DEALING WITH IRAN: Anything but transparent


 When looking back at the Carter administration, there is no secret that the Shah had terminal cancer except to everyone outside the GHW Bush run CIA. The Bush CIA and the “regular CIA” operated in completely different planes. This information was given to former CIA director, and the U.S. Ambassador to Iran, Richard Helms. Reports were issued regarding Iran intelligence and were released in two formats. The reality of the Shahs future and the likely successors, one of which was Khomeini which was provided to the Bush covert intelligence faction and the other false analysis provided to the Carter administration. Carter had little support in CIA intelligence after the firing of eight hundred “covert agents” by his CIA director Stansfield Turner. This did more to damage the plans for Iran and subsequent grand plans for Bush and his oil and KBR / Halliburton corporate cartel.

It was determined that the split in the country would wind up in the hands of either Marxist or Islamic Fundamentalist factions. Khomeini offered the best solution for Bush and his future plans. The British and US consensus was agreed when Bush, Reagan and Thatcher met during the U. S. Embassy Country team meeting in 1978. The height of Elitist Monarchy would be ending. The economic disparity was at a high and the Shah did little to hide the excess spending. It is reported that in 1971 during the 2500 year celebration of Iranian Monarchy, that over $100,000,000.00 was spent on lavishing the guests. This was a substantial sum, even by today’s standards.


During the coup of 1953, the Shah was aligned with the US and British covert coup to remove from power Mohammed Mosaddeq the acting Prime Minister. Mosaddeq was known for his anti-intervention policies and his aim at the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry which had been controlled by the British under the APOC [British Petroleum BP] In this coup d’état, supported and funded by the British and U.S. governments and led by General Fazlollah Zahedi under the name Operation Ajax, he was ousted and Zahedi took over as Prime Minister.

Though the obvious financial implications for Britain were clear, the US as well had fears of Mosaddeq as a socialist and could not afford a communist regime developing in Iran. As we look back at the Cold War conspiracy and its aid to the financial elite banking entities, we see Iran as another case of Western or Israeli intervention to globalize and control trade and wealth. Had Mosaddeq been successful the people of Iran would have seen far better progress and economic benefit.

The Shah of Iran was the first Muslim leader to recognize the State of Israel, although when interviewed on CBS 60 Minutes by reporter, Mike Wallace, he criticized US Jews for their control over US media, politics and finance. This relationship though beneficial, had sustained much damage and the Shah’s continued decline in the eyes of the Iranian population made him a liability.

Enter the Lavon Affair , in 1954, one of Israel’s first known attempts at a SIS – CIA type false flag covert terrorist attack to undermine Western confidence in the Egyptian regime by generating public insecurity and actions to bring about arrests, demonstrations, and acts of revenge. Meanwhile Operation Susannah would totally conceal the Israeli desire to create Western concerns regarding the Muslim Brotherhood and stir anti-Muslim sentiment. The Mapai party split over responsibility for the “Lavon affair”, enter BenGurion, Mossad Chief Meir Amit, Jon and David Kimche, and the new Israeli masterminds in the US-Israel conspiracy called LOBBY.

Though the print media and political landscape in Washington was already well established, the need to step up the covert and counter intelligence was critical. David Kimche joined the Mossad in 1953. David Kimche’s primary duties were part of an Israeli effort to establish connections with international countries such as Iran, Turkey and remote countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Singapore and Thailand.. He traveled frequently to Iran during the shah’s reign, where he developed a close friendship with Ya’akov Nimrodi, then the Israeli military attaché in Tehran, who became an arms dealer after his retirement. Nimrodi and David Kimche emerged later as central characters in Irangate. As many emerging third world countries, under the influence of Egyptian President Nasser, adopted an increasingly hostile attitude toward Israel, Kimche’s reach expanded. He used Israeli and CIA funding for military training and arms procurement to establish Israeli footholds in these countries. He was involved in the rise of Idi Amin in Uganda. [Forward] In 1978 the decision to return the exiled Khomeini had been decided. The players in this coup:

* Richard W. Cottam- University Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh [deceased/ cancer]

* Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi – Houston Texas Baylor College of Medicine [cancer research / oncology]

* Henry Precht – Chief of the Iran Desk in US State Department from 1978 to 1980

* Warren Zimmermann – Great Falls, VA – Yale University Fulbright scholar at Cambridge University [deceased / pancreatic cancer]

On January 16, 1979 in similar 1953 CIA coup style, Bush’s covert team deposited Khomeini in Iran and ushered the Shah out. On November 4, 1979, the U.S. Embassy was taken by the Khomeini and led by CIA agent Mashallah Kahsani. Enter the Iran Hostage Crisis and the end of Carters Presidency. President Carter was the target, in revenge for the firing of the 800 CIA operatives and George H. W. Bush. Considering the fact that Carter was acting President and the secret meetings and covert plans were in violation of US laws, why didn’t Carter take actions for this business?

The rumor mills point to an agreement between Iran and the Bush CIA for the release of hostages to obtain a Reagan win in 1980. Yet, the long term indications show a longtime effort to control Iran who possesses the largest oil reserves and the strategic forces that keeps Israel and Arabs from controlling it all.

Kimche and Mossad were very successful in the relations between Israel, Egypt and the Saudi’s. He had created very solid connections using suspect liaisons with the likes of Ya’akov Nimrodi, Israeli intelligence officer in Iran for two decades preceding the fall of the Shah. Ya’akov Nimrodi, Adnon Khasoggi and Adolph W. Schwimmer supervised sales of Israeli arms to the Islamic Republic of Iran and other suspect governments that we have had to deal with. While Americans were watching Robin Leach on TV show us the lifestyles of the rich he would also show us the lifestyles of the dangerous. Bill Clinton provided clemency to convicted smuggler Nimrodi during his term in office.

Kimche and the cohorts previously mentioned, along with the blessing of new Minister of Defense, Ariel Sharon concocted plans to spark an anti-Khomeini coup de tat by arming dissident exiled military personnel under the dethroned Shah Pahlavi.  The weapons and personnel would move through Sudan. This covert operation had connections with the Iran-Contra affair which convicted Bush operatives, “Cappy” Weinberger, Lt. Col. “Olie ” North, John Poindexter, Elliott Abrams, Robert McFarlane, Michael Leeden and other members who would be later pardoned by the CIA kingpin G.H.W. Bush. This cemented the Israeli-Arab-US Neocon LOBBY as a single minded unit to eliminate any Middle Eastern threat of socialism or fundamentalism.

There are more heinous and criminal element working in this group than ever made the FBI most wanted. All of them pardoned and walking free. Though Reagan was never implicated in Iran-Contra, he like Nixon allowed his associates to run amuck under complete non-transparency. This scandal was another major blow to the LOBBY.

Bush and Company decided to allow the Iran-Iraqi war to proceed. In fact G.H.W. Bush convinced Reagan to withdrawal Iraq from the list of known terrorist countries. During 1982 and 1893, they orchestrated over 5 billion dollars in loans and gave the green light for illegal arms transfers from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt to Iraq. Once again we see the Bush & Co., Israeli and Arab factions in synchronizing efforts to assist in the destabilizing of Iran and perpetuate what would be an eight year conflict. The CIA provided Iraqi with technical assistance in the use of chemical weapons and later shipped Anthrax and other biological weapons that would later be used against US troops in the illegal Iraqi invasion.

Arming Iraq: A Chronology of U.S. Involvement By: John King, March 2003

This Chronology contains multiple illegal violations of the Reagan-Bush era and contributes very clear intent for what would later happen under the Bush II regime. On 3 July 1988 the U.S. Navy shot down Iran Air Flight 655 with the loss of all 290 passengers and crew. The American government claimed that the airliner had been mistaken for an Iranian F-14 Tomcat, and that the U.S.S. Vincennes was operating in international waters at the time and feared that it was under attack, which later appeared to be untrue. The Iranians, however, maintain that the Vincennes was in fact in Iranian territorial waters, and that the Iranian passenger jet was turning away and increasing altitude after take-off. U.S. Admiral William J. Crowe also admitted to Ted Koppel on Nightline that the Vincennes was inside Iranian territorial waters when it launched the missiles.

On 21 March 1986, the United Nations Security Council made a declaration stating that “members are profoundly concerned by the use of chemical weapons on Iranian troops and the members of the Council strongly condemned use of chemical weapons as a clear violation of the Geneva Protocol of 1925 which prohibits the use in war of chemical weapons.” The United States under Reagan-Bush was the only member who voted against the issuance of this declaration.

Clinton’s involvement started back prior to Iran Contra. He as well was key in the Mena Airport/CIA drug smuggling operation, once Congress had signed the Boland Amendment which limited US involvement in the Nicaragua conflict by covert CIA and Contra rebels. Some of Reagan’s national security officials used non-appropriated money spent by the National Security Council to circumvent the Amendment. As president, Clinton with full knowledge of the Iran -China connection and the financial and nuclear trading between the two countries, President Clinton, the CIA deliberately gave Iranian physicists blueprints for part of a nuclear bomb that likely helped Tehran advance its nuclear weapons development program. This debacle called “Operation Merlin,” was intended to be a misinformation drop that backfired. Supposedly a complete error of intention, this proves to be a calculated effort to arm Iran with the ability to become the threat that the LOBBY is trying to prove to move to war.

Unlike the failed efforts to prove WMD in Iraq and using chemical weapons as a reason when in fact the US government sold them the cache, the LOBBY is going to make sure they have the intelligence as they themselves are providing it. Six months before G.W. Bush left office he signed a secret finding authorizing a covert offensive against the Iranian regime that, according to those familiar with its contents is, “unprecedented in its scope.” This means what appears to be a transparent attempt to find a weed out terrorist in several Middle East countries in reality is a stepped up attempt to get additional US-Israeli-Arab efforts to create an improved Yellowcake Recipe for the invasion of Iran.

I cannot go without commenting on our honest and fair MSM. When Mike Wallace and 60 minutes sliced and diced the interview with President Ahmadinejad , we had to stomach an Emmy for this hack job. Take a step back and think about being an Iranian citizen and reading the history I have mentioned, presented by Iranian government slant and imagine how you would see the United States, Israel and the Western Capitalists Ideology.

For what has been a systematic, premeditated, sinister, illegal, unethical and deplorable chronology, we as Americans must be furious over it and if we continue to allow the highest powers of the land to talk to us about transparency while accepting this as government, then we have allowed ourselves to become willing participants in the same kind of terrorism they want us to believe we were victims of on 9/11/2001.


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