In-Office Diagnostic Testing Saves Private Practice
May 22, 2008

Many doctors have already found that testing in the office is the most convenient and comfortable means of treating patients, as well as maintaining control of all follow-up visits. Your ability to test, diagnose and treat at one location can help set you apart from other doctors and outpatient facilities.
In addition to your office’s enhanced professional services, you will ethically increase your practice’s monthly revenue dramatically.  Today’s physicians have seen a systematic decrease of their income and earning potential. The government has drastically cut payments to physicians through their Medicare/Medicaid programs, and insurance carriers graciously follow their lead.
Since the services are administered in your office, you can legally and ethically bill and collect for the technical component of the tests. Many doctors are billing an additional $10,000-$20,000 per month based on patient volume and number of tests ordered. Leasing the technician and equipment through AMMA’s associate network at fair market value allows your clinic to bill for the performed procedures.
AMMA-PMD is the only national diagnostic services company, who can provide these specific modalities to all your patients. Whether Medicare, HMO, PPO, Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle or Attorney represented, the diagnostic procedures may be performed.
The integration of these services on an “as needed basis will benefit  the patient, the physician and the practice.  Truly this is a WIN, WIN, WIN situation.  With no contractual commitment binding your participation or monthly fees, the opportunity to evaluate the services is easy to integrate into the busiest of practices. Our support staff is available to co-ordinate with your scheduling and billing staff to ensure a smooth integration.   Providing support with patient scheduling , insurance verification on your behalf, billing services and support with claims. These ancillary services are important components of a superior company.
Today’s primary care doctors face, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neuropathies (pain associated conditions) in near epidemic proportions.  Integrating the diagnostic tools to diagnose and monitor their treatments in their offices will give them an added degree of success in all aspects of their practice.
The consultation is without charge, the services require no out of pocket expenses, or contractual commitments binding physician participation.  Integration, scheduling and billing support are integral components of a successful transition.
This is not the Neurometrix or NC- Stat systems that are failing to payoff as sold.  This is full service, board certifed interpreted and fully reimbursed program.  Doctors average $700.00 to $1,000 per patient.