Cindy Sheehan says to “unplug”



The most important thing we need to do going forward in my mind.  Thoughts on how to unplug?  Here are some of my personal jewels. Give me some of yours.

~Your friend Fear will follow you wherever you go, always closing the doors in front of you~  

~Listen to your leaders.  If you listen very carefully and intently, their lies will actually make you physically ill. ~ 

~Don’t be a MSM consumer – It makes you look weak and makes them rich~ 

~Follow the examples of those who speak the least~ 

~Don’t let doubters make you a spiritual hypochondriac ~ 

~The truths in life don’t need a lot of salesmanship – this applies to longwinded presentations, repetition and fancy showrooms~ 

~You create your future by what you think – For Gods sake, think big~ 

~The Experience may be costly, the Lesson likely hard but the Wisdom is free~  

~If someone tells you to change, they ought to go with you~ 

~When fear talks, hatred listens~  

~Be not afraid, but careful. Your enemy wants to pick your friends. ~ 

~Your government needs you, not the reverse.~   

~When fear is your best friend you are plugged in ~ If you find your courage your true friends appear. Love, hope, humanity and freedom from the American Matrix~ 

Thanks to Cindy and Casey for their continued efforts to bring us light


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