December 30, 2009


The Bush League in 1986 had strategized a long range plan to develop, operate and own the largest energy conglomerate on the planet. I must not bore you with the details of the massive corruption, bribes, conflict of interests, theft, fraud and murder; therefore I will just tag them. The plan had all the components and time lines mapped out and the process of development hinged on several political events.

There’s no mystery to G.W. Bush’s ineptness in business. Historically, prior to 1997, he had a string of miserable failures. Whenever he had decision-making responsibilities, the companies ended in failure with his clean exit and stock sales and the SEC investigations going uninvestigated and unchallenged.

This agenda obviously included Bush Jr. in the White House. If you have done diligent investigation into the string of companies GW had his hands in and the long list of contributors, associates and benefactors or bailout buddies, you can see the trend. When George Soros and his Harken Energy Company bought out Spectrum 7, it was a loser. A loser? No, not really. Buying into the futures of Presidents is the best gamble of any commodities market. The benefits are clear. A returned favor, a bill veto, a pardon or other assorted dividends are available as we have seen through the regimes of Bush-Clinton-Bush.

Enron came to be in 1985 as an energy company based in Houston, Texas that deals with the energy trade on an international and domestic basis. It was formed when Houston Natural Gas merged with InterNorth. After several years of international and domestic expansion involving complicated deals and contracts, Enron was billions of dollars into debt due to the same ineptness exhibited by Bush.

Connections: G.H.W. Bush, G.W. Bush, Neil Bush, Richard Cheney, Ken Lay, Arbusto Energy, Spectrum 7, Houston Natural Gas, ENRON, Abdullah Taha Baksh, George Soros, Harken Energy, The Harvard Endowment, BCCI,


Enron had a $3 billion investment in the Dabhol power plant, near Bombay on India’s west coast. The project began in 1992, and the liquefied natural gas- powered plant was supposed to supply energy- hungry India with about one-fifth of its energy needs by 1997. It was one of Enron’s largest development projects and the single largest direct foreign investment in India’s history. The company owned 65 percent of Dabhol; the other partners were Bechtel, General Electric and State Electricity Board. The plan was to supply the plant with Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) from the deal Enron had made with the little country of Qatar. Qatar sat on plentiful gas field in what’s called the Persian South Par Gas Field or North Dome.

India was on board and the plant was ready but the LNG was not. In 1999 the Qatar project was cancelled because of the global oil and gas glut. With Qatar gone, Enron was back to square one in trying to locate an inexpensive LNG supply source. Enter the Trans-Af-Pak-India pipeline (TAPI)


A deal was made in 1996 in which UNOCAL won a contract to build a 1,005-mile oil pipeline from Turkmenistan natural gas fields in Duletabad. The pipeline would extend through Afghanistan and Pakistan, terminating in Multan, near the India border.

The research has indicated the Turkmenistan fields hold the second highest reserves of gas placing Iran third and Russia still holding the one spot. The Yolotan-Osman gas fields in southwest Turkmenistan were among the world’s four largest, holding up to a staggering 14 trillion cubic meters of natural gas.

From 1997 through August 2001, the U.S. government negotiated with the Taliban, trying to find a stabilizing factor that would allow American oil ventures to proceed with this project without interference. To this end, in December 1997, Unocal invited the Taliban contingency to Texas to negotiate protection while the pipeline was under construction. At the end of their stay, the Afghan visitors were invited to Washington to meet with the government officials of the Clinton Administration. The Bush League continued to negotiate with Bin Laden just up to 911.

Bin Laden and Taliban were not cooperating and wanted more control and benefits from the deal, but they had already decided this was futile and had already made the decision to invade Iraq. Along with PNAC and the aggressive neo-con corporate agenda, they planned and carried out the entire program with Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in tow. This was a set up and Bin Laden and the creation of the terror campaign that will haunt this country for the rest of it’s existence. It will aid greatly in the New Order winning the hearts and minds of Americans. Big talk?

The objective was the TAPI pipeline is just one of many in a long range plan for control of key corridors as I will lay out.


The timely 911 attacks and Bush League routing of the Taliban out of Afghanistan was instrumental in getting Karzai (Af), Musharraf (Pak) and Saparmurat Niyazov signed up for the TAPI pipeline.

With the Bush campaign needing to illegally invade Iraq and the need for their base of operations the deal did not follow through. In September 2006, Putin and Gazprom, the Russian government energy giant, agreed to buy Niyazov’s natural gas at the 40% mark-up the dictator demanded. What’s the point of a pipeline without the contracts to purchase the gas by Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Japan and Korea?

Asleep at the wheel? With the Iraqi insurgency, civil unrest and other theatres of operations in progress, they just screwed up. How would this get resolved? On December 21, 2006, a few months after the new agreement with Russia’s Gazprom, Saparmurat Niyazov died from what was reported as a massive heart attack. This came less than two months after receiving an excellent bill of health from his private physician.

Cyanide poisoning would explain this and even though there were discussions and theories of drug lords and Russian anger at the price hikes, the Bush League would stand to benefit from this as well. Was this one of Cheney/Bush black CIA assassinations? I think so. The fact that these large new gas fields were discovered and the deal being up for grabs explains is why Obama has hit the Af-Pak trail so hard.

The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Company (BTC Co.) was established in London on 1 August 2002. The ceremony launching construction of the pipeline was held on 18 September 2002. Construction began in April 2003 and was completed in 2005. The Azerbaijan section was constructed by Consolidated Contractors International of Greece, and Georgia’s section was constructed by a joint venture of France’s Spie Capag and US Petrofac Petrofac International. The Turkish section was constructed by BOTAŞ. Bechtel was the main contractor for engineering, procurement and construction.

The government of Kazakhstan announced that it would build a trans-Caspian oil pipeline from the Kazakhstani port of Aktau to Baku, but because of the opposition from both Russia and Iran, it started to transport oil to the BTC pipeline by tankers across the Caspian Sea. It has been proposed that oil from the BTC pipeline be transported to eastern Asia via the Israeli oil terminals at Ashkelon and Eilat, the overland trans-Israel sector being bridged by the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline owned by the Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company. The Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum (BTE) pipeline carries some 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually and, when fully operational in 2012, will export double that amount. Most of this export will go to Europe.

The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline was constructed with American help so as to create an energy transport corridor bypassing Russia. Well timed and completed, it has been delivering oil since 2006. Russia has been affected and weakened by this project.

Was it retribution from Russia towards Georgia in South Ossetia in 2008? The game continues.

Construction of the pipelines branch-lines on Greek territory, scheduled to potentially supply neighbouring Western Balkans countries, i.e., Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. This was the reason for the Balkanization of Yugoslavia and Europe, G.H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, and Henry Kissinger’s campaign to divide and conquer. It all falls neatly into place.

On 6 August 2008, a major explosion and fire in eastern Turkey Erzincan Province closed the pipeline. The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) claimed responsibility for the attack. The pipeline was restarted on 25 August 2008.


The long range plan for the COMMITTEE and NATO is to control all the corridors for central Asian energy. It is not opposed by Washington to consider the idea of “protecting America’s interests” keeping in mind the PNAC manifesto Rebuilding Americas Defenses never really details these interests specifically.

The use of the Al-qaida, Taliban and other terrorist organizations has provided the warrants for strategic movements, engagements and theatres for war. As indicated on the map the global game of RISK for treasure and blood is a geopolitical battle of two camps known as NATO and the SCO.

Energy is required and in limited supply, therefore the Eurasia board is where the current battle has moved. The SCO is an intergovernmental mutual-security organization which was founded in 2001 in Shanghai by the leaders of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Except for Uzbekistan, the other countries had been members of the Shanghai Five, founded in 1996; after the inclusion of Uzbekistan in 2001, the members renamed the organization to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

As the antithesis to NATO and a counter to western hegemony the organization was created to secure their interests in the Eurasian Energy Exploitation Enterprise. (EEEE) This program consists of the two camps set on destroying civilizations, converting sovereign governments, undermining peaceful foreign relations, building fascist regimes and dictators, ignoring and abetting genocidal cleansings, balkanizing societies and destabilizing and bankrupting economies through foreign aid, central banking, loans and trade agreements.


Using the TRIAD of Superpowers, the COMMITTEE, NATO and SCO have managed to create, control and compress the world into a myriad of sub-conflicts and smaller TRIADS. Since the COMMITTEE remains the unseen but the driving force of this major triad and not possessing any moral, religious or ethical code they are able to freely manipulate the populations without concern of the laws or theologies involved.

Each camp, in protecting their security and interests are free to move their geopolitical chess pieces around the board. These pieces like chess are made up of elite, generals, spies/coverts, corporations, propagandists, banks and pipelines. The front ranks are pawns are media, politicians, infantry and public opinion.

With the movement of the NATO camp to secure the BTC and BTE pipeline, they have closed a major corridor for the Russian division of the SCO. Turkmenistan is a pivotal depot that is currently at the head of the treasure hunt. What was considered dead for Bush/Cheney in 2006 came back to the table upon the death of Niyazov and the discovery of the new massive gas fields that were not in the original Gazprom deal.

Certainly this was part of the major conversations between the exiting and entering administrations in 2009. Whatever campaign promises were made, the game changing plans were conveyed and as a good pawn, Obama took the orders in stride.

Iran has proposed its pipeline. The IPI or Peace Pipeline is to run from Iran through Pakistan and onto India.This is not an acceptable option for NATO. The corridor is being closed as we speak. Pakistan has become the point of Operations for the SCO and Iran. They want access to the India and China market through Pakistan.

Afghanistan and Karzai are pretty much sown up at this point with the movement of NATO’s covert election piece, timely played. Pawn Obama’s timed troop increase was a smokescreen and well played move to insure getting the final pieces in place for Karzai to cover his territory and Obama worded so well his advance timeline to withdrawl the troops in 2011. If the blue teams plans go forward as laid out, the troops will be out of Afghanistan and into Pakistans Balochistan province and the Northwest Frontier.
Karzai, himself is a UNOCAL consultant.

The move to Balochistan will further close the corridor of weapons and supply coming from Iran through sales from Russia to wind up in Taliban hands. It will also serve as the location for another base of operations and further consolidate a pipeline corridor. Regardless of Iran’s ability to destabilize the region the NATO team will be ready.


The timely propaganda and think-tank intelligence regarding nuclear enrichment in Iran was all fabricated as a fear campaign to get world pawns to agree to sanctions. The Iranian government feeling the effects of the recession and economic sanctions have been strategic targeting for the purpose of curtailing the opposition to the NATO offensive. I’d go into detail how the recession was a three prong triad with this being a major consideration but that has to come later.

Iran has nuclear energy power desires and Russia wants to provide it. Iran also needs 50 billion dollars in investment to fully exploit the South Pars Gas Fields. That plan was curbed nicely as well. The NATO team is less effected by the crisis and able to continue their operations through Obama and other pawns writing bad checks against taxpayer obligations. Adding the other funds through illegal drug trafficking and other crimes they are in better position than before the bubble bust than the red team. Obviously the financial and energy pipeline strategies are on the back burner.

But the game continues and China must look to where their bread is buttered. The US represents a serious consideration and China, as a player must maintain relatively “observer” status. The US default factor is a major concern and China might accept it’s energy needs from anyone. Hillary Clinton has been very busy keeping her baby China in the mix. Obama in the meantime has been courting India and working an angle that may include a need for TAPI to become TAPC. Maybe the plan might have Qatar back in the picture and a big plan for increasing their South Par share of the gas reserves.

But the priority is TAPI, closing the corridors and this will include the Persian Gulf. As the next corridor to close the WOT new theatre will be Yemen as it represents the final unsecured piece left to the west and will give the blue team the control of that energy corridor as well.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, the new Turkmen president has been courted by Russia, China and the US. China has proposed the pipeline of all pipelines. The Turkmenistan to China’s Guangdong province will be the longest and most expensive pipeline in the world, 7,000 kilometers long and a price tag of near 26 billion dollars. Signed in 2007, this pipeline and an extension of the Trans-Siberian to China is a winning move for the red team. Gurbanguly will likely will cut the deals with both teams as it greatly enhances his personal survival.

Meanwhile the blue team is working on the southern corridor and building the base in Dashti Margo and the TAPI scheduled to start construction. As all these pipelines are vulnerable to red/blue orchestrated attacks and sabbotage, one thing is certain. This game is in hyper mode and the death and suffering coming will be unprecedented for the remainder of the game.

Trying to figure the players, odds and results are monumental. There are so many inconsistencies and question marks that you just have to wait for the next move. A recession like we have seen is a mere tool of manipulation and the teams are so vested and deep into the game that when the climate change folks start getting glassy eyed looks from opponents it’s likely due to the fact they don’t have a cheap seat at this grand game of Risk. We can’t really continue to believe this is just a boondoggle by the COMMITTEE to collect another payday and in the end we scrap it all for flower power.

The COMMITTEE has provided a nice little diversion for the plebes in this little science sidetrack while the game for blood and treasure continues in it’s glory of wealth redistribution, genocide and global misery.


A reminder from George
April 2, 2009



Watch out now, take care
Beware of falling swingers
Dropping all around you
The pain that often mingles
In your fingertips
Beware of darkness

Watch out now, take care
Beware of the thoughts that linger
Winding up inside your head
The hopelessness around you
In the dead of night

Beware of sadness
It can hit you
It can hurt you
Make you sore and what is more
That is not what you are here for

Watch out now, take care
Beware of soft shoe shufflers
Dancing down the sidewalks
As each unconscious sufferer
Wanders aimlessly
Beware of maya

Watch out now, take care
Beware of greedy leaders
They take you where you should not go
While weeping atlas cedars
They just want to grow, grow and grow
Beware of darkness (beware of darkness)

DEALING WITH IRAN: Anything but transparent
March 1, 2009


 When looking back at the Carter administration, there is no secret that the Shah had terminal cancer except to everyone outside the GHW Bush run CIA. The Bush CIA and the “regular CIA” operated in completely different planes. This information was given to former CIA director, and the U.S. Ambassador to Iran, Richard Helms. Reports were issued regarding Iran intelligence and were released in two formats. The reality of the Shahs future and the likely successors, one of which was Khomeini which was provided to the Bush covert intelligence faction and the other false analysis provided to the Carter administration. Carter had little support in CIA intelligence after the firing of eight hundred “covert agents” by his CIA director Stansfield Turner. This did more to damage the plans for Iran and subsequent grand plans for Bush and his oil and KBR / Halliburton corporate cartel.

It was determined that the split in the country would wind up in the hands of either Marxist or Islamic Fundamentalist factions. Khomeini offered the best solution for Bush and his future plans. The British and US consensus was agreed when Bush, Reagan and Thatcher met during the U. S. Embassy Country team meeting in 1978. The height of Elitist Monarchy would be ending. The economic disparity was at a high and the Shah did little to hide the excess spending. It is reported that in 1971 during the 2500 year celebration of Iranian Monarchy, that over $100,000,000.00 was spent on lavishing the guests. This was a substantial sum, even by today’s standards.


During the coup of 1953, the Shah was aligned with the US and British covert coup to remove from power Mohammed Mosaddeq the acting Prime Minister. Mosaddeq was known for his anti-intervention policies and his aim at the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry which had been controlled by the British under the APOC [British Petroleum BP] In this coup d’état, supported and funded by the British and U.S. governments and led by General Fazlollah Zahedi under the name Operation Ajax, he was ousted and Zahedi took over as Prime Minister.

Though the obvious financial implications for Britain were clear, the US as well had fears of Mosaddeq as a socialist and could not afford a communist regime developing in Iran. As we look back at the Cold War conspiracy and its aid to the financial elite banking entities, we see Iran as another case of Western or Israeli intervention to globalize and control trade and wealth. Had Mosaddeq been successful the people of Iran would have seen far better progress and economic benefit.

The Shah of Iran was the first Muslim leader to recognize the State of Israel, although when interviewed on CBS 60 Minutes by reporter, Mike Wallace, he criticized US Jews for their control over US media, politics and finance. This relationship though beneficial, had sustained much damage and the Shah’s continued decline in the eyes of the Iranian population made him a liability.

Enter the Lavon Affair , in 1954, one of Israel’s first known attempts at a SIS – CIA type false flag covert terrorist attack to undermine Western confidence in the Egyptian regime by generating public insecurity and actions to bring about arrests, demonstrations, and acts of revenge. Meanwhile Operation Susannah would totally conceal the Israeli desire to create Western concerns regarding the Muslim Brotherhood and stir anti-Muslim sentiment. The Mapai party split over responsibility for the “Lavon affair”, enter BenGurion, Mossad Chief Meir Amit, Jon and David Kimche, and the new Israeli masterminds in the US-Israel conspiracy called LOBBY.

Though the print media and political landscape in Washington was already well established, the need to step up the covert and counter intelligence was critical. David Kimche joined the Mossad in 1953. David Kimche’s primary duties were part of an Israeli effort to establish connections with international countries such as Iran, Turkey and remote countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Singapore and Thailand.. He traveled frequently to Iran during the shah’s reign, where he developed a close friendship with Ya’akov Nimrodi, then the Israeli military attaché in Tehran, who became an arms dealer after his retirement. Nimrodi and David Kimche emerged later as central characters in Irangate. As many emerging third world countries, under the influence of Egyptian President Nasser, adopted an increasingly hostile attitude toward Israel, Kimche’s reach expanded. He used Israeli and CIA funding for military training and arms procurement to establish Israeli footholds in these countries. He was involved in the rise of Idi Amin in Uganda. [Forward] In 1978 the decision to return the exiled Khomeini had been decided. The players in this coup:

* Richard W. Cottam- University Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh [deceased/ cancer]

* Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi – Houston Texas Baylor College of Medicine [cancer research / oncology]

* Henry Precht – Chief of the Iran Desk in US State Department from 1978 to 1980

* Warren Zimmermann – Great Falls, VA – Yale University Fulbright scholar at Cambridge University [deceased / pancreatic cancer]

On January 16, 1979 in similar 1953 CIA coup style, Bush’s covert team deposited Khomeini in Iran and ushered the Shah out. On November 4, 1979, the U.S. Embassy was taken by the Khomeini and led by CIA agent Mashallah Kahsani. Enter the Iran Hostage Crisis and the end of Carters Presidency. President Carter was the target, in revenge for the firing of the 800 CIA operatives and George H. W. Bush. Considering the fact that Carter was acting President and the secret meetings and covert plans were in violation of US laws, why didn’t Carter take actions for this business?

The rumor mills point to an agreement between Iran and the Bush CIA for the release of hostages to obtain a Reagan win in 1980. Yet, the long term indications show a longtime effort to control Iran who possesses the largest oil reserves and the strategic forces that keeps Israel and Arabs from controlling it all.

Kimche and Mossad were very successful in the relations between Israel, Egypt and the Saudi’s. He had created very solid connections using suspect liaisons with the likes of Ya’akov Nimrodi, Israeli intelligence officer in Iran for two decades preceding the fall of the Shah. Ya’akov Nimrodi, Adnon Khasoggi and Adolph W. Schwimmer supervised sales of Israeli arms to the Islamic Republic of Iran and other suspect governments that we have had to deal with. While Americans were watching Robin Leach on TV show us the lifestyles of the rich he would also show us the lifestyles of the dangerous. Bill Clinton provided clemency to convicted smuggler Nimrodi during his term in office.

Kimche and the cohorts previously mentioned, along with the blessing of new Minister of Defense, Ariel Sharon concocted plans to spark an anti-Khomeini coup de tat by arming dissident exiled military personnel under the dethroned Shah Pahlavi.  The weapons and personnel would move through Sudan. This covert operation had connections with the Iran-Contra affair which convicted Bush operatives, “Cappy” Weinberger, Lt. Col. “Olie ” North, John Poindexter, Elliott Abrams, Robert McFarlane, Michael Leeden and other members who would be later pardoned by the CIA kingpin G.H.W. Bush. This cemented the Israeli-Arab-US Neocon LOBBY as a single minded unit to eliminate any Middle Eastern threat of socialism or fundamentalism.

There are more heinous and criminal element working in this group than ever made the FBI most wanted. All of them pardoned and walking free. Though Reagan was never implicated in Iran-Contra, he like Nixon allowed his associates to run amuck under complete non-transparency. This scandal was another major blow to the LOBBY.

Bush and Company decided to allow the Iran-Iraqi war to proceed. In fact G.H.W. Bush convinced Reagan to withdrawal Iraq from the list of known terrorist countries. During 1982 and 1893, they orchestrated over 5 billion dollars in loans and gave the green light for illegal arms transfers from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt to Iraq. Once again we see the Bush & Co., Israeli and Arab factions in synchronizing efforts to assist in the destabilizing of Iran and perpetuate what would be an eight year conflict. The CIA provided Iraqi with technical assistance in the use of chemical weapons and later shipped Anthrax and other biological weapons that would later be used against US troops in the illegal Iraqi invasion.

Arming Iraq: A Chronology of U.S. Involvement By: John King, March 2003

This Chronology contains multiple illegal violations of the Reagan-Bush era and contributes very clear intent for what would later happen under the Bush II regime. On 3 July 1988 the U.S. Navy shot down Iran Air Flight 655 with the loss of all 290 passengers and crew. The American government claimed that the airliner had been mistaken for an Iranian F-14 Tomcat, and that the U.S.S. Vincennes was operating in international waters at the time and feared that it was under attack, which later appeared to be untrue. The Iranians, however, maintain that the Vincennes was in fact in Iranian territorial waters, and that the Iranian passenger jet was turning away and increasing altitude after take-off. U.S. Admiral William J. Crowe also admitted to Ted Koppel on Nightline that the Vincennes was inside Iranian territorial waters when it launched the missiles.

On 21 March 1986, the United Nations Security Council made a declaration stating that “members are profoundly concerned by the use of chemical weapons on Iranian troops and the members of the Council strongly condemned use of chemical weapons as a clear violation of the Geneva Protocol of 1925 which prohibits the use in war of chemical weapons.” The United States under Reagan-Bush was the only member who voted against the issuance of this declaration.

Clinton’s involvement started back prior to Iran Contra. He as well was key in the Mena Airport/CIA drug smuggling operation, once Congress had signed the Boland Amendment which limited US involvement in the Nicaragua conflict by covert CIA and Contra rebels. Some of Reagan’s national security officials used non-appropriated money spent by the National Security Council to circumvent the Amendment. As president, Clinton with full knowledge of the Iran -China connection and the financial and nuclear trading between the two countries, President Clinton, the CIA deliberately gave Iranian physicists blueprints for part of a nuclear bomb that likely helped Tehran advance its nuclear weapons development program. This debacle called “Operation Merlin,” was intended to be a misinformation drop that backfired. Supposedly a complete error of intention, this proves to be a calculated effort to arm Iran with the ability to become the threat that the LOBBY is trying to prove to move to war.

Unlike the failed efforts to prove WMD in Iraq and using chemical weapons as a reason when in fact the US government sold them the cache, the LOBBY is going to make sure they have the intelligence as they themselves are providing it. Six months before G.W. Bush left office he signed a secret finding authorizing a covert offensive against the Iranian regime that, according to those familiar with its contents is, “unprecedented in its scope.” This means what appears to be a transparent attempt to find a weed out terrorist in several Middle East countries in reality is a stepped up attempt to get additional US-Israeli-Arab efforts to create an improved Yellowcake Recipe for the invasion of Iran.

I cannot go without commenting on our honest and fair MSM. When Mike Wallace and 60 minutes sliced and diced the interview with President Ahmadinejad , we had to stomach an Emmy for this hack job. Take a step back and think about being an Iranian citizen and reading the history I have mentioned, presented by Iranian government slant and imagine how you would see the United States, Israel and the Western Capitalists Ideology.

For what has been a systematic, premeditated, sinister, illegal, unethical and deplorable chronology, we as Americans must be furious over it and if we continue to allow the highest powers of the land to talk to us about transparency while accepting this as government, then we have allowed ourselves to become willing participants in the same kind of terrorism they want us to believe we were victims of on 9/11/2001.

January 18, 2009


The “Untouchables”
January 3, 2009


The reality of written history of America’s climb to world leader status neglects the sagacious concept of the conspiracy of organized crime and the huge connection between law enforcement and government corruption to assist in its prolific prosperity, all of which aided to the general public perception of the ways or means by which we arrived here. Looking back, there are considerable events that history has neglected to address as benchmarks and precedents to the disease that plagues America today. These are the untouchables.

These are the subjects that think tanks and propaganda historians look to find a way to present in palatable text to the public and education system.  These are presented as soft sell of grand intentions that may or may not have had the most desirable means, ways or outcomes.

I find it interesting when listening to opinions of folks as to the greatest presidents that the names, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, Reagan, FDR and Truman come up to the surface so often.  With some time spent on the historical writings of these men and some reflection on the greater traits of mankind, I cannot fathom the decision to top the lists with these politicians. Now if it is asked ,”Who were the greatest politicians in American History, I could see them on that list.

If you look at the objectives of the presidents historically you are really just theorizing. If you look at the results you may arrive at the same conclusions or you may see a collaborative process. I personally can see Lincoln, Jackson and Carter as the most fundamentally just men. Pitting a just man against the machine of politics is very much like a lamb to the wolves. One must dance amongst the demons, negotiate with enemies, barter with evil to bear the good in a give/take relationship. If not you will surely find yourself on the bottom of the list.

Let’s assume the most honest and moral men were so naive that scandals ran rampant in their administrations under their very noses. Let’s also assume that the most ineffective Presidents were those who tried not to trade bad for good and felt a need to hold strong to their convictions at the cost of getting a truly noble initiative to fruition. When I factored in these UNTOUCHABLES with perceived honesty, speeches, life and work out of office and the atonement’s with their decisions in office, my list is as such;

  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. Jimmy Carter
  3. Dwight Eisenhower
  4. Abraham Lincoln
  5. JFK
  6. Hon. Mention – Warren G. Harding,  Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson

Though there was some signs of corruption in these administrations the culpability is unclear. Whereas this list to me represents the men whose term and leadership have or will leave the legacies of the ills that plague America and it’s criminal history.

  1. George W. Bush
  2. William J. Clinton
  3. Richard M. Nixon
  4. Harry S. Truman
  5. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  6. Hon. Mention – Ulysses S. Grant, Lyndon B. Johnson and Ronald Reagan

The reason earlier Presidents don’t adorn much of these lists is due to the globalization of the world crime syndicate and the network that runs through the central banks and United Nations network. We must admit that the presidential terms run through parts of our lives when we fell in love, had the best economic windfalls and did not occur during the hardest times in our history and that plays a role in the decision making process. Along with severely slanted opinion or subjective historical data, we have to look at the simple signs, such as what they did or did not do during term, what they did post term, what they admitted or atoned for in action, truth or memoirs and was their lack of effectiveness, their unwillingness to play the game of Godfather in office. If we only rate Presidents on how well the economy sustained us then we truly must admit to our capitalistic addictions.  If you can overlook their excesses, scandals and lies as part of the game, then you must overlook my list. I guess my point is that I admire the honest men that can serve without corruption and hold the country together for that time without disastrous outcome.  I wonder how President Obama will end up on my list after it’s all over?

Facts for your Funeral
August 14, 2008



Quick facts that you will find useful before you die…….

  • The fall of the Soviet Union was a bankruptcy. The Rothschild banking consortium helped bail them out. Russia paid them off with Drugs sales, Slave trading, and American and other foreign aid which was put on your credit card.
  • The US even paid millions to scientists not to sell nuclear knowledge or WMD to the countries Bush wanted to invade. Many of these scientist didn’t have the knowledge or experience but you paid them anyway. This amounts to two billion over the the decade following the collapse.
  • In 2004 Bush cut all aid because Russia wouldn’t support his illegal invasion of Iraq.
  • Putin was destined and groomed for the rebuilding of the soviet bloc
  • The US and Israel has trained, planned and executed the Georgians for this conflict
  • The Buka-Tiblisi pipeline was the reason we have catered to Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan
  • Russia is out of this loop. They have pipeline from Baku as well.
  • Georgia has left Russian influence and that means the US gains a Cuba position in the region
  • The missile defense debacle hasn’t helped and Bush trying to ram the Georgia NATO deal is fuel on the fire.
  • Mr. Putin, saying the defense system would fuel a new arms race, has even threatened to aim Russian missiles at the system, while also offering the use of a substitute system in Azerbaijan doesn’t meet the liking of the IMC who wants another windfall in a new arms race.
  • George Bush is deaf and dumb. The voice and words he utters are from someone else.
  • A lame duck bully, who illegally invades anther country (Iraq) cannot tell Puti-poot what he can and cannot do.
  • Russia will consume Georgia and planned to consume other ex-Soviet blocs as well as Afghanistan and will draw the line in the sand.
  • The information you get on US media, stink tanks like Brookings, AEI, PNAC, Rand and others is 100%, and I mean 100% happy horse shit.
  • Reagan was the worst President since Wilson. George Bush has set the new bar.
  • The think tanks, CFR, Bilderberg, Israel and the Bush family have run this country, hand picked the presidents since Carter, and plotted Kennedy assassination.
  • There is global resistance to this NWO and this plan. Mideast and Eastern Europe will defend with annihilation if necessary, as they should, as you would.
  • Nearly a third the revenue (including FICA, income tax,  luxury tax, transfer tax and excise tax) is embezzled, extorted and squandered. This figures to approximately a trillion dollars.
  • You are paying taxes to be murdered. Congratulations.

Are you smarter than a war criminal?
July 26, 2008


Time to test your metal.

1. How many war criminals in the 20 photos?

2. How many of these war criminals also won the Nobel Prize?

3. Which war criminal was responsible for the most death?

4. Which war criminal said “Oh Wilbur, I just want to eat one of Addison’s apples?”

5. Which war criminal used makeup as to look like a clown?

6. Which war criminal once said “We own America?”

7. How many of these Butchers are dead?

8. How many should be dead?

8. What do Darth Vader and  these Crime Lords have in common?

9. How many of these genocidal killers has the US supported?

10. What do Popeye and several of these war profiteers have in common?







  1. 10
  2. 1
  3. 18
  4. None
  5. 3
  6. 16
  7. 5
  8. Megalomania, Manichaeism and Malice aforethought
  9. All of them
  10. They would kill for Oil (Oyl) Crude and Olive

The Greedy Eight (G-8)
July 13, 2008

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States

Current 2008 G8 Agenda – (their version) Africa and Millenium Development Goals , Environment and Global Climate change among other agenda topics. It is appropriately named millennium as to indicate the time frame they will get anything done about Africa’s serious problems.

Reality 2008 G8 Agenda

(1.) Protecting The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, a joint venture of

BP (United Kingdom): 30.1%
State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) (Azerbaijan): 25.00%
Chevron (USA): 8.90%
StatoilHydro (Norway): 8.71%
Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortaklığı (TPAO) (Turkey): 6.53%
Eni/Agip (Italy): 5.00%
Total (France): 5.0%
Itochu (Japan): 3.4%
Inpex (Japan): 2.50%
ConocoPhillips (USA): 2.50%
Hess Corporation (USA) 2.36%

Human rights violations exposed in this pipeline.




(2.) Develop The Haifa-Kirkuk Pipeline –



Closed pipelines and the results that have pushed oil prices up with the underlying agendas for Israeli-Iraqi oil

It is apparent that forces are keeping these pipelines from flowing to pursue another agenda. This literally expresses the Iraq war Americans die for and the innocent civilian deaths that total over one million casualties. All for Oil.  Who stands to gain from blowing up the existing pipelines and destabilizing Iran and Syria. Jordan as well is a key player in this conspiracy.

So why are we at G8? Human Rights and Global Warming? I doubt they had time to discuss it after dealing with destablization, invasion, alternate pipelines and banking their future carbon emissions.


What stands in the way is Syria, Iran, Armenia, Afghanistan and Jordan who see another shifty, ruthless and greedy opportunity for additional war, politics, human rights violations perpetrated by Big Oil, Israeli and US Government behind the curtain of Globalization.

July 6, 2008


McContrary has a short term memory issue.
May 31, 2008

To think that only yesterday John McCain once again inserted the poorest of judgement with the invitation for Obama in a joint trip to Iraq. (seperate rooms of course) Will this man ever do or say anything that is real, honest or consistent?

Does he or does he not know more about foreign relations and defense than he does economic or domestic issues?  If he doesn’t know the difference between Suni, Shiite or Al Queda, yet claims to know less about economics then I suspect he will be calling nickels dimes.

When is someone on FOX going to say I give up. This guy is in La-La City and even I cannot spew the slightest possible spin to give this man any credibility.

I’ve read all the history here and it ain’t good. Privilege and mediocrity make for a lousy leader. This professional flip flopper is getting the GOP solely on his running mate who like Cheney will rule the roost while the idiot decider stumbles over speeches and trip over his own imperial ego.

The straight talk express runs a contorted and convoluted serpentine rail that can barely be understood. Contrary would describe the initial blather, followed up with a complete turnabout. Much like his flight plans in service.

The latest item for your discernment.  http://therealmccain.com/

McWar has a Spiritual Advisor. Pastor Wrights worst nightmare
May 8, 2008

A reminder to all Jews, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists. We walk and talk quietly and we let the the False Prophets and Pious Politicians do all the talking and then we ignore it.

We, the people and the NEW WORLD ORDER dictionary….
March 19, 2008


We the Government of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect monopoly, establish injustice, insure domestic chaos, provide for the common offense, promote the select welfare, and secure the destruction of Liberty not to ourselves but for our posterity, do ordain and establish this New World Order for the United States of America.


War (dictionary)-a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.

War (Washington NWO) – a contest carried on by force of arms, as in a series of battles or campaigns over oil or other desired bounty.

 Terrorist (Dictionary)- person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.

Terrorist (Washington NWO) – a Muslim

Insurgent (Dictionary)- a person who rises in forcible opposition to lawful authority, esp. a person who engages in armed resistance to a government or to the execution of its laws; rebel.

Insurgent (Washington NWO)- a person who rises in forcible opposition to unlawful invasion, esp. a person who engages in armed resistance to the unlawful invasion or to the execution of its pillaging; pain in the ass.

Extremist (Dictionary)-a supporter or advocate of extreme doctrines or practices.

Extremist (Washington DC)-a supporter or advocate of Muslim doctrines or non-intervention practices.

Surge (Dictionary)-a strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep

Surge (Washington DC)-a strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep of genocide.

Rejectionist (Dictionary)-any person or group that refuses to compromise in a dispute.

Rejectionist (Washington NWO)-an Arab leader or country that opposes accommodation  with Israel’s every whim. the chosen one.

Ideology (Dictionary)-the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group.

Ideology (Washington NWO)-Oil at any cost.


Throw your dictionary away. The New World Order dictionaries are on their way.

 From the state of the war address 3/19/08-BUSH: So today we’re releasing a document called the “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq.” This is an unclassified version of the strategy we’ve been pursuing in Iraq, and it is posted on the White House Web site, whitehouse.gov.

The classified version must have more dollar signs, a spreadsheet of the missing money, oil, artwork, gold and silver and how it will be divided up.

JOHN MCCAIN- P.O.W. and missing in action
March 14, 2008

As angry as I can get, I cannot entirely condemn all warmongers. In the case of John McCain there are certainly circumstances that one considers when evaluating the integrity or moral designation of an individual.  I try my best to overlook the language and verbal editing to decide.  Beyond the “Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran” speech and other equally poor remarks or offerings by the Senator, I find that he clearly lives in the military world. Some people must just see the military industrial complex as a tool of salvation to the world.

If the shape of things were always crystal clear as we understood in WWII, then we could wrap ourselves in the need for invasion and the delivery of the H-Bomb to the citizens of Japan. Eisenhower’s beware speech must have been based upon his personal feelings of what these conflicts and attacks did to the innocent citizenry.  When McCain’s wife Cindy said, unlike Michelle Obama,  that she has and always will be proud of her country, I had to wonder how can anybody always be proud of what America has done?  Does that statement include the Manifest Destiny that killed, enslaved thousands of  Native Americans. How about the the years of civil right atrocities, the persecution and concentration of Japanese Americans during WWII and the McCarthy years? It’s hard to grasp blind patriotism.

It’s not that it is hard to grasp being a patriot or pro-America as much as it seems to eliminate the ability to look at it from the view of the rest of the world. I have said for years that the best way to see yourself is through the eyes of the people you admire the most.  Well if we are to listen to candidates for that message, it will never arrive. They surely do not subscribe to Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and others like myself who know that regardless of what Suddam was and did to the citizens of Iraq,  they do dislike being invaded by the US and other national military troops. Human nature tells us they probable appreciated his removal but would have preferred we just left after that was completed and been content with an annual budget stipend from us for reconstructing all the damage we caused.

Does John McCain fall into the category of the road to hell paved by his good intentions?  He may truly believe that we (US) are the salvation for the entire world. What I cannot overlook is his selling of the fear factor.  If you ask yourself these questions. What gives us the right to invade any sovereign country?  Crimes by the governments and regimes cannot be the reason. If so we would have to be in China,  Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Burma. Simply put, there no money in it.

The military industrial complex is so large that in order to keep it running, oil flow must be consistent and increasing to meet the demand. Selling it as “we live in a dangerous world”  is like being talked to by your parents about crossing the street or accepting candy from strangers. We know, we know and we will take our chances. Had we spent the 500 billion to create jobs, get off oil dependency, beefed up the National Guard for port and border security while taking care of domestic issues we would have agreed to TAKING OUR CHANCES.

The deciding factor was Lieberman’s departure from the DNC to support McCain as the man willing to bomb Iran and make the Israeli and AIPAC agenda for control over the Muslim rule and eventually create additional settlements until Armageddon.  Liebermans agenda is so crystal clear. The global war on terror consists of the Muslim extreme who want the Jewish extremists dead. And vice-versa.
Without US and European support of this matter, we would have never been in this position. If Israel is gone, so go the threats.  Everything else is stuffing.

McCain as well as other AIPAC, Israeli supporters in our government should know better. But in McCain’s case he does know and willingly pursues it’s bidding. Does a man who was tortured and subjected to the horrors of the Hanoi Hilton have an axe to grind?

How to fund a war Reagan style
March 1, 2008

death.jpgWell the bum has asked for 200 billion to continue his lives for oil campaign. Cheney has been quiet lately. I think he is working very hard behind the scenes. Spending time at the Clove Valley Rod & Gun Club or at Bohemian Grove or other clandestine locations where they continue the plan to get us into Iran. Have no doubt another so called “terrorist attack” is eminent.

They will refuse to generate any diplomatic response and yet they almost seem asleep right now. That’s when I get most uneasy. Bin Laden is dead. Killed by his own kind. His usefulness is over. Time for a new figurehead. This one will be better tied into the state of interest. President Mahmood Amadinijad a what these traitors will do. This Bin Laden look alike will not fly. Some other bandit will appear and we will take another hit. Even if the GOP loses the election it makes no difference. When G.H.W. Bush and Reagan started this deal it was to eliminate Russia as a threat to the middle east takeover.  Gorbachev played a pivotal role in this phase obviously. Once diffused Afghanistan was ripe for the taking.  After all, we had supported Afghanistan throughout the struggle with Russia. Now that phase one was over it was time to remove the Mujahideen and Jihad movement. Well organized and backed by Iran and Pakistan along with a young rich Saudi, Osama Bin-Laden.

The CIA’s involvement with Mujahideen and all these factions is not in dispute. Even though the mujahideen were ruthless killers and the largest producer of opium for heroin production which was allowed to find it’s way to the US and Europe. Robert Gates and the CIA allowed it as they have through the years with characters like Noriega and Columbia drug lords. Eventually the US under GW Bush gave the Taliban 50 million dollars to eliminate the poppy fields. Especially since the CIA was running all the drug trade and didn’t want the competition. Clinton as Governor of Arkansas was a key player in the Bush/Reagan Iran-Contra deal providing Mena Airport as a major drug and money laundering point for CIA operations.

But I digress.

Puddydunne’s Weblog

Lesson Two – Dump Enron and Join Halliburton
March 1, 2008

“Dump Enron. We’ve gotten all we can out of it. Now take it to the next level. Get Kellogg,  Brown & Root,  Dresser and Halliburton to join in the fun with several oil companies and let’s get filthy stinking rich. How? Let’s start a war. Let’s kill some Americans and blame the Muslims. We’ll get the conspirators in Israel, Mossad, CIA  and other Black operators to recruit the terrorists. We will get these terrorists trained and organized right under their noses. Then at the right time “Operation Dumb Ass Drop” will begin. 

After we kill about 5,000 sheep, we can sell the invasion of a completely innocent country. We better make sure we have our ducks in a row. Let’s create some intelligence regarding uranium from Africa just to be sure. Saddam’s a creep anyway. They will buy it hook line and sinker. Make sure our co-conspirators on Capital Hill push the war envelope. Get Lieberman on it. He loves this stuff.  Here’s Phase two. When they realize that no WMD exist there, we have several options. We can plan some more terror acts on a smaller scale, we don’t want to get caught you know?  Along with that, lets create a series of financial hardships for Americans to keep their minds off the war. Like tainted poison imports, mortgage and interest rate issues and oh yea, let’s get the immigration pot stirred before it burns.

Get our propanda outlets on this right away.  All the boys, FOX, NBC, CBS, CNN and get Murdoch off his ass. Get the Washington Post going. They still owe us from Watergate.  Now to ice this cake, let’s work out the details with OPEC to reduce production and hike the prices and we’ll get our share to spend as not to alert those oversight assholes. Deposit those funds in the Wolfowitz account and give Dick the checkbook. 

With the gas prices at five bucks a gallon, the lambs will become lions regarding this invasion. By election time, McCain will win the easily on the platform “Bomb Iran and bring your gas can.”  Daddy says this is a ‘no brainer.’  That’s good.  I don’t wanna work too hard.  Dick has all the fun. Shooting the faces off the sheep. I want to have some fun too. I think I’ll go to the ranch and wear my hat and drive my pickup. Yee Haw!”