Another day in the Empire

Another defeat for the minority “American Party” yesterday when the Kucinich H. Con. Res. 248 fell short . In a shameless example of Media Blackout, nothing was mentioned on the MSM filters. In a landslide COMMITTEE conspiracy, the vote was 356-65 against the resolution.

The Palm Beach Post writes:

“Opposing the resolution was easy for almost all Republicans, who have been solidly behind Obama’s decision to increase U.S. troop strength in Afghanistan from 70,000 to 100,000. Only five Republicans supported the measure.
It was a harder vote for some Democrats, particularly in an election year where opposing the war can be equated with opposing the troops. Several expressed discomfort with a war that has lasted 8 1/2 years and cost the nation more than 930 American lives and the treasury more than $200 billion, but said they were voting against the resolution because it was ill-timed and unrealistic.”


This is a perfect example of Warmonger Politics that has invaded our government.  While millions lose their jobs, lose their healthcare, lose their homes and lose their peace of mind, we can count on the global corporate shills and foreign bagmen in Congress to use this logic. Can you imagine that you are not supporting the troops, when your aim is to get them out of harms way and out of an illegal occupation in a country that has never declared war.  Or is it just another endeavor by the Global Cabal in search of blood and treasure.

Is it ill timed? Unrealistic?  That would better describe the entire agenda of the current regime.  Supporting the troops would be taking care of the emotionally and physically damaged people that have returned from these empire building false flags theatres and World Bank ventures. Not a very good track record.

The cost of this war will eventually tally up to the current national debt. That is if  we end up doing the right thing and take the responsibility to provide all the necessary action to truly support our troops. We must remember though, the Empire really looks at our troops as useless eaters and just another piece of military hardware similar to the boots and bullets and of course the depleted uranium which will kill thousands for years to come.

Some notable speeches from the debating floor.

Patrick Kennedy – Excellent

President Obama’s batting line up


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