Taxpayers celebrate Presidents Day



Wilson – CFR
* The Federal Reserve (redistribution of wealth-Fiat currency and interest/Pilgrims)
* The first Zionist appointee to the Supreme Court. (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* False Flag (Lusitania) to stage entry to WWI (redistribution of wealth/Skull & Bones)

Harding – CFR , MASON
* Teapot Dome (Oil)
* Supreme Court stacking for furthering the Pilgrims’ ideas that had him murdered or taking his own life.

Hoover – CFR
* The depression – Market crash (redistribution of wealth/Pilgrims)
* Prelude to WWII (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)

F. D. Roosevelt – CFR, MASON, Skull & Bones ancestry (Delano)
* E.O. 6102 (redistribution of wealth-gold/Pilgrims)
* Creation of the welfare state and debt (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* False Flag Conspirator (Pearl Harbor) WWII (redistribution of wealth/Skull & Bones)
* Supreme Court stacking (Constitutional Subversion)

Truman – MASON
*National Security Act of 1947 (CIA and NSA are created for anti-socialist/communist operations) (redistribution of wealth/Skull & Bones)
*The Jewish State (Israel) (redistribution of wealth/Pilgrims)
*NATO, Hydrogen bomb dropped to jump start the arms race and deter a bogus threat of soviet/west war[The Cold War] (redistribution of wealth/Skull & Bones)

Eisenhower – CFR (Jehovah Witness?)
* US Bilderberg introductive) (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Did not advance the warfare state (IMC) too much but furthered the welfare state status. (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Do nothing ~required nothing – The beginning of Bilderberg in US politics was more than enough, so much as to create the forewarning of future false flag and the inception of the NWO/ Bilderberg plan for Vietnam, Korea, South America, Cuba, India, Pakistan, Palestine and Soviet Union. Operating through Bilderberg until the ICPP and Trilateral Commission (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)

The Bilderberg joined the factions of Mason [Skull and Bones] with Illuminati [Pilgrim] to operate consolidate the NWO under the collective United Nations, CFR, Trilateral, G Conference, Central Banks and Corporatist Foundation Fronts such as Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, et al.
The Truman-Eisenhower pact to further the state of Israel and thwart the run of Senator Taft of Ohio who was the leading candidate for the GOP nomination. But some prominent Republicans considered Taft an isolationist since he had opposed the formation of NATO and talked instead about building up defenses in the Western Hemisphere. President Democrats and Republicans agree. Truman even proposed a Truman/Eisenhower Democratic ticket in 1948. Eisenhower declined.

J. F. Kennedy – Pilgrim Ancestry, CFR* Jeopardized Pilgrim/Skull & Bones, Pentagon, CIA, and NASA covert ops, MK Ultra
* EO-11110 and his attempt to revert US financial sovereignty from the Federal Reserve with the silver certificates issued under.

H. L. Hunt was likely one of several conspirators from these groups. (redistribution of wealth/Pilgrims)

* The Pilgrims developed several conspiracies prior to the assassination to deflect the prime objective which was to end once and for all any notion to move from the FED back to Constitutional law of Sovereign Treasury and Monetary policies.
* Enabled Hunt brothers run on silver and redistribute/deplete U.S. and other government’s supply of Gold and Silver shifting through the Central Banks in Asia and South America.
* The last battle over Masonic Bilderberg and Judeo-Christian skull and bones now leaving the Vatican as the outpost of resistance

Constitution of the United States, (Article 1 Section 8),
only Congress has the authority to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof,
and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.

Johnson – CFR , MASON

* Aware of the assassination his first order was to end the silver certificate notes redemption (redistribution of wealth/Pilgrims)
* False Flag Conspirator [Gulf of Tonkin] to get the Vietnam war accelerated (redistribution of wealth/Skull & Bones)
* Began the constitutional power shift to unconstitutional war powers with the GOT Resolution. (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Restrained the USS Liberty incident to avoid public knowledge of the covert CIA and MOSSAD terrorist activities in GAZA (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Introduction of genocide as a tool for democracy (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)

Nixon – CFR

* Though he saw the arms race negatively and the SALT talks effort, he opened the trade doors for arms sales to enemies. (redistribution of wealth/Skull & Bones)
* Trusted Kissinger who has seen the Soviet threat as the primary obstacle in the Pilgrim NWO
* Ended the Gold Standard once and for all. (redistribution of wealth/Pilgrims)
* Nixon’s China and the axis of evil (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Genocide in South America, Asia and Indonesia (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)

A shill for Prescott Bush Skull & Bones

Ford – CFR, Bilderberg, MASON

* Warren Commission conspirator (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Opened the doors for Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, GHW Bush and pushing out Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and William Colby. Worse than a Halloween Massacre can state, he orchestrated the largest Pilgrim power shift into US policy making. (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Renewed CIA agenda and G5 meetings and Middle East OPEC deals [Peak Oil]
(redistribution of wealth/Skull & Bones)

The dynamic or shift within the Pilgrims agenda is never thwarted by the division that exists in it’s body. There are clear indications of a power of ideologies that divide the body as to the means and ways of an approach the goal of one world power. Kissinger struggled with the traditional Military Complex strategies for eradication of dissidents or cleansing the population. Much of this history documented though Bilderberg Media controlled it. The CIA and Covert forces were inept and it became complicated to get beyond Congress and Pentagon detractors. This shift to a UN and eugenics approach through the liberal wing of Bilderberg as opposed to the CFR/Trilateral approach of false flag, executive powers and covert military action that the team two brought to the table was an enormous turning point from past administrations.

Carter – CFR , Trilateral Commission

* Laid the groundwork for the oil race under the SALT II treaty (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* CIA and secret funding to Muhajideen poppy growers and developing the anti-American Islamic movement in Iran, Libya and Pakistan. (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)

Reagan – see note
* Accelerated Cold War Defense budget to advance the Military Complex (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* IRAN-CONTRA and solidified the anti-American Islamic movement. (redistribution of wealth/skull & Bones)
* Quadrupled the national debt in 8 years. (redistribution of wealth/Pilgrims)
* Elite Tax Breaks [trickle down] (redistribution of wealth)

Ronald Regan’s 59 man transition team alone had 28 CFR members, 10 Bilderbergers, and 10 Trilaterals

GHW Bush – CFR, Trilateral Commission, Skull & Bones

* He set the agenda to secretly and illegally start the war of terrorism. CIA background and covert and false flag strategies (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* False Flag/Covert specialist – 911 Conspirator – PNAC disciple (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Illegal Gulf war, setting the stage for Afghanistan (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Involved in JFK assassination Warren Commission cover-up. (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)

Clinton – CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg

* Trade agreements to weaken the economy to further the debt (redistribution of wealth/Pilgrims)
* Slave labor Immigration (redistribution of wealth/Pilgrims)
* 911 Conspirator (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Genocide in Yugoslavia (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Domestic terrorism WACO, Ruby Ridge, OK City to set the stage for 911 (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Mortgage bubble (redistribution of wealth/Pilgrims)
* Wall Street meltdown (redistribution of wealth/Pilgrims)

~Rhodes Scholar

GW Bush – Skull & Bones

* 911 Conspirator (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Genocide in Iraq (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
*Torture and rendition (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* Signing statements (National Security via Constitutional Subversion)
* No-Bid Contracts and Budget misappropriations (redistribution of wealth/skull & Bones)
* Elite Tax Cuts (redistribution of wealth)
* Criminal Negligence – Hurricane Katrina

Obama – CFR

Cabinet includes 10 – CFR,   9-Bilderberg,  5-Trilaterals


“I have learned to hold popular opinion of no value”- Alexander Hamilton (the greatest conspirator for the central bank [Federal Reserve]) 



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