Mouseland….A call for the third party


Everything that surrounds us may be viewed as an instance of Dialectic and the D EM – GOP – PARALYSIS  is dead on.

Where have you been to see the lack of social and justice for all? Where? The autocracy of Dutch and English gave us this. The Paradigm suggested that we needed two parties, not one, not three or four but two. The exact number for opposing forces, not opposites just opposing. Though in this case the opposing forces are the doublethink exhibited by both sides.

They do not oppose the final synthesis in theory, they merely created the unavoidable illusion called GOVERNMENT, the antinomy. Their process in Hegel, Kant or Marx ideologies would be the “New World Order” which would be acheived by truth – idea – action instead of seeming dyspraxia we have seen for decades.

We, conspirators, anarchists, libertarians and disenfranchised stand in amazement that after all the bad history [Capitalism vs Socialism] and the failures of both, that we still cannot reason the contradiction that the government manages to ignore regardless of the party in power. The Environment, Peace and Welfare of the planets population. The contradictions they manage are power[taxes/laws], force [defense/military], free trade [enslavement/ , limiting liberty [constitution/supreme court] and control [election]

Each cycle of this government paradigm never moves us closer to the stated contradiction but delivers us in a spiral dynamic where we find ourselves trying to undo the damage of the previous. We therefore see the futility of participation as you should. The course is either to wait for the spiral downward to it’s destruction or we must break the archetype of our current government, redefine the contradictions and move the idea to action globally.

For you Obamarama fans and political sycophants, you should take a look at this little presentation called “Mouseland” by Tommy Douglas.


4 Responses

  1. Puddy
    Excellent movie. Says it all does it not?

    • Glad to see you Michael. Yes indeed we can relate here you and I.

  2. Excellent little skit speaks volumes.

  3. Yup. Sure.

    But here’s another notion. Why the hell political p-a-r-t-i-e-s? – with political l-e-a-d-e-r-s, that can l-e-a-d the rest? Why not have mice, if you want them, but mice who can vote on their individual conscience for what they know is the general good, instead of voting consistently and obediently for the p-a-r-t-y l-i-n-e of alien interests?

    With a bunch of mice who vote for what’s good and right, you’ll have true democracy representing the true interests of the people who put them there, particularly if they can be thrown out and replaced at the drop of a hat for varying from the general good, and most particularly if they know that a rope is waiting for any act of submitting to corruption.

    Yes, just think about it . . .

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