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So what about 2012?
March 30, 2010

So my mentor asked me what would I want if I had everything?  Dumbfounded, I said “nothing”. “Wrong – Everyone”, he replied.
I can only speak from what twenty-five years of digging around in the underbelly of hell has presented in my mind.

There is no end to the 2012 deception or perception theories floating around Holyrood, the internet, novels and blogs.  We get everything under the sun and the sun itself is in the mix.  But the reality of an event to occur on the end date of the Mayan calendar in itself is enough to make me scream HOAX. There is no better fairy tale to attract the superstitious, new agers and prophetic religious fringe than a good Mayan calendar end time.

Granted I am Christian by faith and must defend scriptures as documented prophesy, but I have always said that I let it lead my heart but my head will always prevail.  Therefore history has always been the foundation of my basis for explaining the coming One World Order.  It’s not really a New World Order because it was an old plan that came long before Christ and the Pharaohs. 

My journey was originally in COMMITTEE based history up until the time of Vietnam and then I had my epiphany. It came to me long after the strange dreams had ended, the fruits of maturation had come and American Pie had not yet become a conspiracy.  I was led to begin to look into the Kennedy assassination right in the middle of Watergate. I remembered at that time the curriculum being taught was focused on Ecology, pollution, population and Americanism versus Communism. I quickly shelved the Kennedy issue and went head first into the reasons for this rush to get us so involved in the environment and Communism.

The fact that I was in South Florida and a hundred miles away from Cuba in 1971 wasn’t a factor in this agenda by the NEA, was it?  No, things were pretty quiet there at that time. The text for AM vs COM included a large section on propaganda and the techniques used by the Red Threat. It was a prelude to gaining the enlistment and minimize the draft dodging for Vietnam. I began to challenge the teacher on all the rest of his history as American made propaganda bringing in to question JFK, Kissinger and the Kent State affair. He finally called me out and said I was disrupting the class and advised me to desist from further episodes. I didn’t and was ejected from the class.  I had two friends who opted to leave as well.

I never went back to the class for the remainder of the year and failed the course, but in hindsight gained a far more important bit of knowledge. I am nonconforming and as contrary as anyone can possibly be. Even when it would have served me to be amicable, I would not cave to such political pandering or correctness. It was fortunate that I was relatively cute then and had a good smile or I might have had few friends and dates.

Bill Coopers “Behold a Pale Horse” is my second bible. My teacher was an ex CIA walk away and Yale grad before his near death ‘by train’ in which he has total memory loss of the event as well as memory of the past period. No doubt he was supposed to die that night just as Bill Cooper did.  I can easily follow the timeline of events now historically and easily predict what will and will not likely happen.  If you research the book of Revelations, read Behold a Pale Horse, the 300 and the Iron Mountain Report you will have about eighty to ninety percent of your future. If you want the other ten to twenty you will have to research the following:

Carters FEMA bill [REX 82], LEAA, CIMEX 83, PRESSUREPOINT 84, REX 84, HELIX2, Garden Plot, Cable Splicer, Arms Control Authorization Act of 1989 [HR 1495], MJTF, FINCEN, Cannon Fodder, United Nations M-67 Collecting data for the estimation of fertility and mortality, Public Law 87-297 and a dozen others that you will likely not want to suffer through because they are very large documents and boring as hell in much of its content. EX: State Department Publication 7277

Here’s the past;


An invention, not for the benefit of the wealthy Bankers and Greedy Corporations was this conceived, but for the means to put you in debt and slaving for survival. Just a tool and only a tool. It will all go away for certain very soon, so don’t bust your butt or look to start any new businesses because you are wasting your time.  The IMF, World and Central Banks, Bretton Woods, Federal Reserve, Treasury Note, NYSE, etc, etc, etc, all tools and just for the purposes previously indicated. Build the false economy until such time as it will no longer serve their purpose.

INTEREST-TAXES-SKIMMING-THEFT-DEFENSE SPENDING [all of which we contributed our blood and sweat]

Just the means to build the empire and the technologies, supplies, facilities, coercion, weapons, structures and forces to complete the three phases or One World Order


The creation of the artificial demand was especially necessary for the funds and means to enable these triads for Global Elite Governance under the guise of world peace to usher in after we have suffered through years of these wars. A willing public disarming under the merging by a step by process with the United Nations. The elimination of Nation States and the dissolution of independence, sovereignty, constitutional law and eventually religious freedoms. EG: Public Law 87-297, [1961-JFK]  Public Law 101-216 [1981 – GH Magog Bush] “The Blue Print for the Peace Race.” PUB 7277
These documents explain how our military is to be reduced to 2.1 million men. China and the Soviets are to be reduced to that level also. At this point, we are at Stage I at which time we are to transfer (on a permanent basis) one-half of our armed forces to be merged with the Russian and Chinese armies. In Stage II, the remaining one-half of our armed forces is then turned over to this same Security Council of the United Nations. The person in charge of the merged armies must, by agreement, always be a Russian. The world’s smaller nations turn 100% of their armies over to the same under-secretary of the Security, Council in Stage II. This phase is in process now.

At the time the Age of Peace arrives we are in serious trouble. It will happen sometime after 2012 though. We still need the war to end all wars and that is where I shall focus the event for 2012. 


We have depended on Wars for our economy. The COMMITTEES involvement in the manipulation of war, disease, agriculture and weather have determined all economies worldwide. The critical functions of the COMMITTEE was to centralize and control the currency, create and monitor the debt and operate efficiently, a double set of books in order to establish and fund the operations of the CFR, Trilaterral, RIIA, Club of Rome, Bilderberg and Tavistock Institute.

Unseen to the public is the redistribution of wealth in which this triad would operate through these organizations.  To simplify the operation and directive, it merely designated corporations, who through these institutions, would provide to them the assistance, advantages, contracts and coercion both financially and illegally through their member law makers,  leaders and military.  Once you were invited into the CFR, TC, RRIA, COR or TI, you were either going to commit or feel the power of the COMMITTEE’s hand.  Many who opted out or refused to commit either succumbed to the futility or wound up as a casualty of the ‘mended fence’ process.

Once in the structure, there are dues to pay for the financial favors you have been bestowed. The golden parachutes are not just free. There comes the times to pony up to the COMMITTEE and it generally comes in the form of an action and not just a financial payment. It generally places this picket securely into the criminal network very similar to the methods noted in many writings regarding the Cosa Nostra and Mafiusu. If you read and learn the hierarchy it brings all the players into view nicely.

There is little need for secrecy in the top tier to promulgate the objectives of the COMMITTEE. The most masterful TRIAD lays out the promise of the world free from war, famine, poverty and chaos which they have so neatly orchestrated over the centuries. The control of the dialectic process of problem, reaction and solution have been cycling through their processes in rapid progression. So necessary were the stunning reactionary events we witnessed that in many cases the beta programming by the Committee’s media outlets cannot effectively control the masses.

The Present

With the Money, Economies and Wars held solidly in their grips, the finalization of Phase II is on deck.  The need for a third war is not only essential, fully funded and framed but preeminent to phase I insomuch as we have literally dug our graves thinking we had foxholes.  The seeds of our demise have been planted, nurtured and harvested by our own hands.


Through the NEA, the public school system, Universities and legal authorities we have seen a systematic agenda of anti-religion, family, social doctrines fed into the minds of our children. In addition there has been a clear deficiency in geography, civics, historical teaching involving the constitution, declaration of independence and the creation of the republic under the uniting of states. We all laugh at the videos of Ms. Teen South Carolina and her maps response or the statistics of how many eight graders can’t point out South America on a map.  We should have wept instead. Whether or not you subscribe to evolutionary theory or creationism you cannot argue that the balance of debate was not equal in the curriculum.


Planned Parenthood, Rowe v Wade, alternative lifestyles, Sex Education/condom use, Neo-Feminist movement, dual income necessity, single parenting and other trends or programs have taken considerable toll on the family unit.  This is the focal point of Stage III transition.  It will play heavily into the world order transition and is clearly defined by the COMMITTEE under the neo-liberal pathology that parents are incapable of rearing their children and for the welfare of the order it becomes the obligation of the system to educate and indoctrinate into world order society.  This separation will be based upon the new constitution and legal edict of the order.


Every social program that has come down the pike, regardless of the intent was a reaction to a COMMITTEE contrived problem. There was not a single example where the solution was not intended to propagate the masses into the welfare dependency system. Originally produced by the debtor triad, it has been media hushed until late to most of the apathetic controlled sheep.  Now that Phase I is complete, the culmination of NAFTA, directed outsourcing, illegal immigration, directed healthcare costs and directed bureaucratic hurdles to the middle class have made us impotent to control our financial independence.  This stage was equally maneuvered by the left and right paradigm and administrators under the committee’s direction.  We have been for years, the bank of the world order who under the fiat system have placed us under contract via an agglomeration of unconstitutional acts.


Just as the welfare state has crippled our power, the police state has effectively diminished our freedoms. Carefully crafted in the war on terror campaign triads, step by step this subtle and innocuous language has infected our legislation.  The key element in the reaction process is to marry the terms of extremist’s to terrorist’s.  Whether you are a religious zealot, consitutional advocate, government critic or gun advocate, you have been labeled and extremist who like the COMMITTEE sponsored jihadists, brigades and revolutionary movements are now a designed threat to the order.  It takes few players to create the problem and very little media spin to enlighten, frighten and manipulate the masses into a position of preferred status.

The creation of the police state has been implemented through the global network of administrators. The two segments within are made up of the black and white. The dangerous black are recruiting the MJTF through criminal organizations and funding it through the fortunes of the drug running profits and channels they have controlled since the opium days of East India Trading Company which was handed over the CIA and the Corporate segment of the COMMITTEE since the late seventies.  Again, as the triad works in multi-prong benefits, there are no wasted movements.  In the conducting of the drug trade business, the administrators are recruiting the forces necessary for stage two events in the Phase II program.

Integrating the mindset to the masses has been assisted by the Southern Poverty Law Center , ADL, CIA, FBI and will follow with the invasion of INTERPOL.  Along with the GENESIS GRID system in place, the entire police state database has been busy collecting all ancestry, health, dental, facebookings and other internet social engineering programs and placing this profiling into the system. Again I stress that the phenomenon of things like the internet are merely the tools of administrators who induct, engineer and manipulate the processes of the likes of Microsoft, Google etc.  Sometimes they are free but the many find much joy in collecting money from you for gathering the information that will bring you under the grid and potentially your death.  In plain site are many of these tools, whereas many are operating in complete stealth and in clandestine facilities throughout the world.  One of notable mention is finCEN which is labeled as a government organization whose mission is to enhance U.S. national security, deter and detect criminal activity, and safeguard financial systems from abuse by promoting transparency in the U.S. and international financial systems when in fact it is designed to gather the criminal activity of possible future administrators in the network of conspirators as well as to protect and run interference for their own illegal financial operations.

This can be explained easily when looking at the financial transactions involved in arms trafficking.  The current program is arming the Mexican and SA drug cartels and preparing for the stage three events coming in the 2012 time frame.  We could much easier identify the operations of terror and crime if indeed the authorities in charge were not the administrators under COMMITTEE hierarchy. There are still several major grid programs that will in Phase III merge into one master grid including all access and networking to GENESIS 6.  This particular segment of the grid is working now for the Committee but will eventually monitor your every move, transaction and motive.  It is not the warmongering committee arms dealers they are after but instead your purchase of a hand gun to protect yourself from the coming MJTF and other criminal sociopathics they are recruiting. Gang members and common criminals will be the cannon fodder for these forces.

The Future


The Healthcare bill is a major introduction to the project GENESIS 6. It will effectively indoctrinate into an understanding of what will transpire in all segments of your freedoms. This will include panels and committees and other subgroups that emanate from the UN to phase in a global codification and protocol to your ability to choose, act or defer independently. The Grid will effectively eliminate your ability to fly under the radar, opt out or disappear from the radar itself.  Stage two will see completion very soon. The universal ID will come as preliminary to RFID implants and the doomsday implant will be a reality by 2029.

The census has been a tool, not for the distribution of federal aid and funding to the states and local authorities but to ID citizens only. How obvious that a census that could neglect twenty million illegals be of any other purpose but to identify the patriots who will reject the coming storm.  The illegals will willingly become slaves to welfare state as they have seen nothing better from where they came. They will also be exempt from other GRID databasing until such time as Phase III begins.  Right now the deal is about you and you only.  The only thing that will affect the illegals is the coming immigration amnesty and be clear that it will be amnesty under the current plan. 

The funding required to administrate this healthcare scam will come with reduced care, UN protocols for care or lack of it would be better stated, forced inoculations in order to remain in the system and the mandate to buy their program.  This is simply another triad where the warring factions of insurance and government involved in a Ponzi paradigm to divide and conquer.  How many of these examples does one have to witness to see the formula?

Other segments of the grid all add up to the mark of the beast.  You will be required to be on the grid to purchase. The fiat paper will finally disappear. Poof! Then at which time your food, consumables, medicines and necessities will be monitored to be approved or rejected. Black market will be eliminated by the MJTF and FEMA via house to house search, GPS, in-home monitoring and your own children or family members snitching.  A very real and documented experiment with Nazi Germany was instrumental and all orchestrated for that purpose but again the rise of the fascist regime was also multi-pronged to include the creation of the state of Israel and bring to fruition the anti-Semitism necessary to protect the COMMITTEE whose membership is highly staffed by these frauds and psychopaths.

The transition to UN control will effectively unite the regions of the order. Now the NAU will arrive.  There was never really any plan to create a new currency until they decided to developed a system to chip and track it or decide to strictly work from the universal ID card.  Under the codifications that will come fast and furious are the issue of Regional Governorships, new borders, boundaries and their specific purposes. There will be centers of production, agriculture, ecology, science, administration, peacekeeping and of course, re-indoctrination or recycling.

Among the media, science, environmental programs will be a phase III project of creating the viral wars. It will be centered around the human being.  It will effectively indoctrinate the triad of viral contamination that can integrate the concepts of biological, physiological and philosophical connections. This explains much of the science, new age and 2012 theories that the Georgia Guidestones and Denver Airport Murals attempts to display in visuals and language. Along with the years of Hollywood’s subliminal programming and all the other means by which we have been indoctrinated to the wonders of GAIA, it will become a reality much like certain episodes of Star Wars, Star Trek and other greater efforts.  The Era of Peace will be the event and it will mark the beginning of the end of times.

Nanotechnology will play an important role in the creation of the triad for the new enemy. It will end the creation cycle for marriage and all new birthing will be laboratory based. This will be conducted in the re-indoctrination and recycling regions. It will also become the major science for other centers as well. This includes production of finished goods, food, medicine and extermination.

The Governing forces can only handle so much population. The initial Phase III will be largely about extermination. It will include the introduction of specific viral agents into the population explicitly targeting data based rejections.  Those who have the markers for extermination will receive placebo’s versus the legitimate antidotes for the viral assaults they will unleash globally. The ultimate roulette will all be in the grid when you are forced to visit the recycling center. I remember the scene in Soylent Green when Edgar G. Robinson walks to the recycling center, the soft music, colors, nature videos and smiling faces he gets to gaze upon before he’s scrapped for food. Maybe we end up fertilizer or food but we end up gone.  Seems more real now than when we first watched it, doesn’t it?

What happens in 2012? Do the Aliens finally come for the visit? Do we get a rapture from the universal heavens? Is it cataclysmic catastrophe time?  Do we get to see the false prophet or the anti-Christ? Can we expect a enlightenment that will alter the course of humankind or will it be all just a fizzle like 2000? If my mentor were still here and asked me this question, I’d say “Who cares, I know what comes after it.”


Lesson Two – Dump Enron and Join Halliburton
March 1, 2008

“Dump Enron. We’ve gotten all we can out of it. Now take it to the next level. Get Kellogg,  Brown & Root,  Dresser and Halliburton to join in the fun with several oil companies and let’s get filthy stinking rich. How? Let’s start a war. Let’s kill some Americans and blame the Muslims. We’ll get the conspirators in Israel, Mossad, CIA  and other Black operators to recruit the terrorists. We will get these terrorists trained and organized right under their noses. Then at the right time “Operation Dumb Ass Drop” will begin. 

After we kill about 5,000 sheep, we can sell the invasion of a completely innocent country. We better make sure we have our ducks in a row. Let’s create some intelligence regarding uranium from Africa just to be sure. Saddam’s a creep anyway. They will buy it hook line and sinker. Make sure our co-conspirators on Capital Hill push the war envelope. Get Lieberman on it. He loves this stuff.  Here’s Phase two. When they realize that no WMD exist there, we have several options. We can plan some more terror acts on a smaller scale, we don’t want to get caught you know?  Along with that, lets create a series of financial hardships for Americans to keep their minds off the war. Like tainted poison imports, mortgage and interest rate issues and oh yea, let’s get the immigration pot stirred before it burns.

Get our propanda outlets on this right away.  All the boys, FOX, NBC, CBS, CNN and get Murdoch off his ass. Get the Washington Post going. They still owe us from Watergate.  Now to ice this cake, let’s work out the details with OPEC to reduce production and hike the prices and we’ll get our share to spend as not to alert those oversight assholes. Deposit those funds in the Wolfowitz account and give Dick the checkbook. 

With the gas prices at five bucks a gallon, the lambs will become lions regarding this invasion. By election time, McCain will win the easily on the platform “Bomb Iran and bring your gas can.”  Daddy says this is a ‘no brainer.’  That’s good.  I don’t wanna work too hard.  Dick has all the fun. Shooting the faces off the sheep. I want to have some fun too. I think I’ll go to the ranch and wear my hat and drive my pickup. Yee Haw!”


Lesson One – The Election
January 18, 2008

Lesson One – Get Daddy CIA  and baby brother to help you rig an election. 

Using fraud, intimidation, supreme court collusion, ballot tampering and murder win your self an election.  Control the Electoral College. There have been several attempts to abolish the Electoral College. In the 2000 presidential election, the candidate with the plurality of popular votes lost the electoral vote, a situation that also occurred in the 1876 and 1888 elections.  Party lines have destroyed the wisdom of our forefathers in this process. When the college vote differs from the popular vote, something is wrong.  So the cabal just adjusted a few states to make it better suited as a match.  Curiously the Florida vote came under scrutiny. Funny how the then Governor Jeb Bush managed to get this accomplished in a democratic majority state. Help from Katherine Harris, a few corrupt law firms, state trooper and other law enforcement entities went a long way though it still required the Supreme Court to make a horrible decision. Who didn’t want the time to recount and get to the bottom of it. It seems the Bush administration didn’t as they had to get prepared for 911.  When Clinton decided to pardon all his criminal goombah’s before he left we just didn’t see that we were going to have the same old crap,  just with another shift.  Well the election was fair and honest right?