State of the Onion ~ Toxic and Viral


Stealthily, they go on their merry way…..

How to fix the economy via the TRIAD?   The logical, moral and discernible solutions are evident.  Transparency!  This would incorporate overhauling the institutions that  we have identified as the problem. From the IMF, the FED, Wallstreet, Monopolies (too big to fail) and the banking and credit establishments, we would begin to revamp  these monoliths.

Revamping could be seen as total reconstruction or simply rehabilitating the components. That of course would require the active participation of the executive,  judicial and legislative bodies. 

Whoa! Excuse  my error. You can’t use a broken hammer to mend the fences.  The matter of our elected and appointed government TRIAD is not a viable tool for reference in the economic crisis discussion.  Once again the COMMITTEE has provided the dialectic to delay the execution of their duly sworn and main purpose.

A dialectic  has been created by way of the COMMITTEE and government.  Autonomic Compulsory Incompetency. In fact this may qualify as their core competency. It meets the criteria.

  • It provides benefits to the COMMITTEE
  • It is free of competitors
  • It can be leveraged widely to many markets. 

    The COMMITTEE, MIC and Banking Cartels have deliberately delivered the Broken Government Syndrome to the people, to which many have acquiesced. Whether they accept this illusion as the two-party gridlock, threat of filibuster, too large to operate or mere spinal paralysis, it has been accepted as fundamentally broken.

    Far from the truth for COTO, is this typical triad of empire building.  If this were the case we could just transition the operations under the military branches.  They have effectively met their deadlines, motivated their staffs, identified their objectives, utilized their resources and administered their justice with coercion, intimidation, torture and murder.

    Why the war on terror hasn’t been suggested to include the financial, insurance, mortgage, PhRMA and energy extremists is puzzling. Would the fact that the bin-Ladens of these groups actually function from the branches of our governmental triangle be the reason for this?  This is not readily acceptable  to the red/blue afflicted or red, white and blue patriotics under the care of COMMITTEE alchemists.

    What the lambs should know is the government is not broken. It operates as any healthy body. It’s systems are running at maximum peak under multiple processes, threads and handles. It just has been infected by a massive virus.

    Multipartite, Stealth and Polymorphic in nature, it conceals itself amongst the true programs exhibiting healthy processes while in reality rewriting the codes and procedures in the American  Mainframe.  Though it appears to operating as normal, this toxic virus is running like H1N1, Chemtrails, PhRMA and GMO, in timely, perfectly executed, rhythmic schedules.

    The conclusion that comes to mind is that they intend on fixing the economy by alleviating the ones who think it is broken.  This as in all TRIADS solves three or more problems. Population, [CO2] the cost of healthcare, and drives the estate taxes upward.  In reality this is a much simpler solution than going into their pockets, having to hire the attorneys to defend themselves or curb the massive redistribution of wealth up their sacred Ponzi Pyramid.

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