The illuminati Formula: A Triad

dollar_sign_gold_rotatingThe illuminati Formula

For COTO breathers and others entrenched in the highest order of skepticism, I present the N.W.O. (NEW WORLD ORDER) as just a kinder gentler acronym for NEED, WARRANT, OPPORTUNITY.In all the cases I have investigated there is a common theme. The illuminati, Bilderberg’s or COMMITTEE have the ability to run the show through this formula of need, [problem/goal] warrant, [solution/means] and opportunity. [reward]  Within this TRIAD, there consists of a triune of personnel to carry out this formula. Comprised of COMMITTEE, ADMINISTRATORS and ENABLERS, they are all necessary to complete the cycle.

A common assumption or belief by anti-conspiracists is that the league or plot cannot be carried out with a group because of the inability to keep it a secret. This assumption is valid if indeed all parties were knowledgable to the inner systems and access by the core members.  The COMMITTEE  have clearly laid out a consistent triad under which they operate. The personnel brought into the triad have no knowledge of the formulation or systems in place to achieve the objectives.

The Skull and Bones Society is a good example of the TRIAD at work. The assumption that every member of S&B had inside knowledge to the core COMMITTEE members is false. The number of true committee members may be one. To understand the deception is simple when looking at this secret society. All members are inducted under a pledge and ceremony that includes them sworn to secrecy at the cost of death, though most never knew anything other than a pagan ritual, a pledge and an initiation with a unique hazing common in the university system.With a finite number of members, most of them have no access or knowledge of the core of one or more members. This disseminates the organization and diffuses the theory or scrutiny of anything other than a particular traditional rite to male passage in the Yale University system, though appearing as quite a paganistic praxis to outsiders.  To most members the humiliation may involve such embarrassing fagging rituals to include homosexual acts or sodomy.  Therefore the threats of death are waned by the embarrassment, furthering the deflection off the true core purpose. Though these members will likely come into play as administrators or enablers under the brotherhood and pledges made. The Bohemian Grove is most likely a similar situation.

The basic human instinct and desire for family connection or brotherhood is strong and therefore no initiate wants to lose that connection. When this induction is presented with the knowledge that your brothers will come to your aid unconditionally and provide the  protection or assistance to solve your problems, one can look to the Godfather type scenario so well depicted in the fictional Corleone family.  The power of the brotherhood from the Yale secret society has an impressive network of influence and position in multiple areas of power.The core COMMITTEE members exist in very small numbers throughout the international governments, monarchies and financial community.

The ADMINISTRATORS are not privy to the inner circle of this club but indeed may be criminally compliant to the tasks they are given. The ENABLERS are never privy to the true conspiracy or agenda in which they provide critical and important roles. These enablers may and most often are complete dupes to the game plan as indicated by their ability to ignore or excuse any idea of conspiracy. Money, power, ideology, ego, fame, fear, bandwagon and membership are the tools used to induce them into the triad. Powerful inducements indeed.

Building fences and mending fences are common practices in this system. Creating the network of Administrators is a  generational and lifetime practice. New technologies have considerably aided in the ability to use coercion and blackmail into the mix where previously it had required finding the candidates with the limited morality and suitable character to perform administrative roles. The mending fences aspects requires a change of personnel in the position. The necessary changing of a picket may include serious means. John F. Kennedy may never have known the inner circle through his administration role in the Senate, CFR or Presidency.



This triad is simply illustrated by the creation of the Hegelian dialectic. The creation of the thesis which represents the true goal  for the COMMITTEE. This is realized, planned and executed only by the COMMITTEE and its highest order ADMINISTRATORS. It presents itself as a problem, event or situation without necessarily an identity, cause or origin. The antithesis is calculated based upon the historical data or past triads, and prepared for countermeasures in advance by administrators in Media, NGO, scientific think tanks. This is processed through public opinion and concludes the most likely accepted policy within the ENABLER community confirmed by their agreement for involvement with the use of the inducements mentioned previously.

In the case of the lowest level enablers or population, their involvement is driven by party, principle or beliefs where they are presented with the lesser of two evils. Often this solution panders to the common denominator of the uninformed public. The triad for 911 could be represented as illustrated.


The attacks on the World Trade Center may have been the simplest of the triads at work. In comparison to the previous Pearl Harbor false flag as a catalyst for WWII and the countermeasure for the growing independence and desire for state sovereignty by many nations after WWI. The rise of fascism was no accident. How do you break the banks, leave Europe, Russia and Japan in shambles and institute the Bretton Woods, IMF, control the exchange rates and set the dollar as the reserve gold standard? Start a good war. The aftermath of WWII brought the global financial system into being and set the stage for the US funding of what would end up as the Trilateral Commission, one of the multiple pillars of the NWO.

When the Bretton Woods system failed under the emergence of international banking consortia, the instituting of fiat currency, the reversing of the balance of payments and the run on gold, the US dollar began it’s steady decline. The predominate component to this triad is the redistribution of wealth.  Trickle down was just a mere forecast of what would be the final disposition for the middle class. No triad is ever conducted where the focused energies are not on this upward redistribution. The financial component of the triad not only means the currency moving upward, but the means to wealth being diminished under the synthesis that includes changes international and national law, corporate and banking protections, unfettered greed posing as markets and the use of loopholes to avert legal restrictions and accountability.

The United States served it’s purpose and now undergoes the same fate as the previous superpowers through historical TRIAD operations. 911 was offered as the NEW PEARL HARBOR indicated in the writings of the infamous PNAC paper “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” 

“Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

The administrators take on a new ‘Pearl Harbor’ could have been replaced by Lusitania, or Reichstag, though 911 would be better described as Tonkin, Lavon or even Northwoods.


Eugenics represents an especially insidious triad, with the foreign policies of benevolent aid buried under the state building practices over the last thirty years. The despots they have coddled and groomed and then after the pillaging is over they become our tax liability for a necessary war or engagements. Sounds much like a marriage or a triad when you include the prenuptial agreement and the subsequent redistribution of wealth to certain attorneys.

Under the very auspices of the WHO, charitable foundations, the UN and it’s affiliates, this redistribution is offered as global initiatives of poverty and human rights programs that project a meaningful and altruistic effort to promote the welfare of third world countries. These initiatives are touted vigorously by the very entities who are driving the peak population reduction efforts and managing the covert operations in a global conspiracy that includes soft programs like Roe V Wade, Planned Parenthood and the darker efforts like PhRMA and DOD based sterilization, climate control technology and state sponsored genocide. Through government grants, pork barrel, contributions, Defense budget expenditures and PhRMA [prescription costs-R&D] the American taxpayer is taking another shot in the wallet. The tragedy of the unwitting public is that we are killing ourselves and fellow-man with our own money. The makes us the softest of enablers which we swallow every fifteenth of April.


The domestic financial triad is likely the most obvious at this date. Not too much needs to said of the enormous redistribution that took place starting with Bill Clinton’s efforts to get the WTO agreement in place. Knowing that this trade agreement would show some initial economic spiking, it was not recognized by most of America what impact it would have to the manufacturing base and domestic job market.

This TRIAD made it possible for the larger effort of one world government that will take shape in the form of the soon to merge NAU and EU.  The illegal immigration added to the middle class pinch as US corporations moved offshore in full or as specific outsourcing went overseas. The agricultural and labor markets dried up for citizens who could not or refused to work for the wages offered and subsequently accepted by the illegal population migrating at unprecedented proportions. Add to this, the period of time that passed without adjustments to minimum wage standards and the completely bogus H1B Visa program.

Meanwhile the tax burdens skyrocketed with this increasing demand for assistance to the illegal community. With a severe recession looming the COMMITTEE via Bilderberg, met secretly with FED ADMINISTRATORS and devised the housing boom via free money. This was a brilliant move to stave off the recession and get Clinton, the loose goose, out of the hot seat. Upon his exit the administration offered up to the Bush regime a real plum. The plan would utilize the timely Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act  innovation to allow the banking and financial market ENABLERS to stuff their coffers with the mortgage and derivative booty while completing one of the major components of the world order triad. This being the MONOPOLY. Today’s political linguists do not like that word and has replaced it with “too large to fail.”  Pure genius to get this done by making ENABLERS out of everyone who had a trading account, mutual fund or 401K.

But again, they attacked at a prosperous time as they usually do. Under the cover of this gold rush for too much home, the COMMITTEE unleashed the 911 triad and the subsequent war on terror triad. It had worked well in domestic versions under Clinton with OK City, Waco and Ruby Ridge. Another Pearl Harbor and another redistribution.Once again the ENABLERS play such a critical role as accomplices to the simple greed or ideology that diverts them from the larger picture. Once the obvious bubble arrived, so many were still in an absolute mushroom state to what had really been perpetrated. The ADMINISTRATORS had devised such a complicated network of managing, packaging and diverting these illusory instruments to the point of artifact. This has greatly overshadowed the rise of the next power state, China.


How would they deal with the predetermined international financial meltdown? With a strong push for the socialization of globalization. Under their agenda for free open markets they have consistently failed to enforce the human rights violations of these international agreements. Their record of dealing with the non participating international human rights problems has been almost non-existent. Yet the globalization efforts have not change gear at all. The efforts continue to be consistent with the capitalist philosophy of economically exploiting these developing and member nations. Bringing them into the IMF under the IBRD and IDA induction process via loans from the World Bank which like the Mafia, you can never leave.

Corporatist ideology is structured in both thesis and antithesis where the fallacies and fraud of both free market and planned economies are controlled by the COMMITTEE and result in the Pareto’s 80-20 rule of distribution, leaving the populations in constant poverty and social upheaval. This makes them ripe for plucking from independence into the hands of the COMMITTEE. Africa is the continent of recent triads and Kenya, a perfect example.


Meanwhile at home, our triad is in full swing under our current decider. As a major Fabian, Bilderberg and Kissinger protege he will continue to slowly deteriorate the remaining remnants of middle class identity while sinking the liberty ship along with his poll numbers. Regardless he carries the votes of the administrators and enablers in Congress and has the means to go after the second amendment, bankrupt our nation and put us in a state where we can no longer even pay the interest on our national debt. We are in the throes of a massive targeting of Constitutionalists who are being identified under mere mention of the document, our religion, gun ownership and our visible and vocal declaration that our government has conceded its illegitimacy by the current and previous regimes. Their failures to abide by the laws, enforce the laws and protect and defend our nation are on the record.


The triad works consistently in every case to achieve the goal, create the need, plan a strategic counter, drive the wealth upward and consolidate it. Once a triad has run its course, it will likely be recycled again with modifications to the needs and warrants. The opportunities are relatively consistent now due to the fact that the recipient corporations and financial institutions continue to assimilate and converge into a finite group held by the Committee.


EG: WWI & WWII, Cold War, and WOT. From here this could recycle as another World War, Though this would be a lofty need to establish, the move may go to strictly natural world disasters, such as pandemic, earthquake or tsunami, bioterrorism,  a 2012 DOD energy attack, or maybe even an alien attack. It is certain that the technology, planning and scripting are being played out in the depths of the highest members strategies. War games are nothing new and the COMMITTEES combatants, being its owns citizens is as old as Rome. But then again, the TRIAD is as old as Christianity.


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