The Dunne Briefs – US Government NOC list



Bruce E. Ivins – was a microbiologist and vaccinologist at the USAMRIID who supposedly committed suicide on July 27th 2008 rather than face criminal indictment, trial and possible execution for the Amerithrax investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  After what is reported to be an exhaustive investigation, the source of the high-grade anthrax was traced back to a Pentagon lab, which implicated Ivins as the prime suspect in 2006.  This six year investigation involved supposedly hundreds of suspect investigations. Why was there such a rush finally to resolve this case before George Bush left office? Might the resolution be needed to avoid a new administration and Attorney General to look into the faulty evidence and conclusions or assuming the investigation under new leadership? Even FBI director Mueller identified the investigation as “embarrassing” and “poorly handled.”


On July 27th 2008, Ivins was found unconscious at his home. He was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital in Maryland where he died two days later from what was reported to be an overdose of Tylenol, Valium and/or Codeine. Based on blood test results of samples taken from the body, the state medical examiner had determined that an autopsy wouldn’t be necessary due to the medical evaluation and diagnosis done at the hospital. Ivins died July 29, 2008 when he was taken off life support after the family had decided not to continue medical care and having him put on the organ donor recipient list .


The final report indicated it was Tylenol [PM] and the cause of death was due to liver failure from the toxic levels of Acetaminophen and Diphenhydramine hydrochloride. The Frederick News-Post reported on the information provided by the police report that Ivins was briefly conscious for some time in the hospital and had apparently nodded to the question of his intent to commit suicide though it does not indicate who was present for this supposed admission.


It is also reported that Ivins vital signs were improving and this had prompted Ivins to become agitated forcing the medical staff to administer additional narcotics described in the article as a surgical anesthetic. The article does not give any additional information regarding his condition from that point, yet it does indicate the decision to pull him off life support.


How odd?  Was this patient brain dead or was it life support for liver failure? Would life support and a liver transplant have saved this mans life? I believe from my previous medical research and reading of other such cases as well as a personal dealing with a friends attempted suicide by drug overdose, that the decision to pull life support would not be considered without

the criteria being met by Federal and State laws as well as by the attending physician.


FBI and DOJ officials formally announced that the Government had concluded that Ivins was likely to have been solely responsible for “the deaths of five persons, and the injury of dozens of others, resulting from the mailings of several anonymous letters to members of Congress and members of the media in September and October, 2001, which were deemed to contain anthrax.

Amerithrax Hoax – by Barry Kissen [OPN Article]


Bloomberg reported that according to Maryland state court documents, Ivins had recently been committed temporarily to a mental hospital outside Baltimore, and a judge ordered him to stay away from a woman who accused him of threatening to kill her.


The Washington Post reported the following regarding the defendant .


The counselor he saw for group therapy and biweekly individual sessions, who would eventually tell a judge that he was a “sociopathic, homicidal killer,” had a troubled past. Jean C. Duley, who worked until recent days for Comprehensive Counseling Associates in Frederick, is licensed as an entry-level drug counselor and was, according to one of her mentors, allowed to work with clients only under supervision of a more-seasoned professional. Shortly before she sought a “peace order” against Ivins, Duley had completed 90 days of home detention after a drunken-driving arrest in December, and she has acknowledged drug use in her past. In a 1999 interview with The Washington Post, Duley described her background as a motorcycle gang member and a drug user. “Heroin. Cocaine. PCP,” said Duley, who then used the name Jean Wittman. “You name it, I did it.”

It’s interesting that this woman’s testimony would be so readily used to describe a man that was given the Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service which is the highest award given to Defense Department civilian employees for his part in the manufacture of the anthrax vaccine.

It is also interesting that any depression or anxiety issues he was dealing with might be the result of what he perceived as being the “fall guy” in the case along with the information that the DOJ would seek the death penalty for the perpetrators. If Ivins had psychological issues, the gangstalking, FISA type investigations provided by FBI could well have exacerbated the condition of his mental well being.

We know the technical evidence was flimsy as to where the weapons grade anthrax could have come from, who had access to it and who had the means to develop it. Along with the lab Fort Detrick, MD, information indicates two other defense facilities in Utah and Ohio. It is also unclear as to the bentonite? Was it there or not? First it was, then it wasn’t. This was critical to the linking of Saddam Hussein and the attacks. It also plays a significant role as to the tracking of Ivins and his late night hours and unreported cleanup episodes.

Had he uncovered a leak and plot inside the USAMRIID?  Was it from there these sources to media outlets regarding bentonite fabricated? Was the contamination meant to indict him? We know that the MSM who received the false claims regarding bentonite have never revealed the source of this information.

The matter regarding one time suspect, Dr. Steven J. Hatfill and his opposition to the BTWC and his efforts to sue every publication that reported the libelous information leaked to the media. John Ashcroft appeared to be the patsy here and subsequently could have contributed to his health and departure for the highly anticipated Alberto Gonzales.

Whether the 5.8 million dollar settlement was a payoff to Hatfill or an honest payment for the witchhunt, one thing is clear. The investigation was going nowhere until they had decided on Ivins. What was the urgency since this investigation was in progress for over six years?

Interesting that there are cases of murder involving Diphenhydramine hydrochloride with the most recent being the case of  US Army Captain Christopher Gray  who is charged with killing his wife. Acetaminophen and Diphenhydramine hydrochloride can be administered in lethal dose intravenously as well.

Considering that an autopsy was not done in this highly public and extremely serious investigation is ludicrous. Autopsies are ordered for homeless deaths that could involve suspicious crime scene evidence. There’s no telling what other means could have been used, but there are other things to consider. The investigation revealed Ivins had purchased the Tylenol that may have been responsible for his overdose, but there was no evidence or information regarding it being found in his stomach. Would there have been traces of gelcaps or tablets in his stomach? Nor was there evidence of the bottles and drugs in his home.

On August 6, 2008, US Attorney Jeffrey A. Taylor officially made a statement that Ivins was the “only person responsible” in the 2001 anthrax attacks. Ivins, attorney Paul Kemp stated that the discovery and evidence was not convincing and Ivins passed a polygraph regarding his involvement. His colleagues have argued that the technology was not available to Ivins to produce the sophisticated grade of Anthrax used in the attacks. Taylor said in his press conference stated that the “we regret that we will not have the opportunity to present the evidence to a jury to determine whether the evidence establishes Dr. Ivins guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

If we were able to have the investigation tried by commission would we get the same results we got with Warren and 911? Might we find that the evidence was not convincing or so circumstantial, that they just presented this front in an effort to ratchet up Ivins in a mental state that would innevitably cause his demise?

Here are some interesting facts regarding US Attorney Jeffrey A. Taylor.

* Jeffrey Taylor served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California from 1995–1999

* From 1999 to 2002, Mr. Taylor served as majority counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee where he advised Chairman Orrin Hatch and drafted provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act.

* Before his appointment as U.S. Attorney, Mr. Taylor served as Counselor to Attorneys General John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales from 2002 to 2006. Attorney General John Ashcroft has appointed Jeff Taylor to be Counsel to the Attorney General for criminal and national security matters. Taylor replaces Dan Levin who is serving as the Chief of Staff for FBI Director Robert Mueller.

* He was appointed interim U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia by Alberto Gonzales on September 22, 2006 and was sworn in seven days later.  

* Interim U.S. attorneys do not need to be confirmed by the Senate as a result of an amendment to the law governing interim attorneys included in the USA Patriot Reauthorization Act of 2005. He was the first interim Attorney to be placed under the new rules of the Patriot Act.

* On March 20, 2007, President Bush declared in a press conference that White House staff would not testify under oath on the matter if subpoenaed by Congress. One who ignores a Congressional subpoena can be held in contempt of Congress, but the D.C. U.S. Attorney must convene a grand jury to start the prosecution of this crime. Under 2 U.S.C. § 194, once either the House or the Senate issues a citation for contempt of Congress, it is referred to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, “whose duty it shall be to bring the matter before the grand jury for its action. No such action was taken.

How could this not be seen as a critical placement in light of the questions American have regarding the series of events that have unfolded since the attacks on the WTC and the subsequent inconsistencies regarding intelligence, investigations and accusations?

Of all the letters sent in the attack, here are the list of dead;

1.      Robert Stevens, 63, a photo editor at The Sun

2.      Thomas Morris, Jr. postal workers in Washington, DC

3.      Joseph Curseen, postal workers in Washington, DC

4.      Kathy Nguyen, a New York City hospital worker from the Bronx

5.      Ottilie Lundgren of Oxford, CT , a 94 year old retired widow

Here are the some of the survivors;

6.      Tom Brokaw

7.      Dan Rather

8.      Patrick Leahy

9.      Tom Daschle

How fortunate that the Media figures and electorate managed to escape without incident. Not even exposure. What is really interesting is that at a time when George Bush and Dick Cheney were on the CIA for intelligence regarding Saddam Hussein and WMD, with Cheney even making unannounced visits to Langley these attacks occurred.

The public opinion might have been affected with the reports of the attempts to murder the people America had invited into their homes every evening such as Rather and Brokaw.

And for the left anti-Bush folks, two of the top power Democrats might have fallen victim. You couldn’t get better PR for Saddams head on a platter. Sending a letter to the Sun and Enquirer was going to get the message in the hands of the guns and religion crowd, certainly. Sounds like a “Karl Rove” type list to me.

Either way, if Ivins was guilty of participating in the involvement and realized he was a marked man it appears to me that we should try the case in absentia with a clear investigation of the data under a peer review and to delve into the sorted details of Amerithrax, as we should for 911, the US attorney firings and torture. The case will be closed upon the completion of the investigation. But the questions regarding the technical and circumstantial evidence still remain a mystery.

There is enough unanswered questions to prompt Senator Grassley to conclude that it needs committee attention. All we have now is a dead man named Bruce Ivins and a wife who says he was innocent.

Further articles are forthcoming looking at the Bush-Cheney “NOC list’ and the trail of the dead by these operatives that have stolen our government and broken our laws.











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