The Ground Attack is Human in Nature.

No lucid person can dispute HAARP weather manipulation and the organized Corporate Military combine that includes ARCO [BP], Raytheon and E-Systems, a notoriously criminal corp with links from Iran Contra, drug smuggling, PROMIS/INSLAW and 911 cover-up.,686,605.htm

I predicted the Mediterranean Earthquake but it hit the Caribbean in Haiti. I was shocked and reeled to why this happened.  I thought this was a deflection event and it may be, but this article was brought to my attention by Kornisking.

Two things come to my attention:

1. Was this a Mediterranean attempt gone awry?  If so it is a prime example of the lunacy and complete lack of concern for the dangers of the technologies that are in their hands.

2. If so we can expect another coming soon.

On another note of interest

HIV/AIDS Asia Regional Program (HAARP)

I found this today and went to my archives for some NOC list information.

Interesting how the connections to Dominica and Echelon also link to this deflection HAARP program.

In regards to Laudy’s post regarding chipping and digital/analog conversion, I wanted to give you my simple explanation/theory and you can put the pieces together.

1. Echelon     2. HAARP/GWEN   3. PLC  Technology  4. SELinux  5. Total surveillance

The digital/analog conversion will allow for the full implementation of the 415 project/Echelon using smart line or Data-over-power technology

Arlington, Va.: The father of a friend of mine worked for the CIA for more than twenty years. My friend told me that his father specialized in planting bugs in wooden furniture or fixtures. He said others specialized in planting bugs in other materials. Is this type of work really that specialized?”

Yes indeed it is. Let me say that we all have chips and surveillance in our homes and soon to our bodies themselves.  They have been placed in smoke detectors, TV’s, Computers, Automobile motherboards and they are in book spines, clothing, shoes and other articles we use daily.

The Global Green Campaign and the Copenhagen agenda is just another triad for the implementation of the Smart Grid technologies that will utilize these surveillance, monitoring and communications network for microtechnologies including voice, video and GPS control. Phasing in the nano-bio features will soon follow after the initial wave of intrusions take place.

When you think that it will never happen, please consider where we are now and time’s impact on what they can get accomplished. For conspiracy opponents who say it is not true or cannot happen, I offer the fact that these Corporate thugs and administrators were NOT coerced into this Triad but they were created and enabled by the COMMITTEE’s drug money laundering, tax payer thefts and accounting frauds  as well as DOD budgets and deficits.

Connecting the dots goes back to Iran Contra, INSLAW/PROMIS, Enron and hundreds of crimes, murders and represent  all the mechanisms and movements to get the NWO order in place.  It is the main goal and number one priority.

Whether a Corporate Republican or a Government Democrat, you have been sucked into the largest scheme on earth to enslave mankind.   The millions of crimes, frauds, assassinations, technologies and testing successes represents seconds off the clock of what time we have left.  The days and years have been fruitful for the COMMITTEE and we have slept like babes without knowledge of this long term plan but enough history, leaked information and untimely demises have finally reached a proportion that they cannot be ignored.

What is more disturbing is that they do not work as hard to hide it anymore. They must feel they have crossed the threshold and we can no longer effect  this EndGame.


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