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Who killed Zbig Brzezinski and why?
May 27, 2017


TRUMP 711 – DEAD AT 89

After Roger Moore 89, (5) a sacrificial  event, Zbig dies at 89 (7) May to October, the event is shaping up quite nicely for the Illuminati.  Take into consideration the RUSSIAN connection and how this is playing out.  There is only the critical thinkers that see the real Russian connection is to the liberal wing of the paradigm of DC.

The public sees the TRUMP team connections to business dealings with the illusionary Russia but it’s the Liberal wing that operated with the Soviet Era Putin FSB-KGB.  (612-272)  which is part of the 911 cycle that started back after the Reagan administration. Gorby Park: When the transformation of the Soviet Union met the NWO, the collapse happened the same way we are collapsing. Debt, Chaos, External pressure and a series of bankster frauds and psyops that crushed the union with little effort.  Watch TRUMP play the cards necessary to do the same.

Zbig’s death is not a case of natural causes but a specific numerology marker. If you think Joe Scarborough and Mika are not involved, you should refresh yourself on the tandem Vatican Assassin team.  Here is the quick scoop on the blackmail that holds Morning Joe in line.

I think it is still easier to control a million people than to kill them if you want a NWO. It may be easier to kill a million if you intend to kill them all. If you intend on transforming only then you have to control.  What was the deathbed confession or possible reason to take him out?   If Trump & Co. intend on the plan to take down the EU and put NATO (Arab) included, into the Global Governance scheme, then I think that would eventually become clear to the NWOrderphiles that the “control” method would be better at any cost. So we look to the complete media takeover, the digital takeover, graphics and staging entities and the demise of the libraries and newspapers as a means to accomplish it.

What is a cold war?  The strategy of tension and the CFR, Trilateral designs we have seen since the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. What a cost! If you look at this by itself in time and money, blood and treasure, the Risk Board movements are really off the charts.  Zbig was instrumental in 911 pre-ops, from JFK to the October Surprise. Similarly was Kissinger also a strategic player in the conspiracy.

When you look to the events from Eisenhower to our current puppet, the concept of conspiracy theory is now openly connected to these people and organizations and the creation of the term “CT” was planned as a tool to negate the truth or theories of how the Hegelian Dialectic works in geopolitical and NWO tranformations.

If this is what we believe then we may have to see that the need to remove those who have had long histories of involvement and potentially risky retirees and possible threats should be helped to their resting places. The questions is, are there mathematical or ritual numerology involved in this process.  This CT says yes.

As I watch the geo-political programming and false flags via covert black ops by the GLADIO C teams, the information seems to always support it. Right now I would say the number one goal for the NWO and Trump Chump are to play the Russia card and ruin Iran. That is the CFR open overt goal.  While the Afghan triple cross plays out, the Ukrainian process is just another Afghan TRIAD all over again. Remember how Zbig played the role of Soviet Assassin during the war. How it transmuted to our war and how it will continue to bankrupt us while making the covert committee richer in opium.

Putin hates America, not the NWO. Zbig hated Soviet Russia, not Putin. The grand chessboard is in play, the King takes Bishop.  If you at the Polonium Tea Leaves, you can find many reasons for the Trump con-game and how this instrumental administration must play out in order to create global crisis and conflict.  Compare to Obama’s time and the balance of counterbalance at work.  There are many clues to Zbig’s demise and timing.

I highlight these for relevance and impact. The BACKDOOR CHANNELS are here

I often use the term “incompetence” here. Please let me stress again the complete nonsense of this. In the big game, intelligence leaks are as important as the intelligence itself. If you do not have the intelligence, the agenda is to then leak the lie or false intelligence to go fishing for the real intelligence. This is why I have called Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and a few others like Greenwald as major psy-ops, just like Holyrood versus Hollywood. In fact the Hollywood versions are often better than the CIA operation and productions.

Tim Ossman (aka Osama Bin -Laden) was a Zbig deal in the future of the al-CIAda program coming from the Opium operations of the Mujaheddin to the current I$I$.  So did Zbig just openly say too much about his role in the big game? I think so.  SPECTRE seems so possible as we listen to the insiders. Revitalize the West? Wow, is this the TRUMP Plan or what? Does DEMONCRACY prove out to be the shining light of the world? I hardly think the case can be made in the Arab Spring. They did much better in the world wars and other regime changes during the last fifty years that preceded the Spring of the War on Terror.  Since that time the real agenda of the 21st century has been littered with clear evidence of how democracy sees massive deaths in the objective of order.


The “by design”  plan as stated was to invoke the “Awakening” which will lead the sovereign nations and their leaders into chaos, retaliation by the people who demand change and while this is all fine and dandy, the idea relies on the government corruption which are the “actors” and “insiders” who destroy the nations. Regime change and the global order are then installed and when the crisis comes the power shifts to a world authority. The ignorant masses yearning for their little piece of the piE are duped into what will be the hellish reality of the NWO.

With Zbig’s death we can look at the Media News and see when the royal lineage of sacrifices occurs you never get news until the death. There is no information regarding his health, no info on when he was rushed to Fairfax CIA HQ hospitality known as Inova Healthcare. Why is there no fifth floor at Inova Fairfax Hospital? Coto knows why. That’s where all McLean Fairfax CIA go to die.

In regards to the timing of Roger Moore’s death at 89, the clear numerology is just not another coincidence. There is Mathematics in their madness.  The Vortex must remain in sync.  His family announced his death in Switzerland from a brief battle with cancer on 23rd May 2017 = 5   (born 10/14/27)  = 7 , while Zbig also is a 57.

Funny that Roger Moore played Bond from “Live and Let Die until A View to a Kill. 7 Films in all.

Live And Let Die (1973)

The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Moonraker (1979)

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Octopussy (1983)

A View To A Kill (1985)

This was during the height of the Cold War. It is ever presently clear we are on a collision course with the Russian Threat. Seems that something is afoot with these two sacrificial ritual killings.  Death by rapid cancer or injection by NWO.

711 – 811