World agriculture?


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