Chicken or Egg…It all tastes like shit to me

Without going into the Global Warming agenda, I wanted to review the data and some inconvenient truths.

History of Soviet/US nuclear testing from 1945-1992


nuclear tests
above ground
502 (491)
726 (715)

Russian (parethesis are reported by Russia)



nuclear tests
above ground
201 (215)
810 (815)
1,011 (1,030)

* Includes the well publicized two test live demonstration on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

These tests rendered radioactive fallout in massive quantities into the atmosphere and underground water supplies.

From the 1940s through the 1960s, barrels of radioactive waste were frequently dumped in oceans. This ended in 1970 when the EPA (Energy Protection Agency) determined that at least one-fourth of these barrels were leaking. A new, possibly safer proposal under consideration for long-term ocean storage includes offshore drilling and a procedure known as self-burial. In offshore drilling, holes would be drilled into the seabed and filled with barrels of waste. In self-burial, specially shaped barrels would be dumped and left to sink to the ocean floor.

Ice-sheet disposal
Scientists also considered burying radioactive waste in polar ice.
Advantages to this option include the lack of population in polar regions and the stability and thickness (several miles, thousands of meters) of polar ice.
One drawback to this option is the uncertain disposal and/or retrieval processes. Another is the potential effect of future climate changes on the stability and size of polar ice masses. Radioactive wastes could be released into the environment if global climate changes increased polar ice melting.
This option also would be extremely expensive due to the remote location and adverse weather. Finally, the Antarctic Treaty of 1959 prohibits disposing of radioactive waste on the Antarctic continent.

I wonder if the Soviets or US decided to break that treaty as they did so willingly historically?

Island geologic disposal
Scientists looked at burying radioactive waste beneath remote islands that lacked valuable resources and were far from large continental landmasses.
One drawback to island geologic disposal concerned the risks associated with ocean transport, especially during bad weather. Also, many islands experience frequent and intense earthquake and volcanic activity.
In addition, some islands have geologic structures that allow seawater, as well as fresh water, to penetrate underlying rock. The presence of water could contribute to waste container corrosion, releasing and eventually transporting radioactive particles into the environment. The potential for opposition from nearby countries was an additional consideration.


Deep Space disposal
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the DOE also researched several methods of disposal in space. Possibilities included launching waste containers into the sun or putting them on the moon.
Space disposal offers the attraction of permanent separation of waste from the human environment. However, the disadvantages of space disposal are great. The possibility of an accident during launch and the potential for radioactive waste to be scattered by such an accident make this an unacceptable option. In addition, space disposal is impractical because of the number of launches that would be required. Establishing international agreements on how such a program would be operated and regulated would also be difficult.


Well, the climatologists would agree that the sea levels rise.  These are the same guys who said CO2 was the culprit and not the Solar Flare activity or the repercussions of massive nuclear fallout from thousands of tests, vast dumping, Chernobyl, and who knows what other toxic nonsense these little warmongers had in mind.


Unexpectedly high specific activities of 137Cs (1800–2000 Bq kg− 1

Read a little about Caesium 137  -from Wikipedia if desired

A study, as well as investigations of the implications for the transport and fate of contaminants in Arctic sea ice.additional require burdens in sea ice are not known and  radionuclide these unexpected high  facilitate common and geographically independent of proximity to known contaminant sources. The mechanisms that would  must bethat comparatively high as well as variable radioactive contaminant burdens in ice rafted sediments  indicatespecific activities in some sea ice rafted sediments relative to bottom sediments, these new observations  radionuclide observations of higher  previous Sea. Consequently, the sediments are probably not from a single distinct source and were likely mixed during sea ice transport. Coupled with  Laptev matched to sediments in the  mineralogicallyseveral years apart, (3) the sampling site is on the opposite side of the Arctic basin from potential radioactive sources such as disposal and weapons testing sites of the former Soviet Union and nuclear fuel reprocessing sites in western Europe, and (4) the closest compositional match to known geologic source regions is Banks Island, on the western edge of the Arctic Archipelago, although a smaller number of grains from one of the two samples were  were made studies of sea ice rafted sediments from the Arctic Ocean, (2) two independent observations of these unexpectedly high specific activities  previous in fine-grained sediments entrained in multi-year sea ice floes grounded in Resolute Bay near the center of the Northwest Passage through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. These results are remarkable because: (1) the specific activities are about two orders of magnitude higher than average specific activities detected in  have been detected dry weight)  


Okay, maybe not laboratory type with all the controls but still….

Well, the climatologists would agree that the sea levels rise.  NOT!!!!  How about the earths crust sinks?

When the weight of ice melt and increase water volume press on the tectonic plates what happens?  Shifting, pushing and invading deeper into the plates, volcanic vents, pipes and channels. And when the water invades the magma what happens then?  Well dont throw water on your next cooking pan fire.

Land doesn’t move right???

Just a bunch of floating ships on a sea of water, magma and other moving oceans.

That’s because Mother Earth is trying to adjust to your little war games butthead!!

Yes they are and it’s working!! Thats why parts of the land are actually rising and other areas are sinking.  Some plates will likely shift right under another. But that you will likely not survive so you will never get that Kodak moment.

Haiti, you never stood a chance.  You are the little plate, the Caribbean plate. Just peanuts!  That’s why I can predict you and others to be the first to feel the rapture of HAARP.

Maybe the bad guys are sorry for all the nuclear games and are trying to HAARP the icecaps with a permafrost blast. That would explain why it’s snowing in Daytona Beach today.

Maybe they are really working hard to find a place to dump the real climate changer.  Those devilish ISOTOPES!!

Maybe the boys of the COMMITTEE  just decided to convert Haiti to the deep ground bunker for all the barrels of fun they have accumulated. And well, as useless eaters of mud as you Haitians are, well you just got a taste of Manifest Destiny.

Hey boys and girls, don’t despair, it could be worse. You could have had a nuclear winter or summer.



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