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So what about 2012?
March 30, 2010

So my mentor asked me what would I want if I had everything?  Dumbfounded, I said “nothing”. “Wrong – Everyone”, he replied.
I can only speak from what twenty-five years of digging around in the underbelly of hell has presented in my mind.

There is no end to the 2012 deception or perception theories floating around Holyrood, the internet, novels and blogs.  We get everything under the sun and the sun itself is in the mix.  But the reality of an event to occur on the end date of the Mayan calendar in itself is enough to make me scream HOAX. There is no better fairy tale to attract the superstitious, new agers and prophetic religious fringe than a good Mayan calendar end time.

Granted I am Christian by faith and must defend scriptures as documented prophesy, but I have always said that I let it lead my heart but my head will always prevail.  Therefore history has always been the foundation of my basis for explaining the coming One World Order.  It’s not really a New World Order because it was an old plan that came long before Christ and the Pharaohs. 

My journey was originally in COMMITTEE based history up until the time of Vietnam and then I had my epiphany. It came to me long after the strange dreams had ended, the fruits of maturation had come and American Pie had not yet become a conspiracy.  I was led to begin to look into the Kennedy assassination right in the middle of Watergate. I remembered at that time the curriculum being taught was focused on Ecology, pollution, population and Americanism versus Communism. I quickly shelved the Kennedy issue and went head first into the reasons for this rush to get us so involved in the environment and Communism.

The fact that I was in South Florida and a hundred miles away from Cuba in 1971 wasn’t a factor in this agenda by the NEA, was it?  No, things were pretty quiet there at that time. The text for AM vs COM included a large section on propaganda and the techniques used by the Red Threat. It was a prelude to gaining the enlistment and minimize the draft dodging for Vietnam. I began to challenge the teacher on all the rest of his history as American made propaganda bringing in to question JFK, Kissinger and the Kent State affair. He finally called me out and said I was disrupting the class and advised me to desist from further episodes. I didn’t and was ejected from the class.  I had two friends who opted to leave as well.

I never went back to the class for the remainder of the year and failed the course, but in hindsight gained a far more important bit of knowledge. I am nonconforming and as contrary as anyone can possibly be. Even when it would have served me to be amicable, I would not cave to such political pandering or correctness. It was fortunate that I was relatively cute then and had a good smile or I might have had few friends and dates.

Bill Coopers “Behold a Pale Horse” is my second bible. My teacher was an ex CIA walk away and Yale grad before his near death ‘by train’ in which he has total memory loss of the event as well as memory of the past period. No doubt he was supposed to die that night just as Bill Cooper did.  I can easily follow the timeline of events now historically and easily predict what will and will not likely happen.  If you research the book of Revelations, read Behold a Pale Horse, the 300 and the Iron Mountain Report you will have about eighty to ninety percent of your future. If you want the other ten to twenty you will have to research the following:

Carters FEMA bill [REX 82], LEAA, CIMEX 83, PRESSUREPOINT 84, REX 84, HELIX2, Garden Plot, Cable Splicer, Arms Control Authorization Act of 1989 [HR 1495], MJTF, FINCEN, Cannon Fodder, United Nations M-67 Collecting data for the estimation of fertility and mortality, Public Law 87-297 and a dozen others that you will likely not want to suffer through because they are very large documents and boring as hell in much of its content. EX: State Department Publication 7277

Here’s the past;


An invention, not for the benefit of the wealthy Bankers and Greedy Corporations was this conceived, but for the means to put you in debt and slaving for survival. Just a tool and only a tool. It will all go away for certain very soon, so don’t bust your butt or look to start any new businesses because you are wasting your time.  The IMF, World and Central Banks, Bretton Woods, Federal Reserve, Treasury Note, NYSE, etc, etc, etc, all tools and just for the purposes previously indicated. Build the false economy until such time as it will no longer serve their purpose.

INTEREST-TAXES-SKIMMING-THEFT-DEFENSE SPENDING [all of which we contributed our blood and sweat]

Just the means to build the empire and the technologies, supplies, facilities, coercion, weapons, structures and forces to complete the three phases or One World Order


The creation of the artificial demand was especially necessary for the funds and means to enable these triads for Global Elite Governance under the guise of world peace to usher in after we have suffered through years of these wars. A willing public disarming under the merging by a step by process with the United Nations. The elimination of Nation States and the dissolution of independence, sovereignty, constitutional law and eventually religious freedoms. EG: Public Law 87-297, [1961-JFK]  Public Law 101-216 [1981 – GH Magog Bush] “The Blue Print for the Peace Race.” PUB 7277
These documents explain how our military is to be reduced to 2.1 million men. China and the Soviets are to be reduced to that level also. At this point, we are at Stage I at which time we are to transfer (on a permanent basis) one-half of our armed forces to be merged with the Russian and Chinese armies. In Stage II, the remaining one-half of our armed forces is then turned over to this same Security Council of the United Nations. The person in charge of the merged armies must, by agreement, always be a Russian. The world’s smaller nations turn 100% of their armies over to the same under-secretary of the Security, Council in Stage II. This phase is in process now.

At the time the Age of Peace arrives we are in serious trouble. It will happen sometime after 2012 though. We still need the war to end all wars and that is where I shall focus the event for 2012. 


We have depended on Wars for our economy. The COMMITTEES involvement in the manipulation of war, disease, agriculture and weather have determined all economies worldwide. The critical functions of the COMMITTEE was to centralize and control the currency, create and monitor the debt and operate efficiently, a double set of books in order to establish and fund the operations of the CFR, Trilaterral, RIIA, Club of Rome, Bilderberg and Tavistock Institute.

Unseen to the public is the redistribution of wealth in which this triad would operate through these organizations.  To simplify the operation and directive, it merely designated corporations, who through these institutions, would provide to them the assistance, advantages, contracts and coercion both financially and illegally through their member law makers,  leaders and military.  Once you were invited into the CFR, TC, RRIA, COR or TI, you were either going to commit or feel the power of the COMMITTEE’s hand.  Many who opted out or refused to commit either succumbed to the futility or wound up as a casualty of the ‘mended fence’ process.

Once in the structure, there are dues to pay for the financial favors you have been bestowed. The golden parachutes are not just free. There comes the times to pony up to the COMMITTEE and it generally comes in the form of an action and not just a financial payment. It generally places this picket securely into the criminal network very similar to the methods noted in many writings regarding the Cosa Nostra and Mafiusu. If you read and learn the hierarchy it brings all the players into view nicely.

There is little need for secrecy in the top tier to promulgate the objectives of the COMMITTEE. The most masterful TRIAD lays out the promise of the world free from war, famine, poverty and chaos which they have so neatly orchestrated over the centuries. The control of the dialectic process of problem, reaction and solution have been cycling through their processes in rapid progression. So necessary were the stunning reactionary events we witnessed that in many cases the beta programming by the Committee’s media outlets cannot effectively control the masses.

The Present

With the Money, Economies and Wars held solidly in their grips, the finalization of Phase II is on deck.  The need for a third war is not only essential, fully funded and framed but preeminent to phase I insomuch as we have literally dug our graves thinking we had foxholes.  The seeds of our demise have been planted, nurtured and harvested by our own hands.


Through the NEA, the public school system, Universities and legal authorities we have seen a systematic agenda of anti-religion, family, social doctrines fed into the minds of our children. In addition there has been a clear deficiency in geography, civics, historical teaching involving the constitution, declaration of independence and the creation of the republic under the uniting of states. We all laugh at the videos of Ms. Teen South Carolina and her maps response or the statistics of how many eight graders can’t point out South America on a map.  We should have wept instead. Whether or not you subscribe to evolutionary theory or creationism you cannot argue that the balance of debate was not equal in the curriculum.


Planned Parenthood, Rowe v Wade, alternative lifestyles, Sex Education/condom use, Neo-Feminist movement, dual income necessity, single parenting and other trends or programs have taken considerable toll on the family unit.  This is the focal point of Stage III transition.  It will play heavily into the world order transition and is clearly defined by the COMMITTEE under the neo-liberal pathology that parents are incapable of rearing their children and for the welfare of the order it becomes the obligation of the system to educate and indoctrinate into world order society.  This separation will be based upon the new constitution and legal edict of the order.


Every social program that has come down the pike, regardless of the intent was a reaction to a COMMITTEE contrived problem. There was not a single example where the solution was not intended to propagate the masses into the welfare dependency system. Originally produced by the debtor triad, it has been media hushed until late to most of the apathetic controlled sheep.  Now that Phase I is complete, the culmination of NAFTA, directed outsourcing, illegal immigration, directed healthcare costs and directed bureaucratic hurdles to the middle class have made us impotent to control our financial independence.  This stage was equally maneuvered by the left and right paradigm and administrators under the committee’s direction.  We have been for years, the bank of the world order who under the fiat system have placed us under contract via an agglomeration of unconstitutional acts.


Just as the welfare state has crippled our power, the police state has effectively diminished our freedoms. Carefully crafted in the war on terror campaign triads, step by step this subtle and innocuous language has infected our legislation.  The key element in the reaction process is to marry the terms of extremist’s to terrorist’s.  Whether you are a religious zealot, consitutional advocate, government critic or gun advocate, you have been labeled and extremist who like the COMMITTEE sponsored jihadists, brigades and revolutionary movements are now a designed threat to the order.  It takes few players to create the problem and very little media spin to enlighten, frighten and manipulate the masses into a position of preferred status.

The creation of the police state has been implemented through the global network of administrators. The two segments within are made up of the black and white. The dangerous black are recruiting the MJTF through criminal organizations and funding it through the fortunes of the drug running profits and channels they have controlled since the opium days of East India Trading Company which was handed over the CIA and the Corporate segment of the COMMITTEE since the late seventies.  Again, as the triad works in multi-prong benefits, there are no wasted movements.  In the conducting of the drug trade business, the administrators are recruiting the forces necessary for stage two events in the Phase II program.

Integrating the mindset to the masses has been assisted by the Southern Poverty Law Center , ADL, CIA, FBI and will follow with the invasion of INTERPOL.  Along with the GENESIS GRID system in place, the entire police state database has been busy collecting all ancestry, health, dental, facebookings and other internet social engineering programs and placing this profiling into the system. Again I stress that the phenomenon of things like the internet are merely the tools of administrators who induct, engineer and manipulate the processes of the likes of Microsoft, Google etc.  Sometimes they are free but the many find much joy in collecting money from you for gathering the information that will bring you under the grid and potentially your death.  In plain site are many of these tools, whereas many are operating in complete stealth and in clandestine facilities throughout the world.  One of notable mention is finCEN which is labeled as a government organization whose mission is to enhance U.S. national security, deter and detect criminal activity, and safeguard financial systems from abuse by promoting transparency in the U.S. and international financial systems when in fact it is designed to gather the criminal activity of possible future administrators in the network of conspirators as well as to protect and run interference for their own illegal financial operations.

This can be explained easily when looking at the financial transactions involved in arms trafficking.  The current program is arming the Mexican and SA drug cartels and preparing for the stage three events coming in the 2012 time frame.  We could much easier identify the operations of terror and crime if indeed the authorities in charge were not the administrators under COMMITTEE hierarchy. There are still several major grid programs that will in Phase III merge into one master grid including all access and networking to GENESIS 6.  This particular segment of the grid is working now for the Committee but will eventually monitor your every move, transaction and motive.  It is not the warmongering committee arms dealers they are after but instead your purchase of a hand gun to protect yourself from the coming MJTF and other criminal sociopathics they are recruiting. Gang members and common criminals will be the cannon fodder for these forces.

The Future


The Healthcare bill is a major introduction to the project GENESIS 6. It will effectively indoctrinate into an understanding of what will transpire in all segments of your freedoms. This will include panels and committees and other subgroups that emanate from the UN to phase in a global codification and protocol to your ability to choose, act or defer independently. The Grid will effectively eliminate your ability to fly under the radar, opt out or disappear from the radar itself.  Stage two will see completion very soon. The universal ID will come as preliminary to RFID implants and the doomsday implant will be a reality by 2029.

The census has been a tool, not for the distribution of federal aid and funding to the states and local authorities but to ID citizens only. How obvious that a census that could neglect twenty million illegals be of any other purpose but to identify the patriots who will reject the coming storm.  The illegals will willingly become slaves to welfare state as they have seen nothing better from where they came. They will also be exempt from other GRID databasing until such time as Phase III begins.  Right now the deal is about you and you only.  The only thing that will affect the illegals is the coming immigration amnesty and be clear that it will be amnesty under the current plan. 

The funding required to administrate this healthcare scam will come with reduced care, UN protocols for care or lack of it would be better stated, forced inoculations in order to remain in the system and the mandate to buy their program.  This is simply another triad where the warring factions of insurance and government involved in a Ponzi paradigm to divide and conquer.  How many of these examples does one have to witness to see the formula?

Other segments of the grid all add up to the mark of the beast.  You will be required to be on the grid to purchase. The fiat paper will finally disappear. Poof! Then at which time your food, consumables, medicines and necessities will be monitored to be approved or rejected. Black market will be eliminated by the MJTF and FEMA via house to house search, GPS, in-home monitoring and your own children or family members snitching.  A very real and documented experiment with Nazi Germany was instrumental and all orchestrated for that purpose but again the rise of the fascist regime was also multi-pronged to include the creation of the state of Israel and bring to fruition the anti-Semitism necessary to protect the COMMITTEE whose membership is highly staffed by these frauds and psychopaths.

The transition to UN control will effectively unite the regions of the order. Now the NAU will arrive.  There was never really any plan to create a new currency until they decided to developed a system to chip and track it or decide to strictly work from the universal ID card.  Under the codifications that will come fast and furious are the issue of Regional Governorships, new borders, boundaries and their specific purposes. There will be centers of production, agriculture, ecology, science, administration, peacekeeping and of course, re-indoctrination or recycling.

Among the media, science, environmental programs will be a phase III project of creating the viral wars. It will be centered around the human being.  It will effectively indoctrinate the triad of viral contamination that can integrate the concepts of biological, physiological and philosophical connections. This explains much of the science, new age and 2012 theories that the Georgia Guidestones and Denver Airport Murals attempts to display in visuals and language. Along with the years of Hollywood’s subliminal programming and all the other means by which we have been indoctrinated to the wonders of GAIA, it will become a reality much like certain episodes of Star Wars, Star Trek and other greater efforts.  The Era of Peace will be the event and it will mark the beginning of the end of times.

Nanotechnology will play an important role in the creation of the triad for the new enemy. It will end the creation cycle for marriage and all new birthing will be laboratory based. This will be conducted in the re-indoctrination and recycling regions. It will also become the major science for other centers as well. This includes production of finished goods, food, medicine and extermination.

The Governing forces can only handle so much population. The initial Phase III will be largely about extermination. It will include the introduction of specific viral agents into the population explicitly targeting data based rejections.  Those who have the markers for extermination will receive placebo’s versus the legitimate antidotes for the viral assaults they will unleash globally. The ultimate roulette will all be in the grid when you are forced to visit the recycling center. I remember the scene in Soylent Green when Edgar G. Robinson walks to the recycling center, the soft music, colors, nature videos and smiling faces he gets to gaze upon before he’s scrapped for food. Maybe we end up fertilizer or food but we end up gone.  Seems more real now than when we first watched it, doesn’t it?

What happens in 2012? Do the Aliens finally come for the visit? Do we get a rapture from the universal heavens? Is it cataclysmic catastrophe time?  Do we get to see the false prophet or the anti-Christ? Can we expect a enlightenment that will alter the course of humankind or will it be all just a fizzle like 2000? If my mentor were still here and asked me this question, I’d say “Who cares, I know what comes after it.”


The Doomsday Implant
September 30, 2009

CHIP copy

1. Antenna – EFAB disigned mult-layer magnetic dipole with Silicon substrate, copper/silver particle coil design [13.56 MHz]

2. MicroChip – [a]information data, [b]GPS, [c] social profiling and [d]programmed sequence algorithm

[a]all current HIPAA medical records, biographical information, DNA record/genetic markers, family histories/geneology, criminal history

[b]global positioning and movements data, perimeter violations preset on specific criteria

[c]data collection of all movements and events pertaining to residential activities, commercial/ retail events through RFID markers locations worldwide including all transactions, social networking, sexual activity and internet activities.

[d]algorithms and key escrow collection data updates with instant access on mobile checkpoints and DHS stations

3. Backup MicroChip [nano-RAM technology]

4. Thermostat – dual purpose monitoring
[a] DHS/DOT monitoring and ID for subjects recording excess temperatures exceeding 99.9 degrees F (travel restriction, isolation, programming etc.)

[b] recorded monitoring of body temp reduction of 1.6 degree F per hour for period as to determine expiration of subject.

5. Power cell/Capacitor – thin liquid or gel electrolyte polymer technology or thin film paper/salt technology. Stacking recharging for lifetime usage.

6. Trigger cell-charge – Microdetonics/nanobomb thin film explosive detonator includes forming a substrate layer; depositing a metal layer in situ on the substrate layer; and reacting the metal layer to form a primary explosive layer

7. Protein Nano-bomb that contain engineered self multiplying deadly viruses or substances
[1] polymer coated alien protein immune system attack
[2] electrochemical actuator of polymeric valves on a set of drug reservoirs predetermined by DNA
[3] efficiently deliver viruses or toxic cancerous compounds directly to specific cells bypassing blood brain barrier.

8. Delivery tube (polymer/silicon elastimer)

9. Bio polymer valve trap door – microdetonics charge ejection barrel

10. Lime glass / polymeric capsule

Blood-brain and other neural barriers
Some key target areas for the application of nanotechnology to drug delivery
Important drug delivery routes
Delivery by parenteral injection and by the peroral route
Gastrointestinal tract drug delivery
Transdermal drug delivery
Transmucosal drug delivery
Pulmonary drug delivery
Nanoparticles used for drug delivery
Biodegradable polymer nanoparticles
Polymeric nanoparticles (PNPs)
Polyketal nanoparticles
Nanoparticle-aptamer conjugates
Colloidal gold nanoparticles
Hyperbranched polymers
Dendritic polymer-drug conjugates
Nanoliposomes (nanosomes)
Fullerenes and carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanohorns
Carbon nanotubes
Chitosan and lecithin nanoparticles
Other nanostructured materials for drug delivery
‘Smart’ Bio-nanotubes
Implantable drug-carrying nanofilms


Pfizer (with Wyeth)
Hoffmann–La Roche
Abbott Laboratories[6]
Merck & Co.
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Eli Lilly and Company
Boehringer Ingelheim
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co.
Baxter International
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
Astellas Pharma
Daiichi Sankyo
Procter & Gamble
Novo Nordisk
Merck KGaA
Akzo Nobel
Forest Laboratories
Gilead Sciences
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.
Biogen Idec
Bausch & Lomb
Taiho Pharmaceutical Co.
King Pharmaceuticals
Watson Pharmaceuticals
Mitsubishi Pharma
Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma
Kyowa Hakko Kogyo
Mylan Laboratories
H. Lundbeck


Abraxis Biosciences Inc.
Access Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Allergan Inc.
ALZA Corporation
Aphios Corporation
Artificial Cell Technologies
Avidimer Therapeutics
Azaya Therapeutics
Baxter Healthcare
BioAlliance Pharma
Biodelivery Sciences International
Calando Pharmaceuticals
Capsulution Nanosciences AG
Dabur Research Foundation
Elan Corporation
Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc
Exilica Ltd
Flamel Technologies
Gilead Sciences, Inc
Insert Therapeutics
ImuThes Ltd
Intezyne Technologies
Keystone Nano
Magforce Nanotechnologies
NanoViricides Inc
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation


You the taxpayer

Battery [Thin line /stacked] self charging/rechargable

Microdetonics [explosives / ingnitor/actuator]

Search: Nanobots,tubes,balls

Polymeric spheres for drug delivery

Protein Viral Mimicry

Welcome to Denver International Airport
March 24, 2009

New Elite World Order – Extermination Point Central







Please don’t forget to view the brochure

January 18, 2009


The Omen has become reality
January 8, 2009


Do you remember OMEN III? If not, rent it. The third film in the OMEN series. Damien the anti-Christ, is now a wealthy and powerful ambassador. When he sees a cosmic sign that may foretell the second coming of the Christ child, he sends out his minions to kill as many babies as possible.

Thorn Industries is moving into third world agriculture. Richard as president of Thorn Industries is making tentative moves to expand its operations into Third World agriculture. However, this is all part of the plan to procure Damien with his ten kingdoms on earth.  Control the food and you control the money. Slam Dunk.  Eugenics for the next the new millennium.

Tom Vilsack (Sec. of Agriculture) Stop this appointment. We do not want our food sources destroyed for the almighty dollar. New World agriculture?

As predicted…..
December 20, 2008


Well it didn’t take long to see the writing on the wall after reviewing the appointees to this sure to be “disappinting cabinet of special interests and agendas.”  Once again we have a Clinton “esque” agenda by Obama.

Based upon the NWO agenda and the recent appointments we can see sure path to ruin. The Labor Secretary and Trade appointment surely indicate the NAFTA and NAU are coming. The immigration issue will be dismissed with a open border/amnesty program to follow. The anti-American trade deals of the Clinton administration will never be addressed under this President and it will continue Americas slide into a third world state.

After Clintons agenda to get this NAFTA and China deal done we then had to suffer the Bush redistribution of wealth. Now Obama trauma is coming. If you are middle America, bend over.  The plans of this administration will put the middle class on eye level with the snakes that sit in the Senate.

The best way to destroy the middle class is to devalue their homes. As the largest investment it becomes the real middle class bank and investment portfolio. The mortgage meltdown was planned and executed to perfection. When I caught on to it in 2003, I made my plans to sell high, move to less home, hide the rest outside of Wallstreet and buy gold. It paid off well for me. In December 2004 after the circus election of Kerry, I knew for sure this was the strategy. I told my people the same thing. Some followed my advise most did not. Now they sit in homes worth 60% of their debt. They lost money in 401K’s and investments and couldn’t borrow a dime for less than their VISA rate.

What I did not know was the conspiracy of the gas hike in the Bin-Laden /Bush League attempt to get the ANWR and domestic drilling bans lifted. I think it may have been a payoff to Saudi Arabia for their help in 911 terror recruiting. I’m still looking for more smoke there. One thing is certain, the minute Obama arrived iv victory and met with Green Gore the idea of a new energy policy and the green movement to energy independence became a serious idea, the fuel prices plummeted. Are you shocked? As I stated in March, gas would peak at $5 a gallon and fall over the next eighteen months to $1.25.  It did not peak to $5 but I think it will bottom out at $1.25.  If it does you can see another conspiracy immaculately planned and carried out.

There are enough oil, coal and gas reserves on earth to fuel us into 2185.  It is a matter of the 3 trillion barrels left and the owners could not sell it fast enough. 


  • Rising tensions in Pakistan flare serious concerns for India, US and NATO alliances. Iran tension increases as economic conditions decline. Any withdrawal from Iraq will merely be deployment to Afghanistan/Pakistan border
  • Palestinian unrest when Olmert fails to curb the settlement building in Gaza after meetings with US and Europe. Lebanon and Syria react unfavorably and Iran stirs the pot.
  • Americans will find an uneasy homeland security team assessment for 2009 and as I predicted there will be a biological attack somewhere in the south. Likely Florida, Georgia or Texas.
  • Obama will be ineffective during the first year and all campaign initiatives and plans will be re-prioritized for continuing financial market concerns and these Middle Eastern issues.
  • Several other large corporations will file chapter 11 and continual layoffs will peak unemployment to 9% by summer.  A stimulus package becomes a passing idea in lieu of jobless claims and unemployment payouts.  Treasury books show bailout to Banks were useless and without merit and there are calls for the heads of Paulson and Bernake. Obama balks on any criminal actions against any persons.
  • Reprisals in America are targeted at Jewish institutions and persons. FBI and law enforcement go on extended investigation.
  • Americans drown their sorrows by going into the Caylee Anthony Murder Investigation and Indictment/Trial. It makes the Simpson ordeal look  like a one trick pony.
  • Merck, Phizer and other PhRMA Corporations report record profits from anti-depressant drug sales.
  • Dick Cheney dies of heart complications

Ike and Alicia….birds of a feather
September 11, 2008

From my Post on May 12th 2008  – Today’s Weather – Gods not Happy

As I stated in May we would be in for a rough Hurricane Season. I predicted 4 storms US landfall, two with 3+ saffir ratings.  Texas- Beaumont landfall for Bush’s benefit and one to cut north over Guantanamo Bay and hit Florida Panhandle. The last one slams Mexico at Merida and Veracruz. Bad karma there.  A major drug distribution point. Edouardo is going to hit Galveston, Beaumont and Port Arthur.

And so it did but now the killer storm (3+) is going to hit the same spot. This was the one I predicted.

Therefore the next major one I predict will hit the Florida panhandle or slam Vera Cruz unless Ike makes a severe course change. I was just inland of Galveston in Clearlake in 1983 when ALICIA (a cat3) hit just north of Galveston. 12 foot surge and winds that took my roof off and deposited a 40 ft.  trimaran in the foyer of the building.

I can say that if they do not evacuate the low areas and clear the bayou channels, flash floods and surge could kill hundreds. I pray the people heed this warning as these storms are not the same as they were in earlier years.

Blackwater hiring mercenaries for GUSTAV aftermath
August 31, 2008

It’s tough enough for me to predict these storms. Gustav represents a serious enough threat to gulf coasts coming in at a saffir 3+ rated hurricane, but now I have to deal with the Homeland/FEMA/Blackwater mafia, who is recruiting for lunatics with guns who likely think they are going to fight Russians.

See their recruitment below. “We don’t need no stinkin badges”

Blackwater Issues Mercenary Call For Hurricane Gustav
Email disseminated 29 August 2008 from Blackwater Worldwide

Security for Hurricane Gustav

Blackwater is compiling a list of qualified security personnel for possible deployment into areas affected by Hurricane Gustav.
Applicants must meet all items listed under the respective Officer posting and be US citizens. Contract length is TBD.

Law Enforcement Officers (all criteria must apply)

1. Current sworn [may be full time, part time or reserve]
2. With arrest powers
3. Armed status (must indicate Armed and/or Semi Auto. Revolver only not accepted) expiration must be greater than 60 days out
4. Departmental credentials (not just a badge)

Armed Security Officers (all criteria must apply)

Only from the following states: OR, WA, CA, NV, NM, AZ, TX, FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, IL, OK

1. Current/active/licensed/registered armed security officer
2. All training verification [unarmed and armed certificates of completion]
3. Current state issued face card indicting armed status [expiration must be greater than 60 days out]

Applicants will be required to provide an electronic copy of the above required credentials/documents, recent photo within the last six months with response to this AD prior to consideration for deployment.

Personnel who meet the above qualifications and are interested, please send resumes and files to:

‘When crisis or disaster strikes the Blackwater Foundation reaches out to help those in need.’

McCain picks third wife, er… Vice President.
August 29, 2008

Well she may be bold, brave and beautiful but she really does not mix with McC-nile.

  • Unorthodox? No it’s not a ploy for the womens vote (not going to work because she is Pro-life)
  • To recreate the ‘Maverick Image?’. Likely, but (not going to work)
  • We need another Oil/Gas candidate like we need a third armpit. (that’s a fact)
  • McCain has a temper and she’s a woman (whoops)
  • McCains a womanizer (temptation)
  • McCain is a bad gambler (bad for all of us)
  • Next to Connecticut, Alaska is the most corrupt state governments in the union (they don’t rank because they rarely get caught)
  • Some say “risky” but like I said, he is a notoriously bad gambler
  • Palin can talk though, and she’s tough so she was likely picked to show well against VP debates
  • Alaska is another world. I know I have family there. (it’s not mainstreet or mainstream America (bad idea there for the GOP)
  • VP choice has never swayed an election but at McCains age it might and Biden could really impact the voters that fear terrorism, which is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the world. (bad choice Mr. McCain)
  • Everyone is focused on experience. I don’t get it. Experienced politicians are the ones who have controlled, screwed up and cheated their way to where we find ourselves now. Let’s elect two shoe salesmen. Could it be worse than this crime spree over the last twenty five years?
  • Meg Whitman would have been better. Ebay is better than Alaska and Gas/Oil.
  • If they rig the election again as they did in “00” and “04” then she will be the pick solely to get the ANWR oil for the continuous plot of the Bush Clan to eventually become the ruling elite and royalty of the New Americas or North American Union. (don’t laugh because it is true)

Can McCain really know his own mind?
August 21, 2008

Who’s really running this man?  Cindy? No, she’s got the look of someone who doesn’t really have a whole lot on the ball.  That’s what worries me. Was this marriage planned and arranged once he returned from his MK Ultra programming in China? I think yes.

Parsley, Hagee? No, they don’t have the power they did ten years ago. The Evangelical lost Falwell and that hurt. Along with the failure of Bush and his so called ‘ faith-based initiatives. They have supported genocidal war in Iraq but are laying low due to popular opinion of this war criminality carried out by the administration.

Why are the pundits saying if McCain picked Lieberman, it would alienate the right? We know that Joe would have us killing everyone who wasn’t Jew or Christian. That should make these Neo-Zionists happy. Even if he is pro-choice, what would Lieberman as VP be able to do with that issue? Does Lieberman/AIPAC have McCain on a short leash?

Bush, Cheney and IMC clan have his undying military support. What does Mit Romney bring to this equation? He carries some swing states? Nothing else that I can see. There is no good choice for McCain. Only good choices for Neo-Cons and the top 1%.

If the choice is made by them, then we can expect the likes of Ridge, Jindal, Cantor or some other lackluster man. Sarah Palin and Meg Whitman could be a surprise. I would suggest he do so but doubt the GOP is looking for this. A rumor regarding Gates is as frightening as Lieberman. So who is going to make up his mind? That’s the question more puzzling to me. Along with the question: What’s between McCain’s ears?

Fay is my third predicted storm this year
August 16, 2008

12:15PM est 2/16/2008 .  This appears to be the third predicition come true. I hope I am not right on 3+ Saffir rating for this one.  I warn Florida to get ready.

I have predicted correctly from May 2008 the track of the two storms hitting Texas. Now we have one that will either hit Merida and pass to Veracruz or swing up to the Florida panhandle. This one will gain strength.

Floridians on the gulf coast north of Tampa should get ready as well as Alabama residents along the coast.


From my Post on May 12th 2008  – Today’s Weather – Gods not Happy

As I stated in May we would be in for a rough Hurricane Season. I predicted 4 storms US landfall, two with 3+ saffir ratings.  Texas- Beaumont landfall for Bush’s benefit and one to cut north over Guantanamo Bay and hit Florida Panhandle. The last one slams Mexico at Merida and Veracruz. Bad karma there.  A major drug distribution point.

Edouardo is going to hit Galveston, Beaumont and Port Arthur

Warning to Florida Panhandle, I am never wrong!
August 15, 2008

I have predicted correctly from May the track of the two storms hitting Texas. Now we have one that will either hit Merida and pass to Veracruz or swing up to the Florida panhandle. This one will gain strength.

Floridians on the gulf coast north of Tampa should get ready as well as Alabama residents along the coast.


From my Post on May 12th 2008  – Today’s Weather – Gods not Happy

As I stated in May we would be in for a rough Hurricane Season. I predicted 4 storms US landfall, two with 3+ saffir ratings.  Texas- Beaumont landfall for Bush’s benefit and one to cut north over Guantanamo Bay and hit Florida Panhandle. The last one slams Mexico at Merida and Veracruz. Bad karma there.  A major drug distribution point.

Edouardo is going to hit Galveston, Beaumont and Port Arthur

Facts for your Funeral
August 14, 2008

Quick facts that you will find useful before you die…….

  • The fall of the Soviet Union was a bankruptcy. The Rothschild banking consortium helped bail them out. Russia paid them off with Drugs sales, Slave trading, and American and other foreign aid which was put on your credit card.
  • The US even paid millions to scientists not to sell nuclear knowledge or WMD to the countries Bush wanted to invade. Many of these scientist didn’t have the knowledge or experience but you paid them anyway. This amounts to two billion over the the decade following the collapse.
  • In 2004 Bush cut all aid because Russia wouldn’t support his illegal invasion of Iraq.
  • Putin was destined and groomed for the rebuilding of the soviet bloc
  • The US and Israel has trained, planned and executed the Georgians for this conflict
  • The Buka-Tiblisi pipeline was the reason we have catered to Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan
  • Russia is out of this loop. They have pipeline from Baku as well.
  • Georgia has left Russian influence and that means the US gains a Cuba position in the region
  • The missile defense debacle hasn’t helped and Bush trying to ram the Georgia NATO deal is fuel on the fire.
  • Mr. Putin, saying the defense system would fuel a new arms race, has even threatened to aim Russian missiles at the system, while also offering the use of a substitute system in Azerbaijan doesn’t meet the liking of the IMC who wants another windfall in a new arms race.
  • George Bush is deaf and dumb. The voice and words he utters are from someone else.
  • A lame duck bully, who illegally invades anther country (Iraq) cannot tell Puti-poot what he can and cannot do.
  • Russia will consume Georgia and planned to consume other ex-Soviet blocs as well as Afghanistan and will draw the line in the sand.
  • The information you get on US media, stink tanks like Brookings, AEI, PNAC, Rand and others is 100%, and I mean 100% happy horse shit.
  • Reagan was the worst President since Wilson. George Bush has set the new bar.
  • The think tanks, CFR, Bilderberg, Israel and the Bush family have run this country, hand picked the presidents since Carter, and plotted Kennedy assassination.
  • There is global resistance to this NWO and this plan. Mideast and Eastern Europe will defend with annihilation if necessary, as they should, as you would.
  • Nearly a third the revenue (including FICA, income tax,  luxury tax, transfer tax and excise tax) is embezzled, extorted and squandered. This figures to approximately a trillion dollars.
  • You are paying taxes to be murdered. Congratulations.

I was right on hurricane Edouard
August 5, 2008

From my Post on May 12th 2008  – Today’s Weather – Gods not Happy

As I stated in May we would be in for a rough Hurricane Season. I predicted 4 storms US landfall, two with 3+ saffir ratings.  Texas- Beaumont landfall for Bush’s benefit and one to cut north over Guantanamo Bay and hit Florida Panhandle. The last one slams Mexico at Merida and Veracruz. Bad karma there.  A major drug distribution point.

Edouardo is going to hit Galveston, Beaumont and Port Arthur

Hurricane Dolly missed the mark but Edouard is going to hit Beumont. I have been right every year. As a Texas and Florida resident for 48 years, I know these storms. Now I have two more shots at Mexico and Florida panhandle. Stay tuned. The Hurricane center should put me on the payroll.

Mapping McCain’s DNA
August 2, 2008


Thanks to many folks coming out to speak of their time with John McCain, there are some points that keep coming out.

  • He was a below par student
  • He was at the bottom of his class at the Academy
  • He was a hot shot admirals son
  • He crashed and burn numerous million dollar fighter jets
  • He was given special treatment as POW due to his family connections
  • He was and is a gambler
  • Apparently craps was his choice
  • He has been described as a womanizer
  • He has a bad temper
  • He has ‘Nixon’esque paranoia
  • He has friends like Pastor’s Hagee and Parsley
  • His wife sells booze to fraternities
  • There is checkered past with savings and loan debacle of the eighties
  • He is a huge supporter of AIPAC and Lieberman
  • He has talked about winning a war? What could he possibly be talking about?
  • He takes as much Lobby money as anyone yet talks about fiscal responsibility
  • His claim to fame is experience. So was Senator Stevens.

When looking at his DNA,  (Demonstrated National Accomplishment) I have to suggest we look at the [Why?] Chromosome.  I just can’t see it with Senator McCain. Someone clue me in?

Bad Dream #947
July 30, 2008





Tim Russerts body was exhumed – (EP)  Pathologists find several chemicals in high doses. These compounds included Simvastatin, Cerivastatin and Warfarin in excessive quantities.  Medical experts including pathologists and pharmacologists agree that the condition of Russert’s enlarged heart and his intima-media atherosclerosis was subject to a torpedo effect in the form of a Thromboembolism that traveled from his heart to his left anterior descending coronary artery.


The combination of these substances acted as a drain cleaner to remove the soft plaque, scar tissues and other fragmentation’s to form the major clot. Though Russerts medical family history and the overall condition of Russert’s disease was well managed, the combinations of these high chemical doses triggered an coronary episode that could not have been predicted at the time of emergency treatment and the attempts to resuscitate and defibrillate.


The matter has been turned over to authorities for further investigation.  They will seek to review his medication history and how these compounds found their way into his system. An additional autopsy of stomach contents will be performed. Sources confirmed that Russert was exercising vigorously on a treadmill earlier the day of his death and that was a added factor to the event that occurred.


Speculation is already swirling around the conspiracy community as to who might benefit and what would motivate the possible foul play.  Russert was in the center of the Valerie Plame Affair and the subsequent indictment, conviction and sentence commutation of Lewis “Scooter” Libby.  Executive orders 12958 and 13292 have effectively eliminated Congress from getting to the matters of the intelligence used by the White House to justify pre-emptive invasion of Iraq. The release of information from informant “CURVE BALL” and other revelations regarding the weak or non-existent intelligence have been circling the Internet.


  • Was Russert privy to some deep throat and was he investigating some source for information regarding areas of intelligence or the lack thereof to justify the actions of the administration to perpetrate a knowingly false campaign in regards to Saddam Hussein, Iraq, WMD, biological weapons and links to Al-Qaeda?
  • Was this discussed with the administration and the Vatican during the Papal visit?
  • Was Russert poisoned during his time in Italy?
  • What was discussed during his trip abroad?
  • Is there a reason why the we are going to a national health medical database and does that become a decider in how you are terminated?

  • Was there some plans for Russert to interview strategic players and deliver a knock out blow?

  • Did this send the message to others that may have been coming forward that they can get to anybody?

  • Was Tim a sacrificial lamb?

Are you smarter than a war criminal?
July 26, 2008


Time to test your metal.

1. How many war criminals in the 20 photos?

2. How many of these war criminals also won the Nobel Prize?

3. Which war criminal was responsible for the most death?

4. Which war criminal said “Oh Wilbur, I just want to eat one of Addison’s apples?”

5. Which war criminal used makeup as to look like a clown?

6. Which war criminal once said “We own America?”

7. How many of these Butchers are dead?

8. How many should be dead?

8. What do Darth Vader and  these Crime Lords have in common?

9. How many of these genocidal killers has the US supported?

10. What do Popeye and several of these war profiteers have in common?







  1. 10
  2. 1
  3. 18
  4. None
  5. 3
  6. 16
  7. 5
  8. Megalomania, Manichaeism and Malice aforethought
  9. All of them
  10. They would kill for Oil (Oyl) Crude and Olive

Terror suspect detained – McAllen Texas…..
July 22, 2008

McAllen, Texas (Reuters) – The FDA terror task force has detained a suspect in regards to the WMD.  The weapons of mass diarrhea were discovered in McAllen Texas yesterday and held for questioning was Jalepeno Al Salsa.   Officials say that even though the lead looks promising, the previously held, Tomato Bin-ketchup has not been ruled out.  Attorney’s for Bin-ketchup are asking for the right to a bail hearing, habeas corpus and as of now no criminal charges have been filed.   The FDA terror task force and Homeland Security officials have made no comment.  Officials were seen reviewing the evidence over lunch.  Reporters determined that they were including tomatoes in their lunch orders but declined pepper condiments.

Bad Dream # 833
July 19, 2008

API – The scientific community after years of research has determined that Albert Arnold Gore, the leading cause of global climate change. It appears through years of family tobacco sales and cigarette smoke from those crops, stock interest in Occidental Petroleum and the constant carbon emission from his speech center it has been unanimously agreed that Mr. Gore is indeed the largest single cause for global warming.

F.E.M.A. says they ordered large aluminum coffins
July 10, 2008


FEMA, the Government and Gulfstream decided the 50,000 coffins would come in handy. As Arlington Cemetery has become quite crowded, these $10,000 mausoleums would be an effective way of housing the dead from Katrina as well as future casualties from the illegal Iraqi war.

Several ideas come to mind.

Fill the coffins with thousands of innocent Iraqi’s killed during this atrocity. They are stackable.

Offer them to the MUSLIM EXTREMISTS for their getaway trips to Jerusalem.

Force Congress to meet in them until they can manage to pass a meaningful bill on immigration, mortgage crisis, health-care and redeployment.

Instead of the Medicare bill, just put the seniors in the new Gulfstream Medical Plan.

It’s just full of possibilities, I must say.  I must also say again that FEMA once again confirms that it is the biggest failure in American History as a federal organization of Aid.

Exxon to offer cheap oil to Americans
June 28, 2008

not the onlt dirty bird in this fiasco


Exxon has decided to give back some of the huge windfall gains by offering oil at $50 a barrel. Their plan is to sell the oil off Prince William Sound. Yes for $50 a barrel, first come first serve.   The 262,000 barrels that are laying in the Alaskan waters are up for grabs. They are hoping to make up some more of the $500,000,000 gift they got from the Supreme Court of King George Bush II. They stand to make another $13,000,000 which will likely go to pay off the executives who have suffered so much trauma over the NINETEEN YEARS it took to litigate.

Since this event in 1989, it is likely that revenues have exceeded  $500,000,000,000 (yes, 500 billion) and the decision to reduce the punitive damages from 2.5 billion to .5 billion was sure to boost shareholders a nickel.

The company had fought against paying any punitive damages after the jury in Alaska ordered a 5 billion dollar punitive judgement in 1994. A federal appeals court later cut that figure in half.  Exxon felt they had paid off enough with a 3.4 billion dollar bill over the 19 years.

If my math is right that is less than 1% of their revenue for the same period.  Add this to the ENRON LOOPHOLE and HALLIBURTON NO BID and you got the HAT TRICK. Congratulations to King Bush on another CON JOB  against America and another WINDFALL for his cronies.

A funny thing happened at Bilderberger….
May 23, 2008


…..we were all chosen for extinction. The ol’ gang got together and confirmed that the fruit fly must survive but we were all expendable.

When Eliot Spitzer decided to go after GlaxoSmithKline for the crimes perpetrated on America for the death drug “Paxil” and Wallstreet for theft and fraud, they took him down. Just like Karl Rove and the fraud of two elections in Florida and Ohio in 2000 and 2004, the attorney firings and demise of many other enemies to Bilderberger plans for total control.

Now we have the election. A choice of two candidates backed by the worst religious war-mongers who ever pissed behind a pulpit.  The rhetoric and lies, the blather of promises and stink of media feces all flowing over the days left before we find ourselves going to polling places with Diebold 911 black boxes. What a farce.

Meanwhile we have had;

  • 911 conspiracy (treason)
  • 6 years of an illegal war  (treason)
  • Lying to Congress and circumventing Congressional oversight regarding war (impeachment)
  • EO’s that have undermined constitutional law (treason)
  • contempt of Congressional Subpoenas by three Bush post members (felony)
  • Dick Cheney shoots a man (felony) withholds/destroys evidence (impeachment)
  • Illegal torture, illegal wiretapping (FISA) , illegal use of executive privilege (treason)
  • Illegal firing of US Attorneys (felony)
  • Illegal use of administration staff for partisan lobbying (impeachment)
  • Fraud by government and business to artificially control gas prices (felony)
  • Fraud by the FED and Wallstreet to bail out thieves in Bear Sterns (felony)
  • The secret plans to invade Iraq and Iran pre-war (impeachment)
  • The 600 FEMA concentration camps to contain Americans (treason)
  • The illegal trade agreement and North American Union plans (impeachment)
  • multiple violations of the LOGAN ACT (treason)
  • Illegal no bid contracts and fraud/misuse of funds -KBR, Halliburton (felony)
  • Blackwater murder (felony)
  • KBR rapists (felony)
  • Valerie Plame incident leak-spying (treason)
  • Illegal use of state secrets doctrine to stop DOJ and Oversight investigations (impeachment)

Meanwhile the traitors in Congress who have decided to look the other way are just as guilty.

Remember this when you wake up one day in a FEMA camp after they declare martial law and take your home “eminent domain” that you had the chance to take a few minutes to write, fax or email your Senator and Representative and tell them to start impeachment proceedings and hold this administration accountable to Congressional Subpoenas.   (tell that worthless Nancy Pelosi)

The Teflon Don and Sammy
May 21, 2008


It is alleged that Karl Rove personally instigated the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegleman.  It may include the fired US Attorneys and could have his mark on Eliot Spitzer.  Siegleman’s case has been criticized by legal experts, and 52 former state attorney generals – both Republicans and Democrats – have criticized the case and called for an investigation. (You may view the clip here.)

If Rove refuses to testify voluntarily and ignores the subpoenas that will certainly be issued, he should be held in Inherent Contempt of the House of Representatives. No American is above the law.  None of us should be able to ignore Congress without consequence.   If Mr. Rove ignores a subpoena from the Judiciary Committee, then the House of Representatives should pass an Inherent Contempt citation and exercise our right to send the House Sergeant-of-Arms to gather Mr. Rove and bring him before Congress to testify.

Congress has the duty to investigate these matters.  Rove is not the first White House official to ignore Congress.  We have seen a pattern of refusals based on laughable claims of executive privilege. First, White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten and former White House Counsel Harriet Miers ignored subpoenas on the investigation into the firing of US Attorney Generals for partisan political motives.

Their refusal to testify was unprecedented:  never before have executive officials totally refused to even show up before Congress.  Bolten and Miers are the highest officials ever held in contempt of Congress.  Unfortunately, Attorney General Mukasey – in a dereliction of duty – has refused to enforce the contempt decree and now Congress is suing them in District Court to demand compliance.  Then, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff, David Addington, refused to testify on the investigation into the Bush Administration’s ordering of torture.  Now, Rove continues this executive arrogance by also refusing to testify.

Impeachment hearings for Vice President Cheney should be started.  The Bush Administration has been running roughshod over the Constitution for eight long years.  We should not allow the promise of a positive election be used as an excuse to ignore our duty to investigate crimes that weaken the very fabric of our Democracy and forever change the limitless power, leaders have over the law.

Please sign the petition here

Produced by Rothschild & Rockefeller. Directed by Bilderberger
May 16, 2008

This seasons line-up should be a barn burner.  Gas hits $5.00  per gallon by summer as I predicted in October.  Learned by NWO during WWII.

a. A continued Media cover-up of the Halliburton-FEMA development of martial law camps to hold the libertarians and lovers of GOD who will not submit

b. The preparation for anarchy when they drop the bomb on your freedom, your liberty and the constitution will cease to be law in any shape or form

c. The dollar collapse is in full swing and we can expect the food, gas and other necessities to climb to other North American Union inflation rates.

In order to police the world with the new secret military police being placed in our cities and military, the need for oil and gas will be very important and therefore the attacks and invasions of Middle East countries. What was secret false flag attacks will become simple unjust invasions and takeovers.

Genocides in Middle East and Africa will be handled by the biological warfare entities in US, Canada and Europe. China will be the largest portion of this police state. That explains the largest military buildup since the Cold War and largest ever in history.

The rest of their population will be decreased.  Kissinger and other key members of the eugenics program stated the population should be reduced 50-90 percent. (depends on the willing slaves to work for the state)

Imagine no Religion. It’s for sure under the new regime.  “It’s a big idea….A new world order”  The dreams of Bilderberger and CFR have, after over a half century come to reality.

Mexico has created an army to clean out drug dealers and traffickers to practice for the time they move across the open borders to join the NWO police already working in our cities.

The next step is the chem-trail and missile delivery of Dioxin or Agent Orange type chemical attack.  It may include VX or Sarin as well.  What will be known at that time as “the cocktail.” Efficient and deadly.

Check out you new digs here.

The Final Piece: Your Soul
May 14, 2008

For those of you that have been dumbed down by Pepsi-Cola, Flu shots or under the Chem-trails too long it may be moot to read this.  Globalization under the New World Order has the game in hand.  Financial control is done. Get ready for depression. The food and water shortages will follow. This will keep you in line. If it doesn’t the coming UN world police state will enforce it with zealous pleasure.

Never utter the word liberty, freedom, peace or God again or you shall be detained for corrective programming to include chip implantation, mind control and house arrest.  Turn off the TV as state programming will be constant reaffirmation of the NWO and it’s supreme idea. 

Prepare for population cutbacks. Make sure you are a worker or become part of the Eugenics – Euthanasia phenomenon.  The mysterious diseases that will require your equally mysterious based pharmaceutical therapies.  Should you remain, be prepared to birth children for the state. These youngsters will be required to replace the aging army. That is of course after they are tortured, sexually abused and controlled by mind control drug techniques by the elite scientific Nazi’s who filtered out of Germany under Soviet, Israeli, European, Canadian and American authorities to do their glorious grand work.

Watch them watch you in every aspect of your meaningless existence.  If you want to pray, do it standing and with your eyes open.  The election we are supposedly voting this year is a stacked deck and it won’t matter in the grand game.  The next elections are controlled and any dissent of it’s results will not be tolerated.  You will vote based upon a candidates promise you provide you Soylent Red to go with your Soylent Green. And yes it will be re-constituted human protein. MMMM good.

If we need medical care in order to get back on the job, you will get the care you need plus a booster shot to re-enforce the NWO programming. But you will get Jello too!  Never forget that they are your mommy, daddy, teacher, adviser and friend. We know we will never forget that right?   What is crime?  Only that committed by the NWO personnel and elite knights that govern regions.  The Kings and Queens will rarely be seen except on statues which you will be expected to keep clean and bow to during your very limited travel.

Recreation will be FEMA style camps where we will go for games. They will include gladiator type combat bouts and demeaning human-animal acts for the pleasure of our governors and their cabinets.  There will be some baubles and small gifts for those who show the right attitudes. It may be a grape or cherry. “Die like Christians”, “Act like a Donkey” and the “Naked Oil Race” will be some of the favorite fare there.

Just another bad dream come to fruition?

Todays weather report: God’s not happy
May 12, 2008

 BAD DREAM # 611

Earthquakes in China: We knew God was unhappy with China’s human rights but their lack of pressure on Sudan broke the camels back.

Cyclone in Myanmar (Burma) – Well the government there is one of the biggest human rights offenders anywhere on earth.

California wildfires – nothing need be said there.

Tornado’s across the bible belt – A reminder to end the war in Iraq and don’t even consider letting Washington creep it’s way into Iran.

Earthquakes in Peru. Floods in Mexico, Floods in Midwest, Earthquake in Northern Midwest US. – Hmmm it seems to run the entire gauntlet of the the NAFTA superhighway the route designed for slave trading, arms dealing and drug running.

Inellegent Design? Oh most assuredly.  The designer waved his hand and presto, a clear message to us all.

THE WEATHER CHANNEL can’t keep up.  Look for serious issues coming soon to a European and Middle East theatre near you. See the sneak previews of coming atrocities for Hurricane season this year.

I predict an active season with 4 US landfall, two with 3+ saffir ratings.  Texas- Beaumont landfall for Bush’s benefit and one to cut north over Guantanamo Bay and hit Florida Panhandle. The last one slams Mexico at Merida and Veracruz. Bad karma there.  A major drug distribution point.

Here comes the Prince of Zion. Beware ye Israelites.
May 11, 2008

(Phillipians  3:2-3 KJV) Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision. {3} For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.

The forces of Muslim heresy and Hebrew false doctrine colliding in the campaign.  The significance of this exchange? To further remove Christians from the protected nation of God.

Beware the dogs (of terrorism and corruption in Islam) beware the evil workers (the Zionist Jewish State) and beware of the concision (spoken by the Pious Pharisees of the unholy Roman Church)
who now align with Obama and McCain.

Obama walks in the light of Hamas? McCain aligns with the Zionist hypocrisy. FEAR NOT.  For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.  We Christians are the seed of Abraham.  If they are the seed as well, they shall prove it by turning their eye from this, for if not they be unsaved.

Guess what Hillary? We lost again. Thanks for nothing.
May 8, 2008

 BAD DREAM # 588

“It’s over” “No chance” “Mathematically impossible” “Inevitable” “The fat lady has sung and is now having dinner”

All that’s left is a battle for Michigan and Florida delegates and a bitter, divisive ending to this pathetically run DNC primary.  Those pundits who have called it exciting and invigorating must be the subjects not on the placebos in this experiment.  I can hardly imagine polling any segment of the registered DEM or Independent population and getting those adjectives.  Would anxious or desperate be more accurate?

As I predicted last year, the agenda of the power hungry Clinton Dynasty is almost parallel to that of the Bush clan.  Party affiliation is of no consequence. The private agendas of these Dynasties or Third Party are driven by the Global Wealth. The reality of the third party stands out like bulbous boil on the face of this nation.  A bipartisan stream of sell outs to corporate, financial and media giants sucking this country dry as they move their way throughout the world. Regardless of the final outcome here, the next wave of this program will set the bar at a level never realized in earlier campaigns. The tools of character assassination, bribery, fraud, ballot tampering, coercion and smoky back room deals will flow freely across this once united states unlike anything seen in 2000 or 2004.

The prospects of Obama getting through this obstacle course of attacks, land mines and hidden booby traps will call upon the best instincts of the American people who realize the critical need for Government reform and fixing Washington.  A plan that many already in DC will not let happen at any cost.  To say I am full of anxiety and fear regarding the next six months would be the understated.  To say I fear the fire storm of the century coming may be overstated.  America has a cancer. Washington is the malignant tumor and global elite interests are giving us the Chemo that is weakening us and will eventually kill us.

Surviving is the name of the game now.

“Operation Chaos” Coverup. The Greatest Love Affair of this Century
April 29, 2008

 BAD DREAM # 544

I liked Rush better when he was just a common drug addict.  He was always predictable under the influence of Oxycontin. His radio rhetoric was tasteless, pompous and totally entertaining.  It became clear to me shortly after his surrender to Florida authorities his drug addiction was due to prolonged depression brought on by his extreme passion and absolute obsession with his one real and only true love.

Under the guise of Operation Chaos, a plan to have the GOP manipulate the primaries to tighten and fix the race to an eventual dead heat and ultimately creating a brokered convention.  This likely picked up some steam in recent months.  After months of Psycho-analysis he was given a clean bill of health.  The answer was evident.  Don’t bury your feelings. Release your passions and go after what you want ol boy.

Operation Chaos was his own idea to cover up the secret love communications going back and forth between these two star-crossed lovers.  During Bill’s philandering time in the Ovulation office of the White House, “Hilly Cakes” was at one of her lowest points.  She became the target of a secret admirier.  The little gifts, cards and secret love notes started arriving with regular frequency.  All that was offered with these little do-dads and ditto’s was a identity known only as your “right hand man.”

Later on as the communications became reciprocal through PO boxes, the dialogue became more amorous. Along with the  “Little Hilly Cakes” and “My Big Poop Stain” names of affection  traded were little fantasies involving secret rendezvous in romantic ports of call.  Yet, the risks were far too great to go beyond the verbal.  In order to consummate this now mutual obsession, they agreed to show their incredible devotion by the use of scorn.

An absolute genius way to approach their dilemma. The constant one upping each other with absolute contempt and loathing. The love letters now flying across the media wire like shooting stars across the sky.  It brings me too tears some days. This love, this affection, this total commitment of beautiful spirits to keep the fires of their passions burning so bright.  God Bless them.

IRAN or BUST (awaiting the friendly fire)
April 12, 2008

Let\'s play WarI really don’t spend much time on the 911 conspiracy anymore. After years of viewing every bit of documentation, testimony and theory I have arrived at the same conclusion I had arrived at then. Without a hair of doubt this was a controlled demolition from start to the tower 7. The interior core of the building were composed of multiple high steel beams. The case does not require Sherlock Holmes.

Factors that cannot be overlooked:

1. The engineering consensus. Controlled explosion
2. Fire/Steel column. Could not burn in oxygen poor environment (would have been partially standing)
3. Pancaking not possible to disintegrate the material into powder without multiple mechanisms or charges
4. WTC7 was not hit by attack or falling Towers 1 or 2.
5. Flammable materials available in fires cool versus getting hotter after jet fuel ignition.
6. The order of collapses.
7. The speed of collapse.

Facts of interest:

1. Rudy Giulliani (R) was Mayor and fully prepared to clean up the destroyed evidence.
2. WT7 were inhabited by Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), US Secret Service.
3. Securacom (Marvin Bush and Wirt Walker III) as the company providing security for WTC at time of attack.
4. President Bush’s time lapse
5. NORAD and NEADS training mission “Global Guardian” on that date to create the confusion of the attacks and subsequent non response to intervene.


The 911 attacks were planned sometime prior to 1993. The 1993 WTC bombing was planned to allow the introduction of Securacom and KuwAm, a private Kuwaiti-American investment firm with ties to the Bush family. Under Securacom, CIA and Kroll Associates and specific explosive and engineering personnel, the design, planning and implementation of the 911 attacks were conducted. It took years to implement not only the security to run the operations in WTC but the airports security and airlines like United as well. All handled by Securacom, Kroll.

The day of September 11, 2001, the NORAD, NEADS running exercises for Vigilant Guardian that from record were out of normal procedures, the stand down orders by Cheney, the pathetic response for aircraft recon and the selected time for minimal casualties all point to government involvement. In regards to Flight 93 which was intended to hit WTC7 and not the Capital or Pentagon like the cover up suggests, appears to have been shot down over Pennsylvania when it became clear that it was not going to make it’s target of WTC7. Thus the need for quick thinking to set the fire with small explosions and bring the tower down under the reasoning provided by Larry Silverstein that he and NYFD decided to pull it. A set demolition could never have been properly done if not had been prepared in advance. Flight 93 likely landed at some remote airport during the national “no fly” shutdown and the passengers were murdered. None of the planes were the actual aircraft indicated by FAA flight data.  STEALTH!

The significance of 911 is as all these recorded attacks.
USS Maine
Pearl Harbor
USS Liberty
Gulf of Tonkin
1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland
1996 attacks on the U.S. barracks at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia
1993 WTC bombing

False Flag efforts to continue the agenda of war, the criminal financial network in Israel, US, Russian and European government and the Zionist ideology that controls and profits from it. Why it was an inside job is easy. Motives for terror, fear and to confirm that it can be accomplished over and over again. Please keep in mind that there are thousands of coincidences and facts that I could list. The best reading are at these links.

We, the people and the NEW WORLD ORDER dictionary….
March 19, 2008


We the Government of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect monopoly, establish injustice, insure domestic chaos, provide for the common offense, promote the select welfare, and secure the destruction of Liberty not to ourselves but for our posterity, do ordain and establish this New World Order for the United States of America.


War (dictionary)-a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.

War (Washington NWO) – a contest carried on by force of arms, as in a series of battles or campaigns over oil or other desired bounty.

 Terrorist (Dictionary)- person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.

Terrorist (Washington NWO) – a Muslim

Insurgent (Dictionary)- a person who rises in forcible opposition to lawful authority, esp. a person who engages in armed resistance to a government or to the execution of its laws; rebel.

Insurgent (Washington NWO)- a person who rises in forcible opposition to unlawful invasion, esp. a person who engages in armed resistance to the unlawful invasion or to the execution of its pillaging; pain in the ass.

Extremist (Dictionary)-a supporter or advocate of extreme doctrines or practices.

Extremist (Washington DC)-a supporter or advocate of Muslim doctrines or non-intervention practices.

Surge (Dictionary)-a strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep

Surge (Washington DC)-a strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep of genocide.

Rejectionist (Dictionary)-any person or group that refuses to compromise in a dispute.

Rejectionist (Washington NWO)-an Arab leader or country that opposes accommodation  with Israel’s every whim. the chosen one.

Ideology (Dictionary)-the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group.

Ideology (Washington NWO)-Oil at any cost.


Throw your dictionary away. The New World Order dictionaries are on their way.

 From the state of the war address 3/19/08-BUSH: So today we’re releasing a document called the “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq.” This is an unclassified version of the strategy we’ve been pursuing in Iraq, and it is posted on the White House Web site,

The classified version must have more dollar signs, a spreadsheet of the missing money, oil, artwork, gold and silver and how it will be divided up.